Anime Series you enjoy collecting figures/Merch from?Anime Series you enjoy collecting figures/Merch from?Ask MFC

TyjosAzariTyjosAzari1 månad sedan
Well MFC what series figures do you collect?

Right now it feels like I'm down to 4 main series that I'll get figures from on the Anime side of collecting:

Mobile Suit Gundam -This has been the main series I collect figures from and have always enjoyed collecting the Gundam Universe. Gundam was one of the first Anime series that drew me into this whole thing 20 years ago so my interest in Gundam has been pretty strong over the course of 21 years since getting into Anime.

Fate Grand Order- I tried to avoid Fate for years but the last few years since FGO gained popularity have been collecting figures from that series, I don't like the scales since there's so expensive and have enjoyed collecting the Prize Figures from Fate a lot more these days.

Sword Art Online- Got hooked on this series figures since there are some nice figures from that series and never expected too as this year comes to a close to have all the Asuna and Alice figures that are in the collection. I have enjoyed seeing the assortment of Prizes from the series and some of the scales look nice too but like with the Fate series those scales are just too expensive so I'm thankful that SAO and Fate both have an nice assortment of Prize Figures.

Zoids- While I have most of the earlier Zoids kits I love to get Zoids when I find them and after pulling out the ones I have and rebuilding some of them I'm happy to have them in the collection since they are very cool Model Kits to me and I have a nostalgic attachment to that series so they make me happy when I look at them on display.

The Other series I collect are non Anime but the two main series I love to collect are Star Wars and Transformers.

What series figures/merch are you collecting MFC?
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Madoka Magica
Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid
1 månad sedan
Strike Witches and Queen's Blade
1 månad sedan
Sailor Moon

Are ones I always seem to acquire more and more things for lol
1 månad sedan
Chloe-tsundere The louise otaku
Zero no tsukaima
Fire emblem

And Shera L greenwood, not really the serie but I love her (how not to Summon a Demon Lord)
1 månad sedan
Strike witches, Yu-gi-oh!, fate/grand order, jojo's, and hetalia are the main series I collect figures from.
I'm especially focusing on collecting the kotobukiya Yu-gi-oh! artfx j series atm
1 månad sedan
My top 3 series I collect the most figures/merch from are definitely Madoka Magica, Naruto and Evangelion. But I do have specific characters from each I focus on.
1 månad sedan
im currently on a (very long) journey to collect a lot of old madoka magica merchandise, since i got into this series a decade late (after putting it off for 6 years) lol.
1 månad sedan
Predominantly Code Geass, Demon's Souls and Kaijus
1 månad sedan
Mostly collecting from MHA and JoJo! Plus a couple of other nendoroid sets from older series like Hitman Reborn and KnB.
1 månad sedan
Most of my attention right now is towards the Love Live series. Half of my collection is made up of Love Live lol. Then it would be Higurashi, it’s nice to see new merch with the new anime that came out recently
1 månad sedan
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