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Welcome to another combined loot of mine, where I put a lot of random smaller buys and gifts together to make one blog! For my previous one see: BLOG #42278 , this one will continue where the last one stopped. I will talk about things I acquired from January 2019 to May 2019 . Corona ramble in spoiler: View spoilerHide spoilerI want to extra mention that these are older pictures from the 'before' times. I am staying indoors as much as possible at this moment and hope to be able to do fun days out again in 2021.

Without further ado, let's get to the loots and happenings!

Some purchases for my Garage Kits

Following up that I got an airbrush for my Secret Santa on here the year before (see BLOG #42278 ), I have been buying quite a bit of accessories and materials to get everything complete. I have already used the airbrush for my recently shared Lelouch GK BLOG #45773 .


There was a store where I ordered quite a bit of Tamiya masking tape and apparently everything arrived at different in-stock dates, so I got tons of smaller packages that looked like this. The tapes I have used for different kinds of masking and can be seen in use in my Yuki GK blog BLOG #45839 .


Furthermore, I got some smaller sized crocodile clamps to hold up the pieces to airbrush.


A cable for the compressor. Right now the only thing I am missing is the compressor itself! Which is the most expensive part, so I was planning on waiting until the last-minute until I wanted to use it before buying it. I ended up picking one up at the local hardware store a couple of days before I started painting Lelouch.

Wedding day gift


For my wedding day gift, my husband got me ITEM #198486 ! I was very happy to get the Bubble Head Nurse and I have reviewed her here: BLOG #42598 .

I gave him two Dark Souls artbooks: ITEM #106856 + ITEM #555362 , which I shortly reviewed here: BLOG #42217 .

Purchase from MOONSTARFC


I purchased 2 figures on here from MOONSTARFC !


ITEM #520672 is for myself and ITEM #48844 is for a friend. In the meantime I have reviewed both of them, you can check out those reviews here: BLOG #42516 and BLOG #42671 .

Primark loot

Ah, Primark...I can't help myself to pick up some cute stuff whenever I shop there, even though we were actually there because my husband needed some new formal clothes for upcoming job interviews.


I'm not a huge fan of unicorns, but I am a huge fan of fuzzy and warm pajamas's to wear around the house. The Stitch sweater was also bought as a pajama as the fabric is a bit thin (and it was only $2!). And socks...my biggest addiction. I told myself my maximum allowed amount to buy would be three packs...so I came home with three packs. I picked up the sailor themed ones because they reminded me of the socks of multiple Kantai Collection girls.


The Monopoly ones are my favorite from this haul. There is a lot of glitter on them and those symbols are classics!


I once almost bought a shirt with the Pusheen 'So Lazy, Can't Move' text, so seeing them in socks-form was a calling to me.

Re-arranging some shelves

Not new loot, but I re-arranged some of my shelves after unboxing some more figures that have been in storage for years.


The left side of the room with two detolfs, I was planning on making these two detolfs for my cuter and more colorful parts of my collection, so items from Moetan, Komugi etc.


The right side of the room with the other 5, still a work in progress for a while more.

New phone cover


Just wanted to do a short show-off of my new phone cover, it makes my phone look like a gaming computer, it's so cool! The backside has an extendable piece, making it possible to let it stand like a photo frame.

This was also a good way to 'censor' the big package we are going to open now...

Big game loot from Nedgame



Game store Nedgame had a HUGE SALE on everything of 7th generation gaming consoles. Everything Xbox360, Wii and Playstation 3 was anywhere from $1-10, and that also included imported games! When they announced these sales, games were flying out of stock and the website was incredibly slow to browse. I still managed to grab quite some games that were missing from my PS3 collection and I'm looking forward to playing them in a while! I'm especially happy with getting multiple USA release visual novels and JRPG games that did not get an European release. In general, not much game stores stock imports here and it was amazing to see them so affordable!


Even though I don't own a Wii (yet), both Red Steel and Umbrella Chronicles (exclusives for the Wii) I picked up as they were $1 and $3.

The rest are some random PS3 games I still wanted.


The JRPG's.


Mix of visual novels and JRPG's.


The fighting games.

