What Are Your Opinons On Prize Figures?What Are Your Opinons On Prize Figures?Ask MFC

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My Prize Figures Are Great, The Figures Are Great And Cheap, What Are Your Opinons On Prize Figures?
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Some are actually amazing quality for the price, and theyre a great alternative for young collectors with a tight budget, new collectors, or even just people that like a certain character and have budget left for one more figure!

now i personally barely buy scale figures, but taito has been outstanding with their mikus, and i caved in and got her and i gotta be honest, shes amazing quality you wouldnt even think shes a prize figure ITEM #1074950
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I like em!! They're perfect if ya can't afford pricier stuff but still want something pf a series/character you like :] They cann look kinda noticably cheap depending on the fig, but I always thought it'd be fun to repaint a cheap figure to make it look prettier!
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I love them. Most of my collection are prize figures. That’s how I started out collecting. I did recently started to collect scales and have about 11 and some more on preorder.

Taito is my favorite prize figure company next to Sega and Banprestro/Bandai Spirits
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i buy both prize and high-end scales for very different reasons

prize figures are 'how can i make a figure with the least amount of steps'. imagine each step is to add refinement to a figure like forging a katana. so the PRODUCTION of prize figures doesn't have much I admire (like paint accuracy). banpresto even tried reduce paint by having the plastic already in that color, like gundam. So certain colors look cheaper than others such as green, red, yellow which can benefit from having different shades of shadow painted on.

If the figure will be displayed in a shelf that is over 5 feet away, can you really spot the details? but you can still spot the quality of the color.

in short, depends on the color. while there are times the same sculptor did both the high end scaled and prize figures, then you are paying a low prize for the same quality design
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Love them! They're the bulk of my collection. They're affordable and some of them can look very unique. I enjoy that I have a lot of cute faces to look at on my shelf, lol!

I don't consider myself a serious collector, so having a bit "lower commitment" collection I guess (like if one broke or etc, not the end of the world) is less stressful to me personally.
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Not my thing. High quality prizes are always of characters that already have tons of scales available (looking at Taito and all their Mikus and Rems), so I would just buy a scale instead. That leaves the low quality prizes, in which case I'd rather buy a trading figure set since you get all the characters and the small size makes the issues less noticeable.
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I like them! Usually cheap, easy to get and look pretty good; especially for the price ^^~
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I love em a LOT, they are the main thing I enjoy collecting from Anime series that I like these days.
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I love prize figures because you can often find characters who don't have a proper scale, or some fun alternate outfits. They're also a good entry into collecting. Prize quality depends on the company but I don't have any with glaring flaws.
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I love them for their super affordable price, can't complain much.
Though I'm annoyed by the constant milking of Rem & Ram.
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