Video guide on the Essential tools and mats for GK buildingVideo guide on the Essential tools and mats for GK buildingTutorial

leonasenshileonasenshi11 månader sedan
Hi guys,
I did a small video on the most essential tools and materials you'll need if you're a beginner.

Hopefully, the video can give you some insight in what's needed so you can start :)

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plasticizer very mild
Aw yiss

It's a fine day when Leona posts a vid.
11 månader sedan
Thank you so much for this! I ordered my first few GKS and are expecting them to ship soon-ish and have been looking at your website to find what items I should acquire in the mean time. Just wanted to say I love watching your videos you make, especially when you do a full GK. It's so relaxing and always is a great way to end my night.
11 månader sedan
Oh hey, I watched you paint that Princess Serenity GK a while back! :D

Don't know if I'll ever get a GK myself, but I'll give this video a watch!
11 månader sedan
Your source for old and rare figurines!

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