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So at least a year ago I bought ITEM #144330 from a seller on eBay. The box was missing and the cable that plugged into the TV was broken plus some paint scuffing. I ended up getting it for $90 so I figured I could just fix it. I had been looking for this figure for a long time for a good price and I had finally found one! When it arrived I found that it had just been thrown in a box with some packing peanuts, all the small parts just loose in the box. As I'm taking the parts out I find that the controller that Nanami is supposed to be holding is missing. I also noticed that there are small gaps in the shipping box that are big enough for it to have fallen out of while it was being shipped. I contacted the seller and they couldn't find the missing piece so they gave me a $15 partial refund. I was fine with that but I didn't know what to do about the missing piece at first. I decided to make my own replacement piece. I made a mold of the controller that Monomi holds and used polymer clay to make a new controller.


After I took it out of the mold I shaped the sides so they were more rounded then it went into the oven to bake. I then painted it with acrylic paint. I didn't know that the paint should have been thinned at the time so it doesn't look the best. I used black wire to make the cable.



I feel like after doing this I love the figure even more that I put some work into it. It may not look the best but it makes me happy to look at it and know that I made the controller she's holding!

Has anyone else ever made a replacement piece for a figure they have? If so, I would love to hear about it! Feel free to add pictures of your work!
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I've made replacement parts a few times by making silicon molds and casting resin into them.
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Made copies of a part from ITEM #206457 for an MFC user who had lost his

This yields the best results but I wouldn't recommend it for a single repair because of the cost of the materials. I only did it because I happened to have leftovers from a bigger project.
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plasticizer14 dagar sedan#81156790Huh, I suddenly have an urge to buy a crappy figure and mod her up.
Maybe I'll start a series and call it Pimp My Waifu.

That would be interesting to see!
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plasticizer very mild
Huh, I suddenly have an urge to buy a crappy figure and mod her up.

Maybe I'll start a series and call it Pimp My Waifu.
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I haven't made replacement parts for figures this way (I made whole figures of my own design), but you can apply molten wax with a brush to a base and then carve it with a scalpel.
The base can be a carved a piece of styrofoam or you can use a paper stencil as 2D base and build on top of that. This method works well if you suck at sculpting because you only work on one small area at a time.

For making the mold, 2 component silicone is great and will reproduce every last detail. However, its probably too expensive if you're only going to cast one single replacement piece, lol.
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