Kommentarer MFC Item ID reaching 1 million soon

  • 3 månader sedan
    Here's item #666 for those bored ones. (ITEM #666)

    "Tsuki-Board's most evil entry. None will surpass it."
    3 månader sedan
    I'm gonna bet that it's gonna be either a clear file or a doujin book.
    3 månader sedan
    It'll very probably be a random good. :p
    Indeed, I had a look for fun at past entry milestones, and as it turns out:

    - ITEM #100000 is a Carnival Phantasm badge,
    - ITEM #200000 is a Tokimeki Memorial 2 telephone card (I was the one who added it back then. And fittingly for the entry number, that teleka was released in year 2000! :D)
    - ITEM #300000 is a Tokimeki Memorial 4 mobile cleaner (also an entry I added back then)
    - ITEM #400000 is an Haikyuu rubber strap,
    - ITEM #500000 is a Han Solo figure from Star Wars: the Force Awakens,
    - ITEM #600000 is a Sailor Moon illustration card,
    - ITEM #700000 is a Ikemen Kakumei Alice to Koi no Mahou badge (note: never heard of that franchise before!)
    - ITEM #800000 is a Gintama acrylic stand,
    - And ITEM #900000 is a Love Live clear file.

    So out of 9 milestones, only one is a figure! :D
    3 månader sedan
    Itll be a pokemon toy from the early 2000s or a pair of doll socks that come in 10 colours.
    3 månader sedan
    It'll be one of the thousand Pokemon toys listed that day.
    3 månader sedan
    Saber, probably...
    3 månader sedan
    murialita3 månader sedan#79044811It'll be a Myethos figure that gets deleted for the 1,000th time. Or a plain old purse that claims to be something some obscure character used.If I were a betting man I would bet you are correct!
    3 månader sedan
    It's crazy we have so much in the DB but also at the same time there's so many items missing.
    3 månader sedan
    That's a lot of items =D
    Gonna watch out for this.
    3 månader sedan
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