Yuzuriha Inori -- Guilty Crown - 1/8 - Good Smile -- REVIEW 33Yuzuriha Inori -- Guilty Crown - 1/8 - Good Smile -- REVIEW 33Review

Import from Japan
HappyakrzHappyakrz6 månader sedan
Blessings to You All in These Troubling Times
These are strange days indeed. Just as I was getting used to my alone time in the house after surgery, the governor of Michigan (as well as a few other states) closed all public and private schools and now I have wife and kids with me in a weird pre-summer break that has no particular end-date. We’re doing our best to stay positive and use this time of social distancing to reconnect as a family, and that feels wonderful. But I watch a little bit of news, and the headlines are pretty traumatic lately. I won’t get on a soapbox – suffice it to say, it’s very frustrating seeing our culture jumping to extreme conclusions and acting impulsively (and extremely selfishly) with very little knowledge of the particulars of this specific outbreak. I completely understand the impulse to have control over SOME aspect of our lives, but we live in an age when we really need to listen attentively, follow guidance implicitly, and more than anything, use some common sense.

I hope that all of you are safe and healthy – especially those of you in Europe and Asia. The artist who created my latest 3D Print project actually lives in northern Italy, and I can’t help but feel a strong connection to this global crisis because of the situation in which he finds himself. Fortunately, he’s staying confident and continuing to create amazing paintings!

We’re all in this together – and I really believe that! This virus doesn’t care about borders or governments. This is about the human race on the planet Earth, and while I don’t want that to sound overly dramatic, I DO want it to inspire us all to pull together a little more, if we can. I’m tired of bureaucrats sending soundbytes out to the ether – I’m more interested in hearing the real-life words and stories of my fellow collectors around the globe.

With that said, please do your best to stay safe and healthy. Wash those hands. Keep that extra space when you’re out and about. You all mean a lot to me!

Back Story
There really isn’t much of a back story to this figure other than I’ve really admired it from the first time I saw it on the MFC site. Something about this figure has stood out for me as a prime example of just how delicate and feminine a figure can be, and when I saw it posted in an ad from a seller that I follow, I jumped on it.

At the time, I didn’t have the funds in my account to pay for the figure, so I wrote the seller, KIMHUAT00, and let him know that if he hadn’t sold it in the next couple of weeks, I’d buy it as soon as I had the funds in hand. He very graciously wrote back and let me know that he would take the ad down and hold the figure for me! Having purchased a figure from him before (Catherine - ITEM #78655), I knew that his quality and care for products was excellent, and this added touch of professional service was really appreciated.

What’s strange is, between the time that I made the purchase and the day that the figure arrived, most of my daily world was shut down because of the virus, and I suddenly found myself wondering about how long the virus might survive on a package going through the mail – this figure was coming from Singapore – not necessarily a hotbed for the virus, but not exactly the psychologically safe zone that would have made me more comfortable. So, I did some research and spoke with my local Postmaster, and here’s what I learned – hopefully, it can help some of you feel a little more comfortable with continuing to order figures by mail – if others have additional input/advice, please feel free to add it to the comments:

• While the virus can survive on cardboard and plastic for up to 24 hours, if the package is being transported by plane at any time, the temperature of the cargo bay (as well as many North American holding facilities) are still at temps that would aid in the demise of the virus.

• Opening shipping containers while wearing gloves and immediately placing it in sealed garbage containers should alleviate any transfer from mail carriers.

• If the item you’ve purchased is factory sealed, while still wearing gloves, wipe down the exterior of the box with a cloth or paper towel sprayed with a bacterial spray (bathroom cleaner), and this should remove any potentially dangerous germs/virus that are still on the box.

I have to admit that I found myself laughing at my own precautions as I sat on the garage floor with what looked like a triage kit, getting ready to open a simple package from overseas. But the concern is real, and I wanted to do the best that I could to protect myself and my family, so I went through my little surgical operation and successfully “birthed” a factory-sealed copy of an amazing figure, and she is oh so lovely!