In the end, when you combine everything and get the shipping total, it was quite an investment, but as I still regularly play on my PS3 and I really think I will never find any of these titles so cheap anymore, I'm very pleased with this buy!

Fixing some figures

Not really sure what would otherwise be a good fit to put these pictures, so I'll put this in this quite random blog!

A while back I reviewed the One Coin Grande Moeru Eitango ~Moetan~ ENTRY #93640 set here BLOG #42470 . You might remember my complaining there about how many of the figures, although the figures by themselves being really good, had problems with their pegs not fitting. I spend quite some time on trying to fix them the best way possible, without having to grab any glue.


I ended up filing a bit of the PVC away at the bottom of their feet, so that the pegs would fit better. It doesn't look really pretty, but who looks at a trading figure from the bottom anyway? If it wasn't for the clear base, this would be completely invisible.


They are a lot less awkwardly posed now!


I'm especially happy with the improvement on my 'scolding Ink' ITEM #3039 . I hope by filing the PVC at their feet, these will all stand like this for years to come.

Escher Museum visit

I remember from earlier blogs that people appreciated it if I shared some pictures of cultural days out, so I have put some pictures from my visit to the Escher museum in the spoiler below. Escher is an amazing artist, who is loved by a lot of people into maths and graphic design. A lot of his work is woodcuts and wood engravings. I made way too many pictures there, but a small glimpse of the things I liked most you can find in the spoiler: View spoilerHide spoiler


The very famous 'repeating patterns', love the wallpaper! The background wallpaper was actually a tile design by himself, which he had used in the kitchen of his own home.


One of my personal favorite rows of art were multiple pieces related to boats.


There were quite a lot of works made during his travels, which are not as well known as his 'skewing perspective' works.



Another favorite of mine is this variation of one of his most famous works, but now with these cuties!


Hello there!



There was also a general exhibition with 'strange perspective' art: This is one piece looked at from two different angles.


And a small hallway that looks infinite.

Sorry guys, this short look at a cultural day out became very long! I hope the people into arts/design/maths still enjoyed it! Let's get back to loot!

Some funny bootlegs

My parents are moving houses and apparently there was still a box with some items from me at their place (I thought I had moved everything 10+ years ago). Most of it was old stuff from high school, but there were some funny bootlegs in there as well!


Hello Kitty does not enjoy being dressed up. I actually also used to own a real one from this set in the past and the real one is a lot smaller and can have the outfit removed.


A really strange Marill...bit scary.


I know a lot of people say 'fat Pikachu is the best Pikachu', but this boy is really R O U N D. I do think he's sorta cute. Maybe I will inflate him one day and bring with me to the pool.

Mini food review time!

When I visited some family that lives in the city with our biggest Asian supermarket, I couldn't help myself to a quick look and pick up some noodles I haven't tried before!


The potato ramen was very interesting as it was in a super spicy soup, but the ramen itself was a lot more basic. The curry soba had amazing sauce and is definitely one I want to pick up again in the future. I find both very recommendable, the potato one was quite unique and the soba was packed with flavor.

Unexpected convention pick-up!

I did a last-minute visit to one of our biggest comic conventions, not expecting to buy anything as it's littered with bootlegs, but I unexpectedly found a comic book seller with some misplaced anime figures.


They were 100% real and the seller didn't seem to know what they were or what their value was (I guess they bought some leftover stock?). The seller said 20 euros was more than enough for this figure. Don't mind if I do!!

I still want to complete my Strike Witches Nendoroid collection, so Perrine ITEM #323991 quickly found a new and loving home! I wrote a review about her here: BLOG #42788 .

Limited edition Monster

Not sure how interesting this is for the others, but hey, it's my blog! I personally love soda and energy drink and whenever a new unique flavor comes on the market, I always want to try it out.


There was this special release Day of the Dead Monster with mango flavor! It was really good and tasted like mango juice with a bit more 'boom'! I also love the design of the can. Very recommendable if you see one for sale nearby!

