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・。*∘˚✽ HI THERE! ✽˚∘*・
Well… this is the last custom of the series I like to call: „Little procrastinating me should be learning fiscal law right now…and clearly isn‘t.“
Got inspired by a custom nendo deity on instagram who made a stunning humanoid Umbreon (✪‸✪)˚∘˚∘*・ I loved the idea of anthropomorphising one‘s favourite little monster. So I set my mind on my childhood plush companion: Gatomon

As for what I used:

Faceplate: Nekomasu (ITEM #713425)
Cause it has little fangs gaaahhh (♥ヮ♥)
Hair and Hairbows: Libeccio (ITEM #396832)
Body: Nendoroid More Dress Up Bunny White (ITEM #841825)
I was looking for a body with mostly white clothes and took this one cause I already had it. It proved to be a good choice cause the whole left after removing the bunny tail was perfect for adding Gatomons. Also this bunny suit is perfect for adding laces. And I LOVE laces :3
Paws: Nakajima Atsushi (ITEM #639492)
Whistle: Riko (ITEM #740099)
Thought it would be cute if Gatomon would be wearing Karis whistle :3

Honestly, she’s the Nendo I had most fun working on so far :3 Probably because there was no pressure to make her look like the original. That ship had already sailed when I decided to turn her into a human^^

I struggled the most with painting the joints of her hair, since the paint got scraped off as soon as I moved them. White hair to begin with would have been better I guess. But the bows do a fantastic job at hiding the messy joints ;) So I painted them in the pattern of her tail and let them join the party.

The parts I love the most are her cute little paws (who doesn’t worship paws) and those fabulous creepy eyes.
And obviously her laces… cause they‘re laces.

Let’s get to the latest addition to my Nendosquad shall we:






Since I guess (and hope for the sake of my university studies) that it’ll be a while before I do another custom and I wanna at least try to learn from my past mistakes: Here are some tips to future me (and anyone who is enough of a lunatic to take tips from me):
• The paint gets a tad darker after drying. Ergo: Mix till you think you got the right colour and then make it a liiittle bit brighter.
• Take your time when sculpting… and maybe try epoxy/apoxy sculpt (whatever that might be) instead of clay. Clay shrinks.
• Don’t, and I mean DON’T touch it until the paint is completely dry!!! I always end up touching it ಥ_ಥ

Hope you found it somewhat interessting, amusing… whatever suits you best :3

・。*∘˚✽ Have a nice day! ✽˚∘*・
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Which little monster would you turn into a humanoid Nendo?

17%Blue-Eyes White Dragon
2%Stardust Dragon
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Snape2 månader sedan#78579884this is so cool! theres actually a character in a webcomic i really like thats just a gatomon in a dress so i will pretend this is that character hehe ^o^Hahaha sure why not XD
And thank you! ;) ♥
2 månader sedan
this is so cool! theres actually a character in a webcomic i really like thats just a gatomon in a dress so i will pretend this is that character hehe ^o^
2 månader sedan
JosukeWasHere2 månader sedan#78561568She looks super cute!! Love the idea and the execution is so clean. Incredible job!Awww thank youu so much! (✪‸✪)˚∘˚*・
2 månader sedan
She looks super cute!! Love the idea and the execution is so clean. Incredible job!
2 månader sedan
lesser-robot-cat2 månader sedan#78519146She looks incredible! The little tail is so perfect! Even without being told who she was, I would instantly know she's Gatomon. (My favorite digimon as a kid, too - I still have my Gatomon plush.)Aww thanks! :D Glad you would have recognised the cute little troublemaker ♥
Oooh damn I'm jealous. I lost mine ಥ_ಥ Still hurts...
2 månader sedan
Amy272 månader sedan#78519075I love this! It's such a good idea! She's beautiful! You did a great job!Awww thank youuu ༼ ✪‸✪ ༽
2 månader sedan
galablue2 månader sedan#78519070oh this is so super cute. i love it so much. great job, i hope i see more of these in the future!Awww thank you!! I think she's me first actually cute Nendo :3 The others are more on the psychopathic side^^
2 månader sedan
dead-wolfwood2 månader sedan#78519093She's so precious, you did an amazing job!!Thank you soo much! (✪‸✪)˚∘˚*・
2 månader sedan
darkroseblast2 månader sedan#78519112The colors are so on point. You did such a good job. I love her claws and tail.Thank youuu my fellow custom nendo enthusiast! ♥ Really appreciate it :3
2 månader sedan
LittlePisces2 månader sedan#78519117This is amazing and adorable! The re-painted eyes look perfect and aligned. I would be pleased to see more stuff like this. I voted for a Vulpix one.
Artwork by DAV-19
Awww thank you so much! (ˆ◡ˆ)・✲゚*。
Oh WOOW they look adorable (✪∘✪) The hair... wouldn't have thought of that. It fits perfectly!
2 månader sedan
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