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Hey everyone! Long time no see. Just wanted to share my awesome haul that just arrived! It's super lucky that everything came all at once, and after some trouble at the post office that resolved on its own, I finally have them!

Let me know if I should NSFW the Marine figure—It's not sheer clothing and the pose isn't super lewd or provocative so I figure maybe its fine, but let me know!

Houshou Marine Relax Time


She's super lovely and a lot bigger than I thought she would be! Her clothes and body are amazingly sculpted. I did have to use a lot of strength to put her together though...
I got her from Ebay!

Minato Aqua Relax Time


I'm super impressed with the folds on the clothing! Her eyes are giant and super cute, although I don't remember her having so much boing. She doesn't sit perfectly flat on the stand which bothers me a little, but otherwise she's lovely!

Nekomata Okayu Pop Up Parade


Mogu mogu! She's lovely, I'm really happy with it. Nothing much to complain about—Her ahoge came broken (which i was expecting) but it still looks okay so I don't mind. She looks amazing! I haven't looked closely, but I can't see any problems with the painting.

Inugami Korone Pop Up Parade


Yubi yubi! She looks incredible! Nothing broken, no problems whatsoever. The painting is nearly exactly perfect, I can't spot any problem areas. Even her collar tag connects with her collar! She's so cute I can't stop staring at her.

Kageyama Shien Keychain Plushie


My boy.... my boy... I love him. It's a small plushie and hes absolutely adorable. I adore him with my whole heart... I cant wait to get my Nekoyama and Shiengumi plushes to display next to him.

And finally, my only non-hololive part of this haul...

Sakura Miku


I finally have her!! The first figure I ever got was a bootleg of her. Now, a little more than a year later, I have the real one! She's magnificent and extremely beautiful, the transparent parts are gorgeous and she's way more than I expected. I'm so happy with this!!!


Hope everyone enjoyed seeing my new things! My friend and I made an AmiAmi order that included some more Hololive girls (Pekora and Mio) and I'm so excited for those to arrive in a while!

(Also, my surface mail packages from Japan arrived in about 3 months—I ordered all of them in March. I'm in California!)

I also want to make another post sharing my Danganronpa haul... so keep an eye out for that!
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koito Imouto Squeezer
The Marine Relax Time figure is so cute! I have Aqua’s and I’m thinking of picking up Marine’s too cus of how great she turned out
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I Love Your Korone And Aqua Figure!
5 dagar sedan
the relax figures look really nice ive been considering picking up minato for a while
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