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Hey mfc this is my first time making an article idk if im doing so correctly but recently my housemate had an psychotic episode in my household ended up her barging in my room which i hold all my precious collectibles... eventually i tried helping her nothing worked she kept getting even more and more manic eventually pour soda all over the floor asking me to break my detolf then eventually even my glasses.... at that point it was getting verbally aggressive and sort of physically since she kept trying to come closer to me... i had to make the call to the police which did nothing she refused to leave my room made a mess everywhere stole my tapestry and i dont know what else i asked the police that she literally stole my property they refused to help saying it's a civil issue... and leaving her in mu household where shes visible isn't safe to anyone ugh

Tldr : housemate barged into my room having an psychotic episode destroyed my property and stole my property as well police won't help im not asking for an response or answer i just want to vent because today i never felt so walked over by the police by her ugh i need to sleep

Update: yes im safe im at my bf house for the week for my broken items i can't request her to pay for the damages because currently she's hospitalized... im actively trying to find a better living situation now thank you all for your concern though means alots!

Laat update: i was able to get her moving out as soon asap and will be getting a compensation soon for my damage goods once ty yall for really being supportive im quite suprised but nonetheless very happy with the community of mfc
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So sorry for what's happened. :c Get a strong lock your room. Cop failed to help. If she still in home get someone you trust with you for safely to get your belongs back from her..and keep photos or video as documents. Good luck.
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Tysm for your update on the situation! I am happy to hear that your housemate will not be around for a while so that you can have some much needed peace and quiet. I am happy to hear that your bf is going to be with you for a while, hopefully it will be until you find better living arrangements.

I would also get on your roommate about the property damage and theft that she caused not too long after when she gets discharged from the hospital.

I hope that things do get better for you!

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If this is real that sucks are they gone from the premises?
They shouldn’t ever be able to come back if you put in a police report but you should be able to get your property back
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It must be such a traumatic experience, I'm so sorry it happened to you
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I agree in what a previous commentator said, if moving isn't a feasible option right now, than I definitely recommend you invest on some good locks for your room.
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I’m so sorry that happened to you and glad you are okay. That is a very traumatic and scary experience to go through.
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I hope you're doing ok now. Sending you best wishes and a virtual hug. :) https://64.media.tumblr.com/885c2317b5f3d5d3e4d4608d6760ba66/tumblr_psgzs7Cu6s1tp6d1qo2_1280.jpg
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Holy, that's insane. I hope you yourself is doing okay. Luckily things can still be replaced so your safety is most important! I hope you can find a way to evict her (talk to your land lord) or find new accommodations! If your BF is okay with you staying with him for the meantime, I think that would be best!

Stay safe!
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Oh my god, Rhiyuki, that's literally so terrible. When I still lived with my mother, there were times where my younger brother (who was only three years younger than me btw!) would barge in my room and either destroy or steal stuff. Whatever he felt like basically to fuck with me that day. It was extremely stressful for me.

I hope you can replace the things that got damaged or stolen soon. Get out of there soon too. Stay safe :-(

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I'm so sorry that happened to you. That sounds absolutely terrifying.

Can you have a friend (or friends) come over for protection and ask/tell her to move out? Honestly that sounds like really dangerous behavior and I'd be super uncomfortable sharing a living space after that.

Stay safe and please keep us updated.
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