Good Smile Company
Yuzuriha Inori – Guilty Crown – 1/8 -- ITEM #78618
Sculptor: Iwanaga Sakurako -- ENTRY #8156
Vendor: private MFC seller ($170.00 in March of 2020)

The Box
The box was the first indicator of just how tiny this figure actually is, but it’s a lovely and protective case for the figure within. There are windows on the front, left side, and top which give a decent view of the figure, but honestly, the blister packaging was so dense, it didn’t give a very good glimpse other than to show off some strong colors within.


As you can see, the blister packaging certainly does a good job protecting the small figure.


The Figure
The stand for this figure is a pretty basic clear plastic circle, however, the swash of artsy design and the raised metallic initials “GC” (for Guilty Crown) give the base a little design balance and make is more than just a disk to stand upon. There is a raised platform for Inori’s right foot with an internal metallic peg to aid in stability once assembled.


If I hadn’t been looking inside the blister packaging very carefully, I might have completely missed the thin and delicate plastic “sash” that is supposed to wrap around the figure, giving more of a feel for the movement of the character. It’s very thin, and there really isn’t any instruction as to how it is supposed to be applied to the figure, but by looking at the box carefully, I think that I got it placed in the most suitable position.


Inori actually comes as a single piece. The holes in her right foot match perfectly with the base pegs giving the figure a very solid foundation.


Reviewer's Notes
Overall Sculpt
This is easily the smallest figure in my collection so far, and I am still really impressed with the level of detail that has gone into the sculpt and presentation of the figure. Though there are a couple of areas in which I wish the manufacturer had spent a little more time or attention, my overall impression of the figure is consistent with my initial motivations to purchase her – she’s absolutely gorgeous!

Working from the base up, the single-foot mounting might be daunting for a larger figure, but not for Inori!


Inori’s legs and hips are one of the primary reasons that I fell in love with this figure – the movement is fantastic and the off-balanced stance (as if in mid-stride) is captivating – not to mention that she has fantastic legs in what appear to be some kind of black latex leggings. Yeouch!!


The pattern of orange and yellow “flames” that wrap around Inori’s upper thighs and hips are really intriguing and lovely.


Inori’s bodysuit is there where it needs to be and revealing enough to be sexy without being overly promiscuous. In this particular case, I’m really happy that they created this figure with a realistic bust. Not knowing anything about the character or her origin, this may be completely in keeping with her story and profile, but I find it refreshing to have a figure on my shelf who isn’t literally falling out of her top!

I love the sculpt of her abdomen and rib cage, and the design elements of her bodysuit are really well done at such a small scale.


At the back, Inori’s bum is adorable and well presented with just a peek through the many flapping folds of her costume.


What catches the eye most in this figure is the frenzy of “flame-colored” fabric that peels away from the body in her movement. From the front, I love how they hug her form and enclose her in what feels like a protective circle, while still being a beautiful aesthetic addition to the figure.


From the back, though, I was a little disappointed by the method in which the “swatches” of color were added to the back of the figure – it appears as though there were just pressed in place as the sculptor was adding addition clay elements to the body (or adding elements digitally to a 3D model). This is a very tiny aspect to nit-pick about, but having recently been digitally modeling a similar situation on my own 3D character, I find it a little “sloppy”.


There is a really lovely addition to the figure that I had never noticed before – a large flower on her left hip that matches the color and fire schema of the figure.


Inori’s hands and forearms are very nicely presented in a wrapped sleeve and half-glove, and I really like how feminine the pose of the hands and fingers are as she moves in her stance.


The little white “wrap” that was added to the figure seems a bit like an afterthought, and I’m not 100% sure why the manufacturer felt it was necessary as a separate piece – especially without a more defined manner in which to position it to the body – but overall, I like the look of the white stream through the myriad of colors around it.


