Weird one: Will fake blood stain my figure?Weird one: Will fake blood stain my figure?Ask MFC

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One of my upcoming photography projects with the new kiss shot figure (ITEM #872797) is to create a lake of blood underneath her using water/glycerine coloured blood red. I'm also going to have blood cascading from above. I can probably complete it without getting any on the figure itself but i would love to get some photos where she's getting covered in it.

I know fake blood can stain clothes and skin, so i am wondering if anyone has experience or has any ideas to test for a safe solution.
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Thanks everyone for your input, it sounds like an impossible dream so i will probably leave it. I was looking to use glycerine/corn flour to create a gloopy, slimy kind of effect rather than falling blood rain. I like to create my effects physically as tbh it's just a fun project.

I might try and create a basin that she is above with a specifically designed top part that protects any of the liquid from actually falling on her, so it's more of a curtain behind.
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I see other people are saying it will stain so i'll give a digital alternative.

Instead of a pool of fake blood, you could instead put the figure in a large shallow bin of water with a white color container/bottom so the water is against white. If you have a clear container, put a sheet of paper or white fabric underneath, even better if you have or can make a infinity curve (White sheet bent against a wall to make a flat seamless background.) Then digitally color the water with red, in photoshop use the "Color" or "Hue" layer setting and fill in red with the brush tool. Or if you can get the color of red you want as a sheet of fabric or paper that would be easier than photoshoping, and give you a nice red reflected light.

If you want a background/planned for it to be in a setting, I would take photos at the location without the figure and take lots of it. Take the photo at the angle you would as if the figure was there, then photoshop that in as well.

For raining blood, if you want it on the figure you'd probably have to actually digitally draw it on, which may be a pain in the ass. For raining blood, you could look for transparent regular rain, and color it red like the pool of water with a clipping mask on the layer and the transparent rain layer underneath.
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Plastic is easily susceptible to stains and red is amongst the worst colours to try and avoid staining with. I would not recommend it. A lot of fake blood recipes are also oily, which may also affect your figure. I would try to find something without heavy colouring that got the same consistency that you want and photo edit the colours later. I saw someone recommending soap which would be a lot safer to test with than any type of fake blood. But as always with adding liquids to figures: always test a small area first before drenching it in it as there's still risks for oil staining.
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If it stains other things, I'd expect it to stain PVC too.

For testing, I'd also echo testing first on a cheap figure that you don't mind getting stained. If it passes that test, then for Kiss Shot you could try underneath her so if things go wrong then you have a stain that won't show on display.

If those tests both pass, you should be ok to use what you're using.

Red dyes tend to be the worst for transferring to other things and are usually very visible when they do. So I'd say testing is very important.
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MilkyDream12 dagar sedan#90034620Here's a recipe for non-staining fake blood: Washable Non-staining Fake Blood
I've never personally used this recipe so I'd say if you do make it, it would be worthwhile to make a small amount first and test it on a smaller/less expensive figure.

I wouldn't try this to be honest. Even if the paint itself doesn't leave any stains, the cocoa in it could damage the paint job or make it shiny. No matter how dry it seems there's still oil left in it. Usually somewhere between 10 and 20%. High quality cocoa has more oil left in it than lq cocoa. So incase OP wants to try it, better take the cheapest stuff you can find. I know there are similiar recipes with other food items (e.g. Peanut Butter, which is even worse), but I don't think there are any without foods that contain oil.

Any store bought fake blood will be a pain in the ass to clean, no matter how hard you scrub. The best way is probably to add the blood in Photoshop or whatever programm you use to edit your photos.
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for a similar effect with less likelihood of staining, i'd say use blue dish soap in the actual photos and digitally color it red later
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As a figure collector and SFX makeup artist,, I've learned the hard way that fake blood will stain figures
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A lot of figures have a matte/porous finish with tons of tiny pockets that will absorb that stuff and never let it go. I wouldn't take the risk. You could always digitally color a photo to create the same effect. Only a billionaire would hassle you for not endangering your figure.
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That will almost definitely stain... I wouldn't risk it
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Here's a recipe for non-staining fake blood: Washable Non-staining Fake Blood

I've never personally used this recipe so I'd say if you do make it, it would be worthwhile to make a small amount first and test it on a smaller/less expensive figure.
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