Sequel In the Works: Kirby & Mimikyu's City Adventure 2Sequel In the Works: Kirby & Mimikyu's City Adventure 2Diary

ChocolateSpiderChocolateSpider7 månader sedan
Got some good news! I am suddenly going on a trip back to New York City. Which means I shall be making a sequel photo album to the well received Kirby & Mimikyu's Big City Adventure!


There were many shots I wanted to get when I was there last time, but was not able to get. So I will be trying to get them in our epic return to the big apple. And this time, they will have blue Kirby joining in on the fun. See you all next week for the epic sequel. You see the first photo album below. And feel free to leave suggestions of locations and photos I should take while I am there. :3

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I just read the other blog and wow, that gameboy that survived the Gulf War! That's amazing. I can't wait to see what cool stuff you guys find this time.
7 månader sedan
These photos are awesome, Kirby is the king of the M&M statue of liberty, can't wait to see Blue Kirby!
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Cloudberry7 månader sedan#75891628Yo, I hope you visit the Nintendo World Store. Have a safe trip!

Well it certainly wouldn't be appropriate to bring Kirby and Mimikyu and not go there. I really liked the last visit there. Those were some of my favorite pics in the last photo album.:3
7 månader sedan
Yo, I hope you visit the Nintendo World Store. Have a safe trip!
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galablue7 månader sedan#75884397Yay!!!! I can't wait!! Safe travels <3

You won't be disappointed. Thank you, friend. ;3
7 månader sedan
Yay!!!! I can't wait!! Safe travels <3
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