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I overheard a phrase today in a conversation about collecting Pokemon cards.
The phrase was "The joy of opting out" in contrast to "The fear of missing out", I started to think about how this could apply to figure collecting.
The essence of the phrase is that instead of being afraid to miss out, you make the conscious choice to opt out and choose something else instead which spins it into a positive.

I admit, the fear of missing out (FOMO) is huge for me with figure collecting. A lot of the series/characters I like are old and their figures are relatively rare/hard to find by this point. If I don't buy it now, will I ever get the chance again? I don't dare to miss out so I hit that buy button.

But this phrase really gave me some pause to think a little. If instead of fearing to miss out, what if I consciously make the choice to save that money and put it towards something else? For example, making a collection I already have more complete or saving for my next Japan trip?
That perspective makes it less of a loss and more of something gained, a more positive outlook.

I just thought it was interesting and I haven't heard this phrase before. Maybe it exists somewhere but a Google search gave me one old (and unrelated to collecting) article with the same phrase in the title. I wanted to share it with the community incase anyone else needed to hear it.

What do you think? Is this thought a good way to combat FOMO?
My FOMO won't go away any time soon, but I'll certainly be keeping it in mind.
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This sounds like a very healthy mindset all around. Not only are you avoiding the stress of losing the thing you miss out on, but you are more mindfully able to find something to appreciate. Whether that happens immediately on something else you'd personally enjoy more or down the line for something you've now saved towards, there's a level of awareness and a focus on happiness. I like it!
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I've only been this way as a way to cope with stress caused by the pandemic (as I only casually collected Zoids since 2013). I know I won't be able to commit to waifu figures and stuff when things start to calm down but I want to enjoy diving along with everyone right now who've fallen to this pit these depressing times.

Cheers to everyone who're barely hanging on with life but have been saved by waifus!
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I like this!
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This is a great mindset to have. Many collectors, especially newer collectors, definitely jump the gun on purchases. I've been guilty of this several times myself. Even if you truly want an item and don't regret the purchase, you could likely have put if off and prioritized something else. You don't always need to jump on that deal now because chances are that item will turn up again. Maybe not so much in today's insane aftermarket, but usually things do turn up again every so often. I've pretty much stopped window shopping just so I don't get tempted by good deals anymore.
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I think the original sense of FOMO is to offset the gravity of Sunken Cost, the other cause of misery.

But big companies created this inflated version in every corner making us feel deficient until buying stuff.

Then youtubers further inflated that to god level by giving you that FOMO look in their preview pic.

What i mean is you are fighting a god level monster. So remember what Kaiba said to Yugi in Battle City? That quote works everytime against god like forces
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But "FOMO" is better sounding than "JOOO". ;P
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I pretty much a rock for my wishlist, unless its majikoi stuffs/ muvluv alt/ utawarerumono / persona 3 stuffs, I tend not to be bothered by new announcements/PO.
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Missing out sort of sucks, but at the end of the day there will be plenty of items to take the place of that one that got away. Lots of other fish in the sea, as they say.
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That's a great way to see things! I'll be borrowing that mindset from now on
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A good way to go about this (at least for me) is going through my wish list and separating the figures that I want into a priority and a non-priority list. I think about how much I want each figure and what price I would be willing to pay for it.
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