That was Fast! What's the fastest you've gotten an figure?That was Fast! What's the fastest you've gotten an figure?Ask MFC

TyjosAzariTyjosAzari2 månader sedan
Well since finding it in the database a day or so ago ITEM #424688 is in hand and it has me wondering what's the fastest you have gotten a figure since finding it here in the database?

I was pleasantly surprised to find the Clone Trooper from one of the places I use frequently and that was shipped almost as soon as it was ordered and lightning fast.

Also pleasantly surprised with how the Trooper looks and will have to get some photos of it soon but just surprised that shortly after discovering the Star Wars SEGA Prize figures have the first one of those in the collection.

ITEM #442472 will arrive before the end of the week.

But what's the fastest you've gotten a figure shortly after discovering it existed?
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skylinedo BANNED
3-4 Days EMS pre pandemic to california ... damn that was a long time ago
2 månader sedan
Not much longer than 24 hours thanks to DHL. Best feeling.
2 månader sedan
ITEM #121621 got to me in the US from Japan in less than 48 hours
2 månader sedan
I was hunting down aoba and saw him on mercari. I used neokyo as a proxy and they were extremely quick with buying it for me. I also picked fedex as the shipping option and it took 3 days in total to recieve him (i live in eu, so it was pretty nice lol)
2 månader sedan
Had a fedex Amiami order deliver to me in Canada in around 20 hours. By far the fastest delivery I've had.
2 månader sedan
Had an Airmail small packet reach me in two days earlier this year. That was cool.
2 månader sedan
If merch can count, I bought a box of vintage trading cards and they arrived from Japan in four or five days. I had settled in, ready to wait a solid month! But there they were, right in my mailbox. It was amazing.
2 månader sedan
Oh goodness, I'm not an impulse buyer so I have no idea lol. Probably months to be honest. :)
2 månader sedan
I got ITEM #180755 in 1 day because the seller was in the same state, and I got her sister ITEM #180758 in 4 days from amiami
2 månader sedan
Elise_Grimwald The other Warner sister
My last AmiAmi order got here the next morning. This was using DHL. I've only had that happen a handful of times, it's usually two to three days.
2 månader sedan
Great Figures, Amazing Service, Fantastic Price!

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