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I was very happy this morning when my 1st scale figure arrived, as I only have small/trading/prize in my collection. This figure is ITEM #91377

It is a small scale figure, but I was really looking forward to it because it is from a series I really liked when I watched it years ago; and I also admire Range Murata's artwork. I even thought of making a review of it (maybe I'll still do it). But at late afternoon, when I had time to check the figure and take some pictures, I noticed some strange marks on Alvis and her plush before even opening it. I hoped that it only was some sort of dust of something from the package, but when I opened it, there was this sort of scratch on Alvis' face, it is very difficult to notice on pictures, but it can be noticed in your hands.


Her little goat also has this thing that seems like a part chipped off from its head.

Also Alvis' legs came kind of dirty, with some light stains. These also aren't that noticeable on pictures, but they are in your hands. I've read of people taking off stains with white eraser, proably these can come off with something like that?


Lavie also has a mark on her knee.

Stains on Alvis ear and scratches at side of her face


I was wondering if these are normal mass production issues that can come with a scale figure, as this is my 1st time getting one; and I may just be exaggerating. Or is it enough to complain? If it is, should I mail Big in Japan (were I ordered it) or does Alter has customer support?

I'm not really sure about this, and the only thing that bugs me most is the scratch across Alvis' face. Hopefully, I can have some advice about this.
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Thank you very much for everyone's help! Also for sharing your experiences, I've decided to try and mail both BiJ and Alter just as Jena and FutSanNoShadowK explained. I'll update in another blog the result.

I think that it definitely has been opened before, as it had double tape over it, and when taking it off the one below was cut. It is always like this for me from packages from BiJ, though this time the tape looks quite weird, yellowish, like if it was really old. I always thought they opened it there for defect inspection, as I remember I once read something like that on their site. But I think they left through many flaws, as it just seems as someone had dropped Alvis. Of course, also there's the possibility of my package been opened at customs, though I've never had problems with them, but the whole package was in a really neat condition, completely sealed, no double tape and everything unlike the figure's box. That makes me doubt customs have damaged it opening it, but it still its a possibility.

Honestly, I'm not ordering again at BiJ something I can order somewhere else, as they even overcharged me in shipping, they're not bad at all, but now I'm just using them for figures I can't find anywhere else.
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Yoruno8 år sedan#1192360Is it possible that your box could have been opened at customs? This can be the explanation.

They can open the figure it's self!? Σ(゜ロ゜;)
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This is horrible, Alter is usually perfect!
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It is not normal. My version is near perfect. It may have been touched before you got it....but yeah get in touch with the customer service. This figure is too nice to be all defected like that.
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I'd be pissed if I received a shoddy manufactured figure.

I'd just squint when I glance at that figure if were you.
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For an Alter figure, while a few very minor defects can be expected (if you look hard enough), this level of damage is definitely strange. As other have mentioned, emailing both BiJ and Alter would be wise, since this is not the typical quality expected from Alter. As Yoruno mentioned, though, it may be something that happened in customs or during shipping.

I'm sorry that your first scale figure had so many issues...I can assure you an Alter figure usually doesn't look like this ;_;
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Is it possible that your box could have been opened at customs? This can be the explanation.
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Stalking Loli hunter
Woah, Alter, what is wrong with you e_e
E-mail them, what have you got to loose? Hope you get some sort of compensation ;v;
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Like everyone else already said, this low quality is abnormal.

Alter gives very good customer support allegedly. I read about it in Jena's blog a few days ago. So I personally gave it a try. And I had success. You can read the blog here and see some users' experiences, including mine, with Alter's customer support. So don't hesitate to contact them if Big in Japan can't resolve the problem.
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Chloe-tsundere The louise otaku
email them definitly .. this cant be a defect rlly
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Pre-owned figures in top quality and good value

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