Order from ModelBouwEnzo

I wanted to get some new topcoat, primer and thinner for my Garage Kits, as I have been working a lot more on them recently and replacing my Warhammer/Citadel etc. brand for brands either specifically for Garage Kits or for war miniatures. When I was researching, I realized it was harder than expected to get these items! As most of these liquids are flammable and multiple also come in a spray can, my local customs does not allow private persons to import them. So after a long search, I luckily found this store called ModelBouwEnzo (translated to English: 'model building and such'), which had either the same or other-brand versions of the items I was looking for. It was quite a bit more expensive than getting it directly from Japan, but as I have burned myself with my GK/Model Kit quality in the past by cheaping out on equipment, I'm not doing so anymore.


I was happily surprised to see it get delivered in a special kind of cooling box, with extra thick cardboard.


The store also gave me a really cute hand written note that told me to 'have fun with painting'! Awww, this really reminds me that I should buy more from local stores, cute stuff like this barely happens when you buy from big sellers!


And here is the loot together! Two Vallejo primer cans (grey and white), two big bottles of thinner from Tamiya and three topcoat cans from Mr. Hobby (Semi-Gloss, Gloss and Flat). This is probably not as exciting for people not into GK/Model kits, but I was really ecstatic with getting these high quality materials to work with for future kits!


Also, a shout-out to the adorable packaging from Tamiya for their thinner, they look like small gas cans!

Not buys/gifts, but the best place to share!

Some more unboxing is done, so here is an update on my display room!

Right wall part 1:


Right wall part 2:


The room was at this point a bit messy as I used it for cosplay storage (you might recognize a part of my Elin cosplay BLOG #45587 at the bottom right) and piling my figures that need to be unboxed or need to be put up for sale.



Some close-ups on fuller shelves.

Pre-order Baccano! 10


And with my pre-order for Baccano! volume 10 ITEM #358988 arriving, I was excited as it's the finale-book of a very extensive three-parter story! I don't want to throw any spoilers around, but if people want to discuss the end of this book (I have some theories LOL) feel free to message me about it!

The only gripe I had about this book was that multiple times emoticons were literally printed, which I found very weird. For example a character would say something and then behind the spoken sentence there would be a ' : ) ' printed. I have no clue if the book was already written like this or it's a translators' choice to have better intonation. Anyhow I really disliked it and I'm glad that the next one in the series didn't do this.

Small birthday surprise for my husband

Personal thing, so in spoiler: View spoilerHide spoiler
My husband is a huge fan of fantasy dwarves, so every year I try to surprise him with artwork he might not have seen before to put on his cake. This artwork from Blizzard was pretty new (but he did see it before, ha!).


There was also a huge markdown on christmas chocolates in the same shop, so I decided to let some chocolates bodyguard the surprise cake in the fridge:


It was nowhere near expiring, but nobody is buying Christmas candy in April, so don't mind if I do.

Large/EMP loot

Well, as mentioned before my husband is a really big fan of fantasy dwarves. One of his favorites is Gimli from Lord of the Rings. Gimli has a surprisingly low amount of merchandise and from the stuff that is out there, a lot of it is low quality or unable to be obtained. Because of this, I had my eye out on the Gimli Funko POP! for a while. A restock was announced (Gimli's first batch sold out fast, I guess he is still quite popular?) and I managed to grab it from EMP/Large. It arrived on the same day as my husband his birthday, so it was perfect timing to gift the Funko together with another item I got for him earlier.


Whenever I order from this store, I can also never hold myself back to also grab some stuff from my wishlist. You're already paying for shipping right? Better make it worth it!



The details on the Funko look good for the price you pay and as Gimli is a character with a high amount of detail in his clothes and armor, I think this POP! looks a lot better than the average one out there.


The biggest errors are the molding lines and some uneven paint here and there. Still, I'm very impressed by the sculpt, I would say it's better than my other Funko POP! from the Licker ITEM #518248 (which I reviewed here: BLOG #42771 ).


I really like nerdy t-shirts that are not too much 'in your face' with their references. So I was very excited about this green herb ITEM #835704 t-shirt from Resident Evil/Biohazard.


Something similar can be said about this 'Made In Heaven' ITEM #835700 t-shirt. The image on this shirt is on the back of Claire's jacket in the game.


