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So quite a while ago I saw a couple of blogs about how the Japanese yen was weakening. Man did I see that with my latest order holy cow. I try to do strict budgeting so that expensive orders aren't a problem. So for my Feb. order (which just arrived today :3) I had set aside over 200$ when I ordered it. This is not including shipping. When asked to pay I used the converter and my mouth about dropped. The price now said 170$ (WITH EMS shipping) It was like finding out my things had gone on sale. Talk about nice. With the Yen and US Dollar almost equal at 1 USD to 93.60 JPY it's a dream come true. I almost didn't believe they were only going to charge me 170 rather than the anticipated over 250ish.

That all being said this shows that if the Yen continues to weaken I wonder what the implications are going to be for us. Anyone who is good at this sort of thing I would love your info. I'm going to take full advantage of this and buy a bunch of figures now with the new "low price".

Did you feel the difference in the Yen in your recent orders?

TLDR: Yen weakened, cheaper order, much rejoicing.

*edit* This new pricing revelation is already effecting how I'm going to buy...I had always wanted ITEM #72272 but for 220$ i couldn't bring myself to commit to the purchase. Now knowing he will only be about 160$ I'm seriously considering just jumping on it now.
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The USD finally went past the 95 JPY conversion point earlier today. It would be unreal to see the USD to JPY rate hit 100 JPY/1 USD again.

ponnie7 år sedan#1397158I also noticed the prices for the new figures are going higher and higher.
In GSC's case they're also getting more elaborate which I feel drives up the price. Regarding Alter's simpler line of figures, the pricing is really inconsistent. Momo Belia Deviluke(ITEM #91373) was released before Celty (ITEM #78593). The former has a higher price, but is somewhat smaller in size. Could be due to Celty's simpler sculpt, but who knows?

Regarding the Tales of Vesperia figures, in retail price, Rita is 1000 yen more than Flynn and Yuri whereas Raven is 2000 yen more. However, regarding Raven, I haven't seen his figure in full detail nor do I know what he comes with, so maybe there's some justification in the higher price?
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Chloe-tsundere The louise otaku
Yes i noticed and it made me buy sooo much which isnt rlly good xD but its nice 9080 yen is 75 euros x3 for my lorna

They did raise the shipping costs, i do noticed that
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ponnie ~Donyatsu Huntress~
I also noticed the prices for the new figures are going higher and higher.
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WatchJessieGo Magical Girl
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weaker yen, cheaper orders, spend more because OMG SO CHEEP
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ORZ pound to yen is still pretty much rock bottom.
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Bloempje Hunting my grails
Yes, i've got ITEM #2743 for only 30 euro! and ITEM #702 for like 38 euro, i also hope my pre-order for april will stay at a low price ITEM #68241 13,000JPY is now something like 100 euro approx but that can also be 130 euro so lets hope it will stay low for a while
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Glorious! After a horrible year with crazy exchange rates, the Yen finally dropped to a new low. A few days ago, I preordered a bunch of CDs via CDJapan and bought a long-desired box set. Since you have to pay upfront for article and shipping, I saved a lot of money.
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I've been taking advantage of this these
past months! really helps for figure
shopping ʕ•͡౪•ʔ
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thanks to the new prime minister, weakening yen to trigger more export items from japan XD

this really help me on purchasing more items XD
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