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Hello everyone. This my first review on here, so let me know how I did! Unfortunately, I don't have a camera handy for this review, but I'll try to describe everything as best I can.

As a huge Mass Effect fan, it seems appropriate to do my first review on Play Art's Mass Effect 3 Commander John Shepard. I've broken the review down into several categories.

John comes in a solid box with a flip cover showing him and his accessories. The box has some very nice graphics both on it and on the inside cover. The flip cover is held closed with velcro. Upon opening, John is found in a black plastic tray with a clear plastic cover to protect everything.
Shepard's sculpt is pretty solid. The head is based on the default appearance of John and is a very good likeness of the character. The eye placement, shape of the nose, chin and forehead all seem to in the correct proportions. The hair, skin, and stubble are all textured. If not for the paint (which I'll bring up below), the head would be perfect. Moving down, we have his default N7 armor. The armor isn't perfectly game accurate, but its very close. The shape of the ab armor plates are slightly off and the leg armor appears to be missing some minor details. Only the most hardcore of ME fans would notice the errors. I had to do a comparison to the in game's promo art to even notice the errors. It should be noted that the armor on the sides of his hips are done in a softer plastic to allow for movement.
The paint is the one area where Shepard really suffers. Most of the problem area is the eyes. It looks like Play Arts applied a dark wash around the eyes. The result throws of the look of John, making it look like he hasn't had a good night of sleep in a week...which isn't too far from the truth in ME 3. The Skin tone also appears to be off, looking slightly too dark compared to the in game model. The paint above the neck isn't enough to ruin the head, but it certainly isn't improving anything. Moving downwards, the armor is painted in gray with a black wash to add wear and tear to it. Shepard's right arm has the appropriate red and white stripe down it. I think the red on the stripe should be brighter, but it doesn't look bad. The LEDs that are part of Shep's armor are done in a brighter red paint. It doesn't look bad, but they certainly don't look like they're functioning LEDs. The only detailing paint that appears to be missing is a splash of red around the belt buckle. Although the paint could be better, it is clean with no slop or bleeding
Shep's pretty well articulated. For starters, he has a ball joint at the top and bottom of his neck, allowing for a pretty good range of movement (although its limited somewhat by his armor). I will mention that due to the two joints, the exposed collar from his undershirt could have it's alignment thrown off while posing him. Moving down, he has ball jointed shoulders, swivel biceps, ball jointed elbows, swivel forearms, ball jointed wrists, a single ball joint right below his chest plate, a ball jointed waist, ball jointed hips (the soft hip armor mentioned above doesn't allow for huge movement, but enough) double pin jointed knees, and ball jointed ankles. In short, you can get some great poses, but nothing extreme.

Shep comes with a couple accessories. First off, we have a set of fists. There is also a second set of trigger finger hands. The hands are a pain in the butt to switch out, but they will pop off with enough steady pressure; just be sure not to break the wrist pegs. In regards to weapons, Shep's packing the N7 Eagle and N7 Valkyrie from the DLC packs. Both weapons are sculpted perfectly and are painted to show wear and tear. He can hold them just fine (I have yet to try to see how well he can hold the Valkyrie with two hands)Finally, there's the omni blade. The blade is a single, transparent piece. It doesn't fit on Shep's wrist as well as I would hope, but it does look good. His left hand must be removed to get it on, but getting his hand back on with the blade is a pain.

I paid $50 for this guy,which isn't too bad. I've never owned a Play Arts figure before, and I was pretty surprised and happy with the figure's size. If you can find him for under $50, you'll be much happier.
Overall Score:
I don't love John Shepard, but I do really like him and I'm glad I got him (despite the fact I play a femshep). With that being said, I can't wait till Jane Shepard is released!
8 / 10
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akomei7 år sedan#1267666Some visuals would be helpful! :-)

Yeah, hopefully my camera will turn up for next time.
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Some visuals would be helpful! :-)
7 år sedan
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