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So I've been just collecting figures from series that I know and like enough to want the characters in my room. However, I have stumbled across some lady figures who I'm clueless about, but really like them just for looks alone (a bit shallow, but some designs are soooo neat!).

I've managed to avoid temptation, but I'm caving. I allowed myself to buy them since they're original characters, hence not belonging to anything, and their bases sure are neat!: ITEM #14199 and ITEM #30010

If it weren't for October being scary, this would have been pre ordered: ITEM #78812

If I could find her at an OK price, I'd totally cave and get this lovely lady: ITEM #100 She has a lot of things that attract me: Pink hair, beautiful dress, two different colored eyes, and she's playing a guitar! I don't care if she's from an H game I'll never play! She's just so fantastic!

Finally, I love cat girls. So, of course, I've noticed these gals: ITEM #98882 and ITEM #103161

Has anyone else succumbed to this? If so, please share what you bought! Also let me know if you're starting to cave as well. ;p

EDIT: Caved and got Chua Churam since someone sold her to me at an OK price. I'm terrible!
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i bought kobato and maria, and they are two of my favourites. i highly recommend them. they looks just as great as they do in the pictures. ^.^
oh, and i'm also totally shallow and just buy whatever figures look cute to me, so don't worry about it xD
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I used to stick to series I was familiar with. Then, I just started buying everything I thought looked good which led to a lot of expense. Now I'm trying to be more picky and focusing on, once again, those that I'm familiar with (and that really look good).

Of course this doesn't mean I won't make myself familiar with a series to give myself an excuse to buy something but hey, this is how I rationalize it. ;^__^
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I haven't bought any yet but there are some on my want list that are from sources I'm not familiar with. One is one of my grails(Selvaria Bles).btw the Raquels and the Chua Churam are beautiful!
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Wow.. I thought I was the only one like this. It's a bit reassuring that so many of you feel the same about wanting figures you know little about. Though for the most part I prioritize buying figures of characters that I do know & like (where I've watched/read the anime/manga, played the game, or at least plan to eventually, heh). After that, I go for figures that really stand out to me or have interesting character design, for example: ITEM #13698. Don't know anything about Shining Wind but I think she looks amazing!

I've only recently started collecting (about the past month) so I don't have much yet. But I've already caved and bought Maria without having watched the anime first (though I've been wanting to). I don't regret it at all though, and am now tempted to get Kobato just so I can complete the set properly!

Currently these two are really calling to me as well: ITEM #5681 ITEM #22551
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ENCYCLOPEDIA #17708 What ever he may design that ends up as a figure, I will buy it even if I can't find any info on the source material. Oh, and I got this babe just for the looks -> ITEM #15587

But otherwise I'm in the same situation as Kilani. ^^;
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kilani Sayaka Rank
Hm.. I can say that the companies already release too many awesome figures of characters I love, so I don't have room in my budget or place for other stuff already!
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mintbunny The Geeky Bunny
From the beginning I had no intention of buying only characters I knew. I've always bought on what visually appeals to me. Don't get me wrong, I can tell you where every figure is from, I may either have not seen the anime or maybe don't like the character but like the statue. I just like what looks good.
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I have the same thing...but Sexy Boy Syndrome instead!
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Pretty much, but only to the chara I know =3
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Shinigamiyoko heart reinforce
I succumbed and got Maria and Kobato, though I only watched the first episode of Haganai and have little idea who they both are. They're lovely, even not being familiar with the series~

Also picking up ITEM #61362 mostly because I love that hair ribbon she has and the look in her eyes. I have no idea what kind of girl she is, but she's so cute I couldn't resist!
(Side Note: If I had extra money laying around, I'd pick up Chua Churam too.)
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