Which leaves us with Inori’s head and hair. In comparison with other figures on my shelf, Inori’s hair is much more subtle than many of the figures who are in motion, but I find it refreshing, to be honest. She has a very realistic look about her, and I love her extended pigtails. The sculpting looks really quite good, and although I saw a couple of spots where it looks like either the paint clumped or the sculpt was a little rough, it isn’t noticeable without deep inspection.


The seam at the top of Inori’s head is nice and tight and is pretty well hidden from the typical vantage point of the viewer on the shelf.


For the size of this figure, I have to say that the painting appears to be pretty flawless. While there isn’t a lot of detail on the body to worry about in terms of clean and precise lines, I think that the painting has been done admirably. Where this figure really shines is in the airbrushing that has taken place in the development of the fire/flame motif throughout the costume. The colors chosen and the smoothness of the gradients is really nicely done.


Again, not being familiar with the character, I’m a bit surprised by the pink hair, but find it very appealing in relation to the oranges and reds throughout the rest of the figure. The tiny red hair-ties are a cute addition.


And Inori’s face is just beautiful! I’m not sure at what she’s peering, but I love the presentation of her face and the almost hopeful look that she has on her features. I feel like she’s facing the coronavirus head-on, and while she understands that it’s a serious issue, she knows that we will survive it.


Overall Presentation
Though this is a small figure on my shelf, and I am constantly surprised when I look up to see her amidst the looming height of my other figures, but she still demands attention. If anything, the tiny-ness of her features makes me want to move in closer to see just how detailed she really is, and that’s something that I haven’t experienced yet. She is a beauty in color and movement, and I love how feminine she is in her presentation.

For comparisons, I decided to focus on size and color predominantly.

The first comparison is with Racing Miku – GOOD SMILE Racing - Hatsune Miku - 1/8 - Racing 2010 (Good Smile Company) -- ITEM #42261

Even though both of these figures are classified as 1/8 scale (by the same manufacturer, I might add), you can really see the difference in how scale is handled figure to figure.


The second comparison is with Asuna – Gekijouban Sword Art Online : -Ordinal Scale- - Asuna - 1/7 - Undine Ver. (Emontoys) -- ITEM #604666

In this comparison, not only did I want to show the size difference between Asuna’s 1/7 scale and Inori’s 1/8, but I thought the color combination of the “HOT” and “COLD” figures would be interesting. I absolutely love the look of these two figures side-by-side – even their stance seems similar in many ways.


The third comparison is with 2B – NieR: Automata - YoRHa No. 2 Type B - Regular Edition (Flare, Square Enix) -- ITEM #549472

For me, this comparison is about extremes – in color and scale, these two figures couldn’t be further apart, but I love how they both epitomize feminine strength in my eyes.


Lessons Learned
During these scary times, I think that we need to find as many things that we can continue to do in our daily routines for a consistently healthy state of mind – one of these is the focus on hobbies and friends with whom we share them. I might feel a little nervous about making purchases from all over the world right now, but this outbreak isn’t going to keep me from sharing my love for the medium of the anime figure, nor will it stop me from encouraging you all to keep your faith in human nature and the spirit that comes from all of our collective cultures. I can’t think of a single anime character who wouldn’t face this crisis and dare it to break our spirit! We will overcome this, and with figure’s like Inori on my shelf, I know that every time I look toward my display, I’ll be reminded of what is the best about all of us.

Stay safe. Stay healthy. And continue to share the love in any appropriate way that you can manage!

As always, please feel free to reach out with questions or comments! I love hearing from you all!

Until next time!
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I wish she was a bigger scale. She looks amazing though. Very nice review.
6 månader sedan
Nice review! I liked how you chose ITEM #42261 as a comparison, as they share the same illustrator :)
6 månader sedan
It's always nice to see reviews of older figures on here.

I've always kind of "admired this figure from afar". I really like the design, particularly her very distinctive orange outfit, but I don't know the source/character and so I've never added this figure to my collection.

I never noticed how small this figure was until now; she definitely looks more like a large 1/9 scale.
6 månader sedan
Ah, this figures brings back memories... The anime, Guilty Crown, had fantastic music, art, and potentially a great story but the characters in that anime are horrible. It had so much potential but the anime just fell apart...

