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Good morning everyone!!

So, after my April box taking so long (BLOG #45612), my May box was here in a matter of days after! I was so excited to have some loot so close together, I barely could even register that I had so much stuff at once ... and yes, I received a figure as well (more about that tomorrow probably!). I'm trying to space out opening everything because it's just so nice getting stuff, like little gifts to myself during this stressful time.

The box was wrapped nicely inside but was a bit damaged on the outside (first time this has happened). I bet this is because the shipping issues. Anyhow, all of the items inside were still in mint condition, so I was happy!


This month's SoKawaii theme was "Cozy at Home", which is perfect for what's going on right now!


Hehe, what a cute theme! Turning a pandemic into a little bit of cute ... thank you!

As always, I try to find these items in the database, but am not always successful. If you find one, link it for me in the comments!


"Sanrio Sleepy Plushies"
Sanrio friends are invited for a sleepover! This adorable Sanrio Sleepy Series plush will make a perfect addition to your home! Made out of super soft mochi feel fabric with embroidered details, a cute pajama outfit and a sleepy expression. 8 characters available at random.

Out of the 8 available characters, I got PomPomPurin! Okay, guys, before getting this box I had never even really heard of him ... but he is growing on me so much. This was not really one of the characters I wanted, but when I saw him I immediately fell in love.


This plushie is soooo cute and soooo soft. I love how he looks when he is both sitting up and laying down. I just keep wanting to squish him, and I love the blue pajamas. I can't wait to display him on my shelf (I think I'm going to display him laying down). But shhh ... don't wake him!


"Pokemon Tower Stand"
Keep your room organized with this cute Pokemon Tower Stand! This is a must-have for all of the kawaii item collectors! With an adorable Pikachu & Eevee design printed on, it's perfect for holding all of your stationary or small items like cosmetics and accessories. 2 designs available at random.

Out of the 2 designs available, I received the pink candy design. The box is incredibly sturdy and has a lot of good product shots on it.


I didn't even think about it, but this stand would be great for holding makeup brushes, lipgloss, and more! I think I'll put pencils in it, especially my MHA Dr. Grips that my best friend brought me from Japan. I need to go clean my desk so this has a sparkly place on it!


Both sides are different. I love how Pikachu and Eevee are just chillin like friends together.


"Rilakkuma Pillow Cover"
Snuggle up with this cute Rilakkuma pillow cover! This super soft pillow cover is the perfect accessory to make your room cuter than ever! Sleep tight with Rilakkuma and wake up feeling refreshed from a relaxing night's sleep. Sweet dreams!


HM, okay. This pillow cover ... first off, it is not soft. It is made out of more like a towel material. Also, it is open on both sides, so I guess it's a "cover" rather than a "case". It's pretty large so my mom's idea that it's a travel pillow cover went out the window. I think I might bring this with me if I'm in a hotel or something so I can have my own clean pillow case easily ... but honestly, not soft! The design is cute though and it matches the blanket I received last week. It is my least favorite item out of the box, but that's saying something as the rest of the items are out of the park.


"Hamtaro Hugcot Cable Accessories Mini Figure"
ITEM #987692
300 YEN
Your favorite Ham-Ham family is back with cute gachapon mini figures series to protect your phone cable! Those little hamsters sliding on the cables are definitely one of the cutest things we've seen! 5 mini figures available at random.

HAM-HA! You guys, I got Boss! I was so excited when I opened up the gachapon and saw that Boss was in there. When I was little, I used to watch this show with my brother. We even had 3 hamsters named Hamtaro, Box, and Oxnard! My mom saw it and thought it was just so cute, so I went ahead and put it on her cable in the kitchen so she has an easy time finding it when it's all messed up with the keys. This hamster is definitely going on a big adventure!


"Animal Crossing Spiral Notebook"
It wouldn't be proper "Cozy at home" time without Animal Crossing! We managed to include an official Nintendo licensed stationary item from the hit franchise of the moment! You'll recognize the iconic patterns from the game printed on this lovely spiral bound notebook.

I think, like everyone, I am playing Animal Crossing like crazy. I spent 7 years playing my New Leaf save and I played religiously on the GameCube. This game was here for me when I was depressed as a teenager (and yes, my favorite villager has arrived in my New Horizons town!). I was so excited when I saw this notebook on the top of my box -- what an amazing surprise!


