Fate/Stay Night - Tohsaka Rin - Figma - 011 (Max Factory)Fate/Stay Night - Tohsaka Rin - Figma - 011 (Max Factory)Review

nendoxnerdnendoxnerd10 år sedan
It’s my first ever figure review so I'm a n00b. :D

First things first, the packaging. Like all standard figmas, Rin comes in her standard figma box. The front is a window showing the figure, the back shows poses, the left shows the figma brand, the right shows a pose, and the top/bottom show what figma it is. I’ve always liked the packaging around the actual figma since it gives space for each accessory. It also provides extra protection, in case the box is totaled during shipping.


Now for the sculpt. Her hair is nicely sculpted and I love the hair ribbons. There is nice detail on the shoes too. I also love the slight waves in her outfit that Max Factory made, so it gives a more “natural” feel to Rin. Rin’s paint is almost perfect. The only thing is the uneven-ness of her knee socks. But, I can safely say that all figma paints are over 90% accurate. Especially the faces. Rin’s figma face >>>>> Rin’s Revoltech face by a thousand times. She looks exactly like her anime counterpart (besides the joints of course).


Being a figma, Rin is made for posing. Max Factory does well to make the joints on Rin not look so ugly and since Rin has higher socks than other figmas (like Haruhi), the knee joints don’t look that bad on her. She can be used to show a variety of poses that her Revoltech probably could never do. The only problem I have is her hair. Like the Mikuru figma and other long haired figmas, the hole for her stand is underneath the hair, which causes the hair to awkwardly float up while the head is pointed downward.


Time for the base. Rin’s base is your standard clear figma base. A non equilateral hexagon with the figma logo and copyright plus a stand that has a joint in the middle so it can bend. For me, Rin’s stand fit perfectly on her. These figures are mass produced so sometimes there are defects, such as the stand not fitting in perfectly (my Mikuru). The stand also provides extra posability. She can also stand without her stand. No pun intended.


This is a great figure for any Fate/Stay Night fan and even non-fans. Due to the ability of figmas to swap parts, you can customize her any way you want. She’s also around the same size as my Sengoku Basara Revoltechs so you may see some photos with epic fights going on between them.


Total: 44/50
Grade: 88% B+
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optimisticpenguiI love Rin's character I have never been able to get me hand on the figma tho, why can't they make some other versions of them instead of heaps of Saber versions XD
I actually won her in a giveaway. I agree, Max Factory should get out some more characters (we need that Archer to come out now!!!) from the series. It seems to me that they focus a lot on the main title character and cast out everybody else. :/
10 år sedan
I love Rin's character I have never been able to get me hand on the figma tho, why can't they make some other versions of them instead of heaps of Saber versions XD
10 år sedan
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