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With the days getting longer and the weather warming up, I can't help but feel the spring cleaning itch! Although I have been trawling through spaces in the real world looking for things to donate or toss, there's also something about organizing one's virtual space that can be very really relaxing! Tidying up selling lists, deleting the bulk out of the download folder, and making sense of reckless bookmarking are just a few of the ways I've been bringing order to my computer life. But those definitely aren't as fun as tinkering with my MFC profile!

Ever since I discovered the magic of lists, they have been a much beloved tool in keeping my collection catalogue easy to reference and maneuver. I can see how many figures I have vs. dolls, and it's great that I can separate my Re-Ment miniatures from everything else since they clutter up really easily! Another list I like to have is my "Used to Own" one in case I feel a little nostalgic or want to see how much progress I've made since I started on my collection reduction journey. It's a great motivator and a good reminder that even though I liked those things, I have not missed them in the least. :)

How much or how little do you like tinkering with your profiles? Are they there mostly for looks or do you like using them to maximize your organizing? It's fun to see what everyone does with their profile!

Thanks for reading! ♥
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yakushining your Highness
i change my profile a lotttt. i like adding all of my favourite characters/series to my page because it makes me really happy to see them all displayed in an aesthetically pleasing way haha. another upside is that it makes for great conversation when someone sends a FR and we share the same interests!

as for lists, i think they're a great way of staying organized. i had a 'previously owned' list as well but it got to be too much media to add to. i might bring it back and add just the figures that i've sold in the past! as you said, it's a nice way to see how faw you've come in collecting.
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I mean to keep updating my profile, but I keep putting it off. Man, I have seen some pretty sweet profiles on here though. Themes, animations, color pallets, photo extravaganzas. I'm so uncreative... >.<

I'm pretty darn glad that lists are a thing on MFC.

As for e-cleaning, boy can I relate to tidying up bookmarks and emails. Feels so good. But when you don't do maintenance, it piles up into something too scary to tackle, haha!
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I'd say I keep my actual collection simple on my profile. I removed the goods section since I don't have the energy to accurately mark every goods I own. I just have my figures visible.
Mostly I like to use it to display my interests and artwork that I've gotten to make it personal.
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I mainly use lists to organize my virtual space, but it is also aesthetically pleasing for me to see such organization. It somehow keeps my mind calm when everything is laid out simply.

I feel like I could better utilize the lists tool than I currently am. At the moment I only have a 'Dream Figures' list which is for my grails, and an 'Exciting Drafts' list to keep up with figures in the making. I like not having to sift through hundreds of figures/items to find a specific make of a character/item I like.

I just don't want to overdo it with lists, but I think if you have the essential ones it looks really nice, and they can be incredibly helpful!
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Ah, you reminds me that I should re-organize and add stuff to my profile, a task I've been putting off (;꒪ö꒪)

I enjoy using the lists, it's a great reminder to see what I've ordered, owned, and figures I'm really looking forward to see in the future.
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I make my profile so that I like to look at it myself, as I am the one person who visits it frequently. I have all the information I need, and I chose background and banner which are to my liking. That plus a few extra facts for people who stumble upon my profile for whatever reason (go go figure companies, make all those figures listed there).
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MFC's lists were indispensable way back when I was planning out displays...

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Lists are dispensable to me, especially since MFC's grouping is a little wonky (when itemd have multiple origins, etc.) and the tagging is a bit sparse. But I keep my lists today all the time, so there's never much for me to sweep up all at once.
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I like to make sure my profile is aesthetically pleasing and easy to understand. I recently redid my personal preferences list by reducing the number of words and increasing the number of visuals. It's just easier to explain traits via imagery. Thanks to whoever originally did this on their profile! I don't remember who it was, but one of their preferences was definitely a toned/fit body.
Edit: Found out it's JOSINE.

I also keep a collage of my full collection at the very top as a kind of visual overview of myself as a collector. My favorites on MFC are kept up to date, too.

Future improvements include reformatting my holy grail wish list and adding a profile banner. I'm planning on redrawing my figures in my own art style for the latter.

Overall, my main goal for my profile is to create a simple look that succinctly expresses my personal values and interests.
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i mostly like to mess with the gifs i have on the side. when i find a character i really like, i like to add them on there -- but sometimes i giveth and sometimes i taketh away hehe. list wise, i only change up my "next purchases" and "preorder" lists, but those are for my own benefit. i like to change up my profile pic too nowadays even though i miss cactus hair nadeshiko. everything else stays pretty much the same.
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