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Mythological Figures


Hello all. Welcome to a new article.

Recently I started reading up on Japanese kami, Shintōism, the Nihon Shoki and the Kojiki. There's a little something for everyone to take away from mythology. Rich, distinctive, serving many purposes around the globe, and spinning accounts of anything from flowers to humanity, myth can lead to stories, paintings, film, and next up, maybe anime figures?

So, I pose a question; what myths or mythological creatures, symbols, gods, and humans would you like figures inspired by? Folklore counts too. If you don't know of any specific myths, which general mythologies/folklores do you think would make for good figures? And are there any figures that you've seen already like this?

(And yes, I know the Fate series is already doing its thing with legendary and historical characters, so this idea isn't anything new. Still, I think its nice to talk about mythological figures/anime away from fate.)


Hera and Zeus, circa Spring 2017.

(This analogy is not in vain. They're two jealous girls, Hera and Sagiri, the both of them, fighting for the affection of someone with wandering eyes. Greek myth and Japanese light novels are both cozied up with a certain concept...ahem...Sweet ho-)

My answers are under the cut:

View spoilerHide spoilerIzanagi's purification births significant kami

The myth surrounding the creation of Amaterasu Omikami and her brothers Tsukuyomi and Susanoo involves a god named Izanagi purifying himself with water, after a trip to what is essentially the underworld, being Yomi, the land of the dead.

Amaterasu comes from the water flowing over his left eye, and became the deity of the sun.

Frankly, I think it would be walking on thin ice to anime-ize Shintoism's central kami. Would it be disrespectful? Artistic interpretations are always good. In this scenario though, an original character would work the best. Anyways, a figure with water running over their eye and cheek, dripping from their hair, standing on a riverbed base would be a nice, tame homage. Reeds and silt on the base shaded to have sunlight hitting them from where the figure is placed, alluding to what the water will create, would be beautiful.

On the slip side, a nighttime themed figure for Tsukuyomi might have dark blue water as part of the base, painted with stars if that's plausible. Water would be running over the opposite eye.

Of course, Okami from Capcom already has Amaterasu as its protagonist. More renditions of her/him are posisble though, especially seeing as how this god is sometimes male, female, or genderless.

Inari, the goddess of foxes, rice, tea, sake, fertility, industry, agriculture, prosperity, and worldly success

Patron of swordsmiths and merchants in early Japan, a protector of warriors, and associated with brothels and entertainers. Where to start with the possibilities? I mean maybe not the brothels but uh...swords and rice are fine.


Inari usually has white foxes as messengers. From metallic blades to peaceful tea ceremonies, to a thrilling bottle of sake, Inari Omikami is the go-to Goddess. Agriculture, composed of nature, human effort, and high stakes for a good harvest, is part of the market and economy. Wordly success could be interpreted as any number of things.

Rice field as a base, white foxes lightly padding over it, and coins lost in the water and growing rice could compliment an original character. That original character could be a farmer, for agriculture, or a suit-wearing, formal character for worldly success, taking a look at the rice on official business, with the unfelt presence of Inari.

Knowing next to nothing about Norse mythology, I'm all the more antsy to pick up some myths from it. Norse mythology, from the slivers of what I've seen of it, could inspire figures.


Thanks for reading! Have a good one; have a day fit to be a myth.

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This was an interesting read, thank you for writing this article! To your point about Shinto mythology, Persona 4 actually has some fantastic character designs inspired by the mythology of Japan, including Izanagi, Amatarasu and Susano-o.

I wish Bandai/D-Arts continued with this line, but they did make the following:
Konohana Sakuya

Here there be game spoilers!
View spoilerHide spoilerIzanagi no Okami
Magatsu Izanagi

Additionally, Izanami is a final boss, and her designs are both gorgeous and terrifying

I can really go on all day: I recommend taking a look at how the Persona / larger Shin Megami Tensei franchise handled character designs from across many mythologies — I can only speak to my own opinion, but I really loved how they handled the Hindu mythological figures...very badass/inventive and also respectful depictions that even some of my more conservative family members can appreciate.
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jumpluff Pegasus Knight
The goddess Chang'e comes to mind.
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There are lots of mythologies and religions that could make great figures.

Greek: Athena in a pose similar to that famous marble relief, Poseidon wielding his trident and riding a sea horse, Zeus on his throne, Perseus riding a rearing Pegasus, Atlas carrying the world on his shoulders...
Egyptian: Ra fighting Apophis
Norse/Germanic: Odin on his throne with Huginn and Muninn on each side of his head or wielding Gungnir and riding Sleipnir, Siegfried forging his sword...
Celtic: Cu Chulainn tied to the rock
Christian: Moses either parting the Red Sea or holding the Ten Commandments, Samson with his trusty donkey's jawbone...
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If I had infinity money, I'd want to get figures made of King David and King Solomon (particularly the designs i did for an original story of mine, ehehe...). They're two of my favorite biblical characters, and I think they have the potential to be neat in figure form: David could be singing with his lyre, or Solomon could be sitting leisurely on a throne and looking judgmentally down at all the other figures in the collection (a la ITEM #775830).

It probably sounds kind of weird to be wanting figures of biblical characters, especially considering multiple abrahamic religions' prohibitions against idolatry, but......... I'd love to have more representation for specifically Jewish mythology and lore in anime/figures/etc. If we can have 5,000 Joans of Arc, can I not get a nice King David once in a while? (and can he not be participating in christmas shit, please....)

I know Fate has David (and Solomon!) already, and as much as I love them, their depictions don't really resemble the biblical versions from a design standpoint. It would be nice to have figures that depict them closer to how i imagine them, but ah, a girl can dream...

side note I'd personally love for fate to include more jewish mythological figures too (just so I can expand my jewish anime collection)
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I’d love to see figures based off of Greek mythology! Athena, Dionysus, Artemis and Apollo, and Achilles and Patroclus are some I’d particularly like to see.

But I’d want them to stay fairly loyal to how they were originally depicted in Greek or renaissance art/sculpture—basically just their more “classical” looks.
I say this mostly because I really dislike how to Fate franchise depict Achilles lol
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