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For my next review, I decided to review my moon rabbit, Tewi.

The fandom for Touhou is the one with which I am most familiar, despite never really playing any of the games from the series. Nevertheless, I carry immense respect for the fact that one person creates effectively every component of the games (the 100-plus array of characters, the music that possesses incredible variation and complexity in tonality and structure, and the danmaku being something of which I would buy and frame prints to display as art); furthermore, the fan-driven output of artwork, music, manga, figures, and all of the other miscellany categories from Touhou is a force that I can't envision being rivalled by that from any other fanbase, although I will admit that this view cannot possibly be objective, given that I can't be familiar with every fandom out there.

This is my favorite figure that I own, the reasons from that declarative being detailed in this review. This is not to say that this figure is flawless, nor without a considerate number of quite harrowing events before and after my unboxing.


I bought this from Amazon Japan for $79. I must applaud their packaging, as the cardboard box arrived to me soggy and with a large hole on one side; they always surround the items with a plastic dome, attached to a flat piece of cardboard, the whole thing attached by a resilient adhesive. No matter the damaged packaging, Tewi and the box bore no damage.


This figure's appearance is truly magnificent. The main reason why I bought it was because her appearance and face are unexpectedly demure, given that Tewi is a mischievous character in Touhou. The figure has significant weight and feels like a quality sculpting job, and also possesses great detail. Her face has blushed cheeks and brilliantly red eyes. Great care was put to making her hair naturally messy and her rabbit ears containing bends and subtle touches of pink. I greatly appreciate also the way her stance was built, as though she is moving away from a center point, her dress moving naturally from the motion. She is a bit smaller than I expected, but I'll take quality over size any day.

Some quirks are evident: her left ear has a line that looks like a vein, and the dress' line patterns are not exact in their paint, but I find both of these noticeable only upon close examination, and not from a normal marvelling distance.

The base was a bit troublesome, because I could never get its peg to go all the way into the foot's detent, and you can probably see this in the 2nd and 3rd pictures. It felt like the peg was too big for the detent, and I gave up on an exact fit (a decision that I would regret making later on). I regardless like its appearance, a combination of black and a gold-colored label.

For some reason, the necklace's carrot had a plastic sheath around it, and it was a tense experience to remove the plastic without damaging the carrot or the string; I ended up making slight cuts at it with a pair of scissors and wiggling it away with my fingers.


As you can see, there is a rabbit that can be placed on Tewi's head. While it was designed to fit on her head, this fit is not exact, and the rabbit fell off a few times; to date it always lists to the right.

Unfortunately, due to the base and Tewi not fitting securely, she flew off and landed on the top shelf of the Detolf to which I was transporting her. This led to me frantically examining both her face and the glass shelf for damage, but nothing was evident. I probably should have taken the rabbit off of her head before the move.

No matter the above issues, I love this figure many times over. It's a great combination of quality, appearance, and price, and it's Tewi, one of my favorite Touhou characters. She rightfully gets the prime viewing spot, front and center on the top shelf of my display cabinet.

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I never got the time to play the games over the past years. However, I did grow up with the videos and the songs. And even if you weren't a hardcore fan, you can tell which character is which. The Inabas were my favorite Touhou characters. Can't go wrong with the cute rabbit ears! I still regret accidently deleting my Reisen MMD model that is sentimental to me.
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Good on you for doing the review on a Touhou Figure.
I enjoyed reading it, short and to the point.
I liked how you elaborated about this figure's detailing, such as Tewi's curly hair.
3 månader sedan
She looks adorable omg!! This is a really nice review. Keep it up!
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