Something a lot less subtle is this 4-pack of Yu-Gi-Oh! socks containing:
- One pair with the logo: ITEM #835695
- One pair with Black Magician: ITEM #835696
- One pair with the Millenium Puzzle: ITEM #835697
- One pair with Yami Yuugi: ITEM #835698

I think the original release price of €17,99 was pretty bonkers for a set of ankle socks, so I got them on sale for about half price. I know the license makes the socks more expensive of course, but considering in the same store there are t-shirts from this same license with a suggested retail of €15, it really make me wonder why these socks would be so expensive. Even with separately sold licensed socks I barely see them passing $4 each.


And here we have the full birthday gift for my husband! The Super Moria Bros. t-shirt was one he saw a person wearing at a Comic Con we visited a couple of months prior (and he lost his shit + became friends with this random dude in 0,01 seconds), so when we got back home I went on a hunt right away to purchase this t-shirt as well. It was a long search as this thing was bootlegged to hell and back, but I think that in the end I got it from the original artist who is called ddjvigo.


Look at this majestic beard in 3D!

New paints!

After hearing quite a lot of good things about Warcolours paints, I decided to grab a set:


At first I was surprised how thin these paints are compared to other model paints I have used. You would think they barely needed to be thinned right out of the bottle. However, to be sure of no streaking, I thinned them down a bit more before using.

I'm currently eyeing the really pretty metallic colors set from their website and if this line would add some more skin colors, it would be perfect!

I would recommend these paints, but I did however, have a bit of a weird interaction with their customer support (which was probably enhanced by their first language not being English): View spoilerHide spoiler
Next to these paints I also had a set of mixing bottles as I wanted to preserve my own mixed colors. Mainly skin colors as Warcolours does not have them much in their own line.

However, I managed to unfortunately break my first mixing bottle in a way where the top didn't want to open again. Meaning that I had just poured a lot of different paints in a bottle I would never be able to use. I was afraid of breaking the bottle, as then my mixture would dry out. So I ended up asking the customer service, summarized our communication went like this:

Me: Ask if I handled the bottle wrong and what the safest way would be to remove the paint from the bottle.

WC: "We can only recommend forcing."

Me: "I will try some more. Meanwhile, can you also instruct me what the correct way of closing the bottle is? As I think I accidentally did this one wrong and I don't want my other mixing bottles to have the same fate."

WC: "You should have inserted the dropper separately from the top, which you didn't."

Me: "The top and the droppers are stuck inside each other. They don't seem to be able to come loose unless I force them out by breaking pieces of plastic. On top of that, I can't even fit my tweezers inside it, sorry to say, but are you sure?"

Now there has been a silence of almost 2 weeks from their side, so I decided to e-mail again with another picture of how my tops look.

WC: "Wait, it seems like that's a top only, no dropper. Are there no loose droppers in your packaging?"

Me: "No, I only got these."

So in conclusion, it turns out a part of my order was missing, causing me to use the items incorrectly and by that ruining a bottle and a huge amount of paint.

WC: "Apologies for that. I can send you the missing items and also another bottle for the one ruined."

Me: "Thanks, would you also be OK with replacing the paints I ended up wasting?"


I never got a reply from them about replacing the wasted paints, but a couple of weeks later I got a package in the mail with the missing droppers, two new bottles and two smaller sized bottles of paint as an apology.

In the end it was all solved well, but I really felt like they thought of me as an annoying customer in the beginning (someone that would break stuff and then ask for freebies). It wasn't until I showed them a picture of the top (to which they saw they made a mistake), that I got the support I needed. The extra items are probably as an apology.

I wouldn't say at all that this would keep me away from their shop and for sure I will keep on buying from them as their items are good, but it still was a weird interaction in my opinion... If I didn't push any extra pictures on them after the long silence, they would have just ghosted me probably.

Easter loot

You might remember from my earlier blogs that every time whenever a holiday is over, I get big loots related to the holiday in question!


This time it was no different, here is my huge Easter loot! Everything was discounted and for most items I paid around 25 or 50 cents each. Man, I love these loots, chocolate is chocolate and mostly their 'best by' date is still away for a year or more even after the holiday has passed! The best chocolates from this set were definitely the green boxes in the back as they were a combination of milk, dark and white chocolate all together in one piece. The cutest was the yellow chick haha.

