Most anticipated figure for 2020?Most anticipated figure for 2020?Ask MFC

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Hi my fellow collectors!

There were a lot of amazing figures in 2019, but 2020 is here and we gotta keep our collection growing.

I would like to know, which figure are you the most excited for 2020??? I particularly think about figures that have release date in 2020. You can chose only ONE figure, your absolute favourite for 2020. For now of course, the year has just begun!

My favourite is ITEM #675890
You probably know about this one since the most ordered figure on MFC in the moment. This saber has been announced way back in 2018! And plus, she delayed 5 months! The original release date was in August 2019. I waited for her for so long, and I can't believe she is actually getting released TOMMOROW!
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Ooof, really tough question to answer, as I was really selective with my preorders this year (hoping to save up enough money for a short trip in Japan somewhere in 2021), so I'm excited for all of my 2020 pre-ordered figures.

But after careful thinking, I'd say the winner is ITEM #806135 .
She's just too beautiful. Her price is steep, but if she's faithful to the prototype, she'll be one of my collection's masterpieces.

And, for very honorable mentions:
ITEM #669992 , ITEM #676036 , ITEM #740171 , ITEM #740277 , ITEM #740288 , ITEM #806231 , ITEM #872642 , ITEM #872686 , and ITEM #898939 !
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ITEM #675995 for me. I hope she really does come out next month.
I don't usually get to order figures with such a nice and detailed sculpt, so I'm looking forward to seeing this in person.
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Only one? Ouuu thats hard. I guess for me its ITEM #845763 but there are so many great figures coming in 2020!
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For me it would have to be ITEM #878495, she just looks so amazing.
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At this point it's this one: ITEM #806375 It's an ambitious cast off figure and I'm curious to see how it turns out.
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ITEM #851318 1000%

Of course she will get delayed as ngnl figs do, but shes 2020 for now so it still counts :)
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leostarx6 månader sedan#74318889This definitely: ITEM #604482
My favourite character's scale I've been waiting for since he was still a grey prototype! He's slated to be released on April, but given Alter's record, it's likely to be delayed.... Hopefully he'll still be released in 2020 though!

He will likely come out during Fall. Considering that Arthur has been delayed 2 times.
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This bad boy right here: ITEM #852618

I'm still not sure where I'll display that bike. God, the struggle!
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Since i should ONLY pick ONE, she's my pick based on my (nearest release) order.
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For me, it's definitely this:

ITEM #675835
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