Despite my bitter memories about Guilty Crown, Inori is still the one character that still lingers around in my memories. She's actually an singer in a fictional band that takes place during a post-apocalyptic but futuristic world. Here's one famous song that her character sings, shown below under the spoiler tag (and while the song is it's for a different anime, it's still a very "Inori" song.
View spoilerHide spoiler

Inori's outfit is very suiting for a idol singer — elegant, whimsical, and sexy without showing too much skin. Her fiery orange and red ribbons is very hypnotizing and entrancing and it's the one thing that still etched into my memories. It's definitely an attention-stealing outfit and the moment you see it, it'll forever be stuck into your memories.

I really do like how you mention about her face expression with that hopeful look — you sorta nailed it, plot wise, about the anime lol. The sculptors must be happy that you got that instinct feeling about her, especially since you've never seen the anime.

Thanks for the review and glamour shots of Inori!!
6 månader sedan
galablue6 månader sedan#76628180"Inori" in Japanese means "prayer", and this review today has answered mine! What a beacon of light in the dark times we're in right now. I really love her orange paint job on her outfit. Somehow the deep oranges and the light lilac/pink on her hair don't clash. It's great color theory. I also really appreciate the realistic bust, I love figures like this because it's realistic but doesn't go into loli territory.
How did wiping down the box go? I have some stuff waiting from HLJ outside and I told my dad I would allow him to 14 day quarantine it because ... well, I really didn't want my figures and paper theaters sprayed with lysol and wiped down with a wet wipe.

I'm glad that I could offer a ray of sunshine on your day, Gala! This isn't easy, by any means, for anyone out there, and this is a time that we all need to understand that everyone deals with stress and anxiety and panic in their own unique ways. By being patience and conscientious with one another, we can learn about our own defense and coping mechanisms.

In terms of the "wipe down" ... I feel like it was a pretty easy and painless procedure for the box. These days, the printing and manufacture of these types of product boxes has so much plastic involved, that even the clear-coat varnish that is on the thin cardboard wiped clean as if it was a counter-top. I actually used quite a bit of the disinfectant, and it didn't even give the cardboard what I was expecting in a "moisture warp." Wiped it all clean and let it dry and it looked good as right off the shelf.

Who knows if I actually killed anything or prevented any transmittal of the virus, but I feel like the placebo effect of cleaning it as thoroughly as possible was a positive exercise. :)
6 månader sedan
Kelda6 månader sedan#76628556I really love this figure... I always wanted this figure for years and when I started collecting last year she was one of my first purchases.
And yes she is a little small, but damn she is so beautiful and the colours...
Even with her size she is one of my favorite figures :)

Mine too! :)
6 månader sedan
I really love this figure... I always wanted this figure for years and when I started collecting last year she was one of my first purchases.
And yes she is a little small, but damn she is so beautiful and the colours...
Even with her size she is one of my favorite figures :)
6 månader sedan
"Inori" in Japanese means "prayer", and this review today has answered mine! What a beacon of light in the dark times we're in right now. I really love her orange paint job on her outfit. Somehow the deep oranges and the light lilac/pink on her hair don't clash. It's great color theory. I also really appreciate the realistic bust, I love figures like this because it's realistic but doesn't go into loli territory.

How did wiping down the box go? I have some stuff waiting from HLJ outside and I told my dad I would allow him to 14 day quarantine it because ... well, I really didn't want my figures and paper theaters sprayed with lysol and wiped down with a wet wipe.
6 månader sedan
Congratulations!! That is a magnificent figure, and it must have felt very nice to finally hunt down this grail :)!

I was quiet surprised by the same scale comparison. It actually feels like this figure was a 1/9, unless the character is smaller.

Great review as well!

(P.S. just checked, and Miku is supposed to be shorter than Inori at 5’2” vs. 5’5”. So yea, wondering if 10 years later, we will see even larger 1/8 scale figures haha.)
6 månader sedan