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Not like 'dream figures', like 'a figure appeared in my dream'.

I had a dream a few nights ago that the anime store at my local mall was shutting down, and they were selling the entire Obitsu 1/6 Lucky Star set, even the ones that were never released like Yutaka, Minami and Hiyori. They also had a set of 1/4-1/3 scale Hidamari Sketch articulated figures? They were literally just Really Big Figmas, had the figma branding and everything. They were the only things left in the store and they were looking to get rid of them for $150 per set, and I could only afford one so I was deliberating on which I should get. Then I realized "Wait a second... there are no really big Hidamari Sketch figmas. And half of those Lucky Star figures were never released."

and then I woke up.

Very weird dream.

Anyone else have figures that may or may not exist appear in their dreams?
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Coming back to this older thread I remembered just to say that I repeatedly keep dreaming about this one (NSFL?) ITEM #64226 (highly cursed)

For real though, it's starting to piss me off how much she appears when I try to sleep, basically every night at this point. It's like her unholy presence has cursed me forever. Worst part is I can't even tell if it's a "normal" dream or a nightmare anymore at this point, lmao
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I Wish There Was A Ruby Kurosawa Bunny Figure From Love Live
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I have figure dreams all the time! So many times I'll dream about finding the perfect figure at a good price at some secondhand store only to wake up and realize it was all a dream......

For the last couple of years I've also been dreaming about a Pokemon Center store in Japan that definitely doesn't exist in real life. It's always the same one, in roughly the same (imaginary) location - it's attached to a major train station and a mall, but it's definitely not the one in Osaka. The inside is round, and when you go in the first display is a ceiling-high shelf lined with whatever the newest line of Pokemon plush is. It's always fully stocked and mildly crowded, but recently there's been nothing I want in stock when I dream about it...
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i had a dream there was a 1/4 scale bunny girl figure of kotori minami from love live and i was just about to open the box... and then i woke up. tragic indeed.
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Not a figure, but I had a dream someone donated the nishinoya nitotan to my local charity shop and they were selling it for £5. I took it to the till whilst shaking because, oh my god? but the cashier wouldn't sell it to me because they wanted it and I woke up crying lmao. Probably more of a nightmare than a good dream ahaha
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I've dreamt about visiting Japan before and having a blast filling up my bags with more figures than I could ever want.

I really like dreaming about going to Japan, hopefully I can visit for real one day.
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The only figure dreams I had were about people breaking my stuff. :D
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I dreamt about owning figures for the Don Quixote family in One Piece. Little did I know a few years later, I'd own them.XD
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Milady-Alluca Obnoxiously Wordy
I had a dream once that I was passing through a store in a mall that had a closing out sale and there were several Gundam Seed figures I'd never seen before that looked beautiful of Lacus and Kira and there was also a Sailor Moon figure of Princess Serenity that looked lovely and was dynamic and they were SO cheap, I grabbed them in my arms and held them as tightly as I could because some part of me was aware this had to be a dream but thought if I held them tight enough I'd somehow have them when I woke up...

Upon waking up what felt like moments later and confirming I dreamed the whole thing, I felt pretty disappointed lol

I haven't dreamed about figures in particular ever since, though.
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I recently dreamed I pre-ordered a figure I really wanted, and I was so happy ;; until I woke up. I don't remember which figure it was about, but it was a real figure that exists that I couldn't afford.
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Japan Hobby Store

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