Visit to Wildlands

Another day out I have documented! Wildlands is a combination of a zoo and an adventure park and is located in the Netherlands. We went here as a date/gift for my husband his 2019 birthday! Pictures and some events shown in the spoiler: View spoilerHide spoiler
My apologies for the huge amount of pictures, I already cut it to a really small amount of everything I have made, but there was just so much to see! I also tried to keep the descriptions short, so feel to drop me a message if you're curious for more!


The park starts in a main hub where you can choose between 3 areas: Jungola, Serenga and Nortica. The entrance to Jungola is definitely the most impressive.


We started our day however, in Serenga.


What I really appreciated is that most animal enclosures were also themed after their area.


The biggest area for the park is reserved to the rollercoaster 'Tweestryd' (Afrikaans for 'Duel'), it's a rollercoaster that launches the same two carts in a mirrored to each other track.


The restaurants and shops are also fully themed to the area you are in.




Another big event is the safari ride, in which you go with a truck through a big enclosure where a lot of different kinds of animals live together.


I always love it when parks have a theme and stick well to it. In Serenga there were a lot of 'advertisements' and posters around. This one says "Care for nature. Keep Serenga clean."


There was also an...uh quite unexpected dark labyrinth with spooks.


My most favorite animals in the whole park were the prairie dogs for sure!


Look at this majestic animal!


Blending with the sand. What I actually did not mention until now is that Wildlands likes to keep a lot of stuff...'wild'! Which means that all animals that are not dangerous to humans have enclosures you can walk through. These little guys would walk up so close to us!


Probably one of my most favorite pictures I have taken in the last few years (and since then my phone background) is my husband enjoying his drink while being in the emu enclosure.


Now we are entering Jungola! Which is a terraced area with a high tropical controlled climate. It's super humid in here!




Jungola also offers a boat ride, where you see both nature and multiple animals in semi-wild environments, such as elephants and different kinds of monkeys. I was told there also were lemurs, but they were very good at hiding! I also remember from other zoos that lemurs liked to be very high up in treetops, meaning that you will have to spend a lot of time spotting them.


There was also a pathway a few meters above the ground where there was a higher chance to spot monkeys and we were lucky for a few birds to land near us!


Our visit to Nortica was very short. More than half of it was closed for construction (this picture was taken while I was standing behind a 'do not cross' line). The other half were enclosures that had a lot of metallic sheets and references to fishery. It looks like the most fun part of Nortica was not possible for us to access...oh well! We decided to go back to some of our favorite parts with the extra time we now had left before the park closed.


My husband had to practically drag me away from the prairie dogs, because I could look at this guy sitting on his butt all day.


And I was very happy he dragged me away, because apparently it was feeding time for the Marmoset monkeys so we could get very close to these guys.

And it got even better.

Shortly after re-entering Jungola...





Without any jokes, I made sure to be very respectful to them and keep distance. These cuties are known for being very territorial, so you don't want a fight with them!


They were just sunbathing and didn't care at all. One of the zookeepers saw me awing at them for a while and said it was OK to get closer for a picture and...


Maakie meeting some maki's! (Maki is the Dutch word for lemur.)


After a last look at their fluffy tails I continued to the last interesting part of the day, this active red ant colony:



And that was it for my Wildlands adventure! If you're only the slightest bit interested and live in the Netherlands, Germany or Belgium (or would be planning a vacation to the Netherlands) and once corona is over...I heavily recommend this park! Especially because a lot of people are predicting it to close down in the next couple of years. It was a huge and expensive park to build and it is unfortunately not attracting enough visitors to cover the daily running costs of most days. The main reason for that is the park being a bit hard to reach (you must be willing to spend quite some time in public transport or a long car ride to get there). It definitely deserves more attention and it's worth the travel!

Some more unboxed in my collection

Not knowing yet at this point that I would be emigrating to Finland at the start of 2020, I continued setting up my displays in 2019:


I fixed the position of my Black Magician shortly after taking this picture as I was pointed out he was not sitting correctly. Wow, I just really love this display. Makes it really tough on me as that would probably mean that I have to let my other scaled Black Magician Girl ITEM #338779 go...


Shelves on the right side.


Shelves on the left side.

To be continued...

