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Sorry if this is a repetitive question, but why doesn't this site allow figures based on Chinese property? Same goes with other countries, why is this site Japanese figures only?
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Because it’s a Japanese figure site. End of story. There’s no more reason to clog it up with Chinese randomness than there is to add Pops.
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I adore original Japanese printed materials (manga, art books, guide books, mooks, etc.).
But I dare say, I like a Chinese company producing figurines and scale figures from popularings anime. Of course, I would like this company to be here, but it's okay that it is not there. Me and so everything suits here;))
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I feel like this is akin to going into an American muscle car forum and asking why I can't talk about Toyotas. They're cars too, this is a car forum, basically the same thing.

I see no issue with where the line has been drawn, nothing wrong with having a Japanese figure database. I don't think the owner should be demonised or have to explain him/herself for sticking to the original design intent.

That said, I wouldn't be opposed to letting people add Myethos figures to their collection count in some way (not to the database, and only viewable from the individual's profile page) since it would make 80% of the complaints disappear.
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No thanks, we dont want MFC to be spammed with GIJOEs, Jedis, TMNT, Hotwheels and Barbies etc.
Also, including figures from all over the world would be ridiculous. Who is going to verify all the details, releases, authenticity etc?

Allowing Chinese figures would open up a Pandora's box with a flood of "items", both legit and bootlegs, verification of which would be nigh impossible.

Then there are those Korean anime figures, whose info is extremely scarce.

BUT, imho, I think that if a figure is available on AmiAmi, then it should be here.
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This might be an unpopular opinion, but I like MFC's exclusive focus on Japanese-based/mfged figures. For gaming-related figures, I highly recommend VGC2 : vgc2.com
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Moeromoero Chinese Dress Hunter
Because MFC is a dedicate community to Japanese ACG hobby so
the items must be Japanese based or manufactured by Japanese companies.
We love Japanese ACG that's why we are here.
We don't want to have many counterfeits/copyright violated stuffs here. Otherwise, database would be messy.
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SebastianLover5 månader sedan#77722283Is there a source for this?

Honestly, I remember reading this in passing in one of the hundreds of discussions here on the subject of adding Chinese figures. There's no way to verify the info because, strictly speaking, most of the legit companies were only started in the past decade, and I'm talking about counterfeiting going back to the 00s and 90s. Myethos, for instance, started in 2013, but there's no way you START with quality like that without a lot of experience before hand.

I have also heard more specifically Max Factory was making unlicensed/counterfeits in its early years, and they were founded in 1987! Again I don't remember which discussion I read that from, nor legit sources to back that up, it's such a small industry that any of that info is probably easy to wipe from the internet. Anywhere this kind of info might still exist is likely Japanese or Chinese sources. The only info online regarding the subject is about identifying counterfeits, not where or whom they come from (nebulous China is about it).

I legit think it'd be a great topic for someone to research, but getting that info and verifying it would be very challenging. Anyone that started counterfeiting and went legit would work against you to hide that past, and any current counterfeiters might threaten your life to protect their illegal operation.
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rogue_g5 månader sedan#77721021
Some of the legit Chinese manu's that produce amazingly detailed stuff started out manufacturing counterfeits.

Is there a source for this?
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It’s important to remember that at the time if MFC’s creation, collecting anime figures was really niche. Not like today where it’s... kinda niche. So the idea was this site was to be based for only Japanese figures and not Marvel or Star Wars or whatever McFarlane was doing. No one would have predicted that figure companies would start marketing to the west or taking in so many western licenses or that Chinese companies would start making things that’s weren’t bootlegs or knockoffs.

From my general understanding the site owner went AWOL many years ago and if any of the mods try to ask for rule changes or more guidance they’re pointed back to the “no Chinese, no American, Japan Number One”.

Basically this place started as a place for anime figures which were niche, now they’re not, and the website owner is stubborn
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While it's unknown if the creator of MFC will change the rules for this situation, (it's unlikely since it's been many years) I do like to suggest that you can add a list of figures or any other items you own that aren't allowed in the database on your profile page. I like to use a template made by a friend of mine. Here's an example to give you an idea and the link. BLOG #43476
Any program shall do, but I used GIMP for editing. Which is a free program.
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Second hand waifus deserve a second chance at laifu!

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