Left and right pages include different characters. I can't wait to use this.


The back of this notebook makes me super nostalgic though -- I miss gyroids in the game!

This was a great box, probably my favorite so far. Between the Hamtaro item and the cute plushie I was already happy, but then you add in that amazing notebook and it was just out of the park! I had seen the notebook around but didn't think I would ever have one of my own.

Hope you guys are having a safe and healthy time at home! Until next time~ ☆*ヾ(-∀・*)*+☆
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That pillow cover, hrmm, maybe it's supposed to be for couch pillows that you put in your back?

And oh man that cord Ham-Ham...so cute. <3

Anyway, thank you for covering the contents of these boxes! :)
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Cloudberry6 månader sedan#78415365And that pillow cover tho, yikes.

The tower stand is actually so super useful. I've gone ahead and placed it on my desk and not only does it look cute, but it's also incredibly functional -- way more than I thought it would be.

And yes, the pillow cover is disastrous. I like how they say it's super soft -- IT IS NOT. Using it as a towel might work but I wonder if the material would be OK to do that. Honestly, in a year or so, I could see losing this item to the universe AKA the trash bin. Only thing I could think of using it for would be for travel to make sure you had something clean, but you're right, I think it would just irritate me. Honestly, thought at first if I put it inside out it would be "soft", but nope -- totally wrong!
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That plush is toooo fricking cute!!

And I actually like the standing but diagonal organizer design for the Pikachu/Eevee tower. I think it's a pretty smart and efficient design that I would expect something I would see at Ikea...

And that pillow cover tho, yikes. I saw the pic and I was thinking no way that thing is soft ._. It looks super rough and I'd imagine your skin breaking out due to the irritation it can cause if you're a stomach/side sleeper... Maybe use it as a dedicated hair towel instead?
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Pompompurin is my favorite Sanrio character! That plush is so cute.
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So many good items in this months box! Honestly one of the best boxes you've reviewed yet. Keep up the good reviews, you really are a gem on this site <3
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SebastianLover6 månader sedan#78267346I don't know if it's just me, but Tom Nook seems like such a capitalistic schemer, like you're paying him to get a chance to just give him location data for his travel business to expand even further. Or maybe this is just insane headcanon lol.

It's totally not just you lol. I think everyone thinks Nook is pretty crazy. Also he's had this progression from shop owner to real estate tycoon over the course of the games. If you're bored, give this fanfic a read ... it perfectly theorized what kind of game New Leaf would be (minus the horror elements), and it's funny having read it knowing what we're doing in New Horizons. One day you should let me come and visit you!! I'll bring you a flower hybrid or two x)
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The PomPom plushie is so cute! He's a perfect sleepy quarantine buddy.<3

I have a friend who would be so jealous of that Animal Crossing notebook. I started New Horizons back in April, and it's actually my first AC game. I never thought I'd like it, but it's pretty zen, well except for that Bunny Day event. I don't know if it's just me, but Tom Nook seems like such a capitalistic schemer, like you're paying him to get a chance to just give him location data for his travel business to expand even further. Or maybe this is just insane headcanon lol.
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Nefere6 månader sedan#78264718I've checked all stuff and only Boss cable hugger is in MFC - ITEM #987692

Thanks for finding the item, I'm going to go ahead and put it up. I probably should start adding the Plushies I get onto MFC but I know very little about them since, well, I didn't actually purchase them.

And yes! In these boxes before I have also gotten Eevee items such as a pen and stickers, and they all have the "Eievui" name ... it's such a silly Japanese name but I kind of love it! I didn't really realize she is one of the most popular pokemon out there until I started looking at pokemon merch.
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Cute stuff as always! Thanks for sharing!

Eevee's name on the tower stand seems to be written like 'Eievui'? It's interesting to see Japanese names written in Latin letters like that. The stand is super cute! I think it's the best item you got!

I've checked all stuff and only Boss cable hugger is in MFC - ITEM #987692
6 månader sedan
That Hamtaro cable accessory is so cute! It would be adorable to have the whole set climbing up a single cable. *^*

Thanks for sharing your loot with us again!
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