And this is where I have to cut it off as we have reached character limit! Next up, I'll continue with May 2019 until the next character limit is hit!

All pictures from this blog that are related to the database can be found in higher resolution here: profile/Maakie/...

Thank you for reading this blog!

And if you like my blogs and would like to receive e-mail updates when I have a new one, you can subscribe to my blog on MFC! --> profile/Maakie/...

And as an update on fixing older blogs that lost their image hosting, I decided to fix up these blogs as they're referenced in this article:
Silent Hill 2 - Bubble Head Nurse - Figma #SP-061 by FREEing: BLOG #42598
One Coin Grande Moeru Eitango ~Moetan~ trading figure set: BLOG #42470
Evangelion - Souryuu Asuka Langley 1/7 Ballerina - Kotobukiya: BLOG #42516
Brave Witches - Karibuchi Hikari - 1/8 scaled figure by Alter: BLOG #42671
Biohazard (Resident Evil) 2 - Licker - Funko Toys POP! Vinyl 158: BLOG #42771

See you at my next blog, which will be either a loot post or a Garage Kit blog!
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Rikoei2 månader sedan#79902308The wildlands seems like a cool place if not for the corona virus I would definitely visit there if I had the money too haha

Yeah I hope their visitor numbers can pick up after all of this is over. :) Unfortunately they decided to build the park in a not popular location, so they really need to live off advertisements and people talking about them. :/

Cloudberry2 månader sedan#79902391Wow that's quite an assortment of goods! I'm quite excited to see you setup your displays for your figures ^.^
And Tales of Graces f is one of my favorite Tales seres. It's kinda tough but it's a really fun game JRPG game with an awesome cast and chemistry. The Witch and the Hundred Knight is one game I've been eyeing on for a long time~
I'd also highly recommend Odin Sphere for another JRPG game that has fantastic art and a really fun game too!

Hello! I hope you do realize the dates mentioned in this blog, so this is still at my old place... ;)

I find some of the 'Tales of' games a bit repetitive, so I hope Tales of Graces f will be more fun. :) I'm very curious to The Witch and the Hundred Knight myself as well, I wanted it ever since I saw this figure ITEM #166931 for the first time!

I have played Odin Sphere and Dragon's Crown, but thanks for the recommendations, hehe. :D
2 månader sedan
Wow that's quite an assortment of goods! I'm quite excited to see you setup your displays for your figures ^.^

And Tales of Graces f is one of my favorite Tales seres. It's kinda tough but it's a really fun game JRPG game with an awesome cast and chemistry. The Witch and the Hundred Knight is one game I've been eyeing on for a long time~

I'd also highly recommend Odin Sphere for another JRPG game that has fantastic art and a really fun game too!
2 månader sedan
The wildlands seems like a cool place if not for the corona virus I would definitely visit there if I had the money too haha
2 månader sedan
victorviper2 månader sedan#79901518I forgot that you reviewed ITEM #48844 some time ago. That figure is not easy to find these days!
Looking through your PS3 haul, Trinity Universe caught my eye, as that is one of my favorite PS3 games. It's a good example of a crossover game done right, and the opening theme song could be the best game song ever. Mugen Souls is quite fun, too.

It is? :O I looked her up and am surprised! I remember her selling regularly for ~$50 before, much changed in the 1,5 year since purchasing her.

That's good to know! As these games were all priced so well, I decided to just pick up games from developers and publishers of which I enjoyed other games. Seems like it will go higher to the top of the pile, then! :)
2 månader sedan
I forgot that you reviewed ITEM #48844 some time ago. That figure is not easy to find these days!

Looking through your PS3 haul, Trinity Universe caught my eye, as that is one of my favorite PS3 games. It's a good example of a crossover game done right, and the opening theme song could be the best game song ever. Mugen Souls is quite fun, too.
2 månader sedan
Ellime2 månader sedan#79900930Wildlands looks so enjoyable! Really unfortunate time for animal parks right now. Thanks for the blog.

It is! I hope it can gather some more visitors once this whole mess is over. Thanks for liking the blog! :)
2 månader sedan
Wildlands looks so enjoyable! Really unfortunate time for animal parks right now. Thanks for the blog.
2 månader sedan
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