Requesting Advice! Not sure whether I should buy 3 Grail figuresRequesting Advice! Not sure whether I should buy 3 Grail figuresAsk MFC

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I hope I'm not abusing Ask MFC by this, if I am please tell me! But I would really really appreciate some advice!

TL;DR: Do I buy Phat Jack the Ripper, Alter Jeanne D'Arc Alter, and Alter Saber Alter Dress Ver. now or wait for potential re-releases?

So I have the opportunity to get 3 figures I really want, Alter's Jeanne D'Arc Alter, Phat's Jack the Ripper and Alter's Saber Alter Dress Ver. They're all for really reasonable prices, but I'm still a little hesitant, especially for Jeanne Alter.

Phat Jack the Ripper Item#144274:
She released sort of recently, in 2015, and Fate Grand Order did just have the Apocrypha event, but still no re-release. She seems to have pretty high aftermarket prices, so I would think the figure is pretty popular.
I could try contacting Good Smile, but that probably won't give me a clear answer.
It's not just the price I'm hesitant about, she is slightly old of a figure so it's possible a fresh run would be better.
How likely is it she could be re-released? For this one especially I feel like I should bite the bullet now.

Alter Jeanne D'Arc Alter Item#464669:
Already expensive, she's been going up in price, but I found a really good deal for her brand new in box. The thing is though, I really want a re-release. Not just because of price, but also because I've seen a lot of issues with this figure, like the flag peg breaking, her neck being higher than the prototype, imperfect paint on her lips/other areas, the flag stand being almost useless, etc.
I emailed Alter asking for/if there will be a re-release, they responded along the lines of "currently plans to re-release are undecided, we will announce on website, we will forward your request to planning department, thank you very much for your support." Thank you Alter!
Someone has already said it's likely Alter will re-release this JAlter because she's so popular and because of the issues she has, but I'm still being paranoid they won't, and I'm thinking if I want her I should just buy her now and absolutely make sure I get her, even with the possible issues she might have.
Any advice on this? I think it's pretty safe to wait for a re-release, even better if it fixes her issues, but it's still nagging me that if there isn't a re-release then I would be devastated I missed out.

And finally (if you've read everything thank you so so much!) Alter Saber Alter Dress Ver. Item#287683:
She just re-released last year in July, so IF there is a re-release of her, I assume it would be in 2021 at least. But as far as I know, Alter hasn't done more than 2 re-releases of a Fate figure.
Would it be likely she would get another re-release?

If you've read everything, thank you so so much! I would really appreciate any advice, these 3 are some of my highest wanted grails.
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Demitria2 månader sedan#80584575FYI grail figures =/= figures you really want.
Grail are uber rare, unattainable or almost unattainable figures, maybe super old or just out of production.

Ah gotcha, thank you for the clarification! You're right, these technically aren't Grail figures, just 5 Stars.
I should have known that Grails are unattainables, especially since these are all FATE figures lmaooo
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FYI grail figures =/= figures you really want.

Grail are uber rare, unattainable or almost unattainable figures, maybe super old or just out of production.
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my thumb of rule, don't overspend , don't impulsive shopping , don't pay more than 150% of original price.
Just for myself
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Chloe-tsundere The louise otaku
I wouldn't bet on re-releases if you can get em now.
I've made the mistake not getting my grails and imho still waiting now, biggest regret.

I mean in worst case you might've paid 1-3k more than the re-release but you're happy and enjoyed her longer.

I'd say buy all or if budget doesn't allow it then get the one you want most :)
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SmikuSmiku Umbra Witch
treat yo'self fam! Rereleases don't always happen and who knows with the current pandemic if figure companies will be focusing on those or on their new figures. Get all 3! They might go higher in price later!
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It barely ever happens that a re release has fixed quality control issues
And for Jeanne alter she is really perfect, she is my favorite out of the 3
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Get all 3 I'd say, gotta spoil yourself once in a while to offset all the bs you have to endure :P
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Elise_Grimwald Genius Puppeteer
If the price is that good, get all of them.

If you can only get one or two, go for Jack or Salter. Jack will probably NEVER be rereleased (as she isn't that popular), and Salter has a low chance now that she has come back already once. Plus, the Salter scale is gorgeous. Jalter has a really high chance of a second release due to popularity, so I'd skip her for now if you don't have the money.

If you can only get one, go for Jack. Salter at least has a slight chance of coming back due to demand. Jack has zero chance at returning.
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Wow, thank you so much for all the advice everyone! I think I'm getting them now.

Thank you!!!
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To me, a "grail" figure is one that you absolutely must have and the only reason you don't right now is you can't find one for sale. The fact that you found them, but are still unsure of if you actually want to buy the immediately knocks them out of the "grail" and into the "nice to have that I really kinda want" category in my books.

I would say never expect a re-release. They are actually exceedingly rare. If you have the money and think it's a reasonable price, jump on it if it is something you really and truly do want.
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