How much longer can you keep collecting?How much longer can you keep collecting?Ask MFC

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TyjosAzariTyjosAzari1 månad sedan
After looking ahead to 2022 I find I can't keep up with this hobby for much longer.

I'm tired of waiting for new releases on the Action Figure side of things and with distribution and the price increases on those figures it's not that fun to collect the newer figures and after collecting the last few lines for the Transformers toyline I'm sitting the next one out since I'm not interested in the new figures anymore.

On the Anime side of things it's gotten to where a combination of price increases for figures and price increases on shipping, longer wait times for figure releases plus shipping, more things like Taxes to be added and changes with payment processors and having to spend more time hunting for a deal has sucked a lot of enthusiasm for more Anime figures out of me so it's not that fun to me to keep up with this hobby going into 2022.

Plus the always present lack of space issue for new items has made me rethink getting more a lot and with the collection as it is don't feel that need to constantly add something in each month like I used too.

I'm not that dedicated to this hobby like I used to be MFC so seeing the changes coming next year has made me decide to sit out most of 2022 and hopefully pick up a few things on Sale later in the year maybe.

Plus the fact there isn't much left for me to get for the collection MFC that is making me decide to sit the rest of this year out and most of 2022 out because I've already gotten most of what I want for the collection.

What about you?

How much longer can you afford to keep going with collecting Anime?

Will you be doing a lot of collecting in 2022?

How Dedicated are you to this Collecting Hobby?
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Anime will keep coming, and so will the figures. With that being said, I’ve been doing sweeps a few times every year to filter out collectibles I no longer care for. It helps me maintain the madness, rather than letting it pile up. I am rather fortunate with the amount of space I have to display my collection, however, I know there will be a point where it will be too much and that’s what my sweeps are for.
1 månad sedan
I stopped watching new anime. Most new shows and games doesn't interest me unless it is a sequel of old favorites.

Mostly figures from older shows will get my attention. It is only a matter of time when any wonfes will not have stuff i recognize.

But as for lewd stuff, it transcend age and time. That too will eventually not get my attention when i already have every figure with similar theme/pose/expression.
Still missing miko and nuns, but that gets me one way ticket to hell
1 månad sedan
Been switching to collecting scales over cheaper figures but still limiting my budget

Will go on a binge when I get to go back to Japan, hopefully some time next year, it's been to long since we last went there.

Otherwise I can't see me not collecting, I slow down sometimes, so for instance got very little pre-ordered for December and January and trying to avoid later half of next year as we might get to go away then.

Have my eye on a few things so waiting for those to come up for pre-order.

Starting to consider selling some things to make space for new stuff.
1 månad sedan
sarious Chino is My Life
If you feel you're running out of figures, get into the bottomless pit of goods collecting.
1 månad sedan
Kuromii デュエーデュ
I really don't understand this mentality of "gotta stay 100% dedicated otherwise I'm outta here".

Dip in, dip out; set a monthly limit, or a yearly limit, and get what you want within that. Or leave for a few months and come back when something catches your eye one day. It'll all still be here waiting for anyone who does this.

It's really not that deep, for lack of a better expression.
1 månad sedan
Because of a tight budget (I'm primarily focusing on completing my manga collection and damn.. that got expensive fast) and lack of space I can't buy lots of figures right now. Also I started collecting figures only last year so tbh I'm not rushing to get everything I want. So basically I don't plan to put a stop because I have so many figures I need to buy in the future.
1 månad sedan
I will keep going as long as the hobby interests me, which might be forever. Delays do not bother me as I can always find new things to enjoy, look back at the current collection, and explore what's still boxed away. It's certainly not mandatory to feel you have to 'move on' in any hobby.
1 månad sedan
I think I have several decades in me yet.

The only thing that will change over the years is how often I buy something, how much I'm willing to spend, and if I ever actually want to sell anything (or need to).

I'm probably being the most careful I've been since first starting regularly collecting.
I've tried to be more choosey with what I buy and am letting figures I would normally PO just sit.

Also, no POs at all that are set to release after a certain point next year - my undergraduate course ends in the summer along with the income, and I'm not sure if I want to go straight in my Masters or what.
Even then, I'd need to be saving my postgraduate loan for after that, to afford living costs while hunting for a trainee job or something in the meantime.
1 månad sedan
I don't think I will stop collecting in the next couple of years. Especially in the past year I realized how much I enjoy just looking at my collecting, thinking of all the cool, emotional game scenes or nostalgic memories most of my figures are connected with. In 2021 I also got my first detolf, risers for my figures and a lot of fanart and artbooks to decorate my new detolf. Now where I finally managed to really display my figures in a nice way I enjoy collecting even more. Despite this I want to slow down a litte bit in 2022. This year I will add 9 new figures in total to my collection- that's more than in any other year. For 2022 I have already preordered 4 figures - one more is on my wishlist. I also looking forward to an Dohalim (Tales of arise) or Law(Tales of arise) announcment or a re-release of ITEM #689336. Other than that I don't have plans for 2022. I can't really say how much I will collect in the future, but I can't imagine to stop collecting in the near future. Despite this I probably will slow down after 2022, just looking for figure lines I really enjoy (for example Pokemon ARTFX) - or cool figures from upcoming games. But who knows what the future holds.
1 månad sedan
honestly can't see myself stopping collecting in the foreseeable future. 2021 hasn't been a major buying year for me due to a lack of income, but i have a new job lined up soon that i'm going to be working on which means income again, so i'll definitely have some money to buy preorders going into 2022. the only worry for me right now is space, less for figures themselves and more for the boxes. i can't store the boxes in the attic because the attic regularly gets to 100+ degree fahrenheit temperatures which i'm worried would damage the blisters and the boxes, and this house doesn't have a basement, so all the figure boxes end up shoved in my closet and there is not a lot of spare room left over for more boxes. but i'll start storing boxes under the stairs and in other closets if i have to, because figure collecting brings me massive amounts of joy and i don't want to stop unless i absolutely must. my collection habits are governed primarily by the marie kondo rule of "does it spark joy?" and even though the hobby is getting more expensive, the amount of happiness i get from unboxing a figure is like a shot of heroin, there's really nothing else like it.
1 månad sedan
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