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So we're just about halfway through January and I'm finally getting to post my December haul as the third and final package for December has arrived today. Two of these three packages I paid to get shipped out this month, but all items contained inside them were purchased in December, therefore I'm including them as a part of my haul for December. We'll go in order from the first one that arrived to the last one to arrive.

The first package for this post was my December AmiAmi order, which arrived on New Year's Eve.


The first item I got in this box was Kotobukiya's Fluttershy figure (ITEM #735605). This set continues to be my favorite to add figures of to my collection since they're what got me full on into collecting figures. Very excited for Rarity in April. All in all I think Kotobukiya did a good job on Fluttershy. The only thing I can think that they could have done a bit better is the paint on the ribbons of her shoes. They don't line up exactly with the sculpt everywhere. One of my favorite things about Fluttershy is how the back of her hair is sculpted.

More photos:

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(as a big fan of G1 MLP I still love that the characters' names on the boxes for this set is reminiscent of the G1 logo)

(this photo turned out a bit blurry, sorry)

The next figure included in my December order was ITEM #331751, an original character figure based on an illustration by Mitsumi Misato (who I wasn't really familiar with previously). Her name is Ririka, and she's manufactured by Flare. I only found out about this girl a couple weeks before buying her from AmiAmi. I came across her while browsing figures via release date, and she instantly caught my eye from her thumbnail (I think her hat and eye colors were what drew my attention). Finding out that she was just based on an artwork rather than an anime, book, or game made me immediately add her to my wishlist, and then I saw that AmiAmi had her brand new in stock, despite her being released in January 2017. So, I added her to my order. She's made her way already to being one of my favorite figures. The sculpt, painting, color scheme, she's stunning in every way. She's non-scale, but I'd estimate she's maybe similar in size to a 1/6? Despite the pose she's not too small. As far as I know AmiAmi still have her new so I highly recommend picking her up if she interests you! Should still be on sale, I think?

More photos:

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The third and final figure (though not final item) for my AmiAmi order was this Taito prize Miku (ITEM #810199), who was my first experience buying a pre-owned figure on AmiAmi. She's not only the first Taito Miku figure to enter my collection, but my first Miku figure overall (not including a Miku Funko Pop I no longer own due to the head falling off). Being a prize figure she naturally does have a messier paint job and not the most detailed sculpt, but I love her so much. I can see why people really love Taito's Miku figures and I look forward to getting more in the future (I already have ITEM #912961 ordered). Her base of course does take up a massive amount of space considering how small Miku herself is. For now I'm displaying her on her base but I might have to put the base in storage as I get more figures to save on space.

More photos:

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The final item for my AmiAmi December order is SHOW BY ROCK!! BEST Volume 3 (ITEM #909237). Show By Rock!! was the very first Sanrio franchise/series to be aimed at a different audience from their normal one of young girls and women, being more geared at an older audience. It's originally a mobile rhythm gacha game but also got an anime adaptation as well as several manga, and even stage musicals. I got into it February 2015, and had been very actively playing the game since, though I never spent anything on it. The original game finally ended its run on December 26th, which I admit I got err, very emotional about. Cried for a good 40 minutes after it officially shut down despite knowing it would be for a month beforehand. ANYWAY, it will be getting a new game sometime this year and a new anime has just started, so now is a good time for newbies to get into it! So anyway, I of course pre-ordered the third volume of this series of compilation albums as soon as it went up, though I didn't own the first two yet at the time (I do now, which we'll get to later). Pre-ordering on AmiAmi got me the bonus of a huge Cyan Bromide.

The second package was the smallest of the three, from White Rabbit. Both items were from Mercari.


I found Takara's doll of Puchiko from Di Gi Charat (ITEM #7435) on Mercari, and then had to wait until my next paycheck to get White Rabbit to buy her for me... Thankfully in those days leading up to getting paid, no one else snagged her so she's now mine. Poor girl was sitting in their warehouse for almost a month. But now she's home and can hang out with her sister. If you want to know more about how these dolls are check out my more in depth blog of the Dejiko doll --> BLOG #43295

Didn't take many additional photos sorry!

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The second and final item from this box was Marie Ueda's EP, U.M.E. Someone was selling this signed copy on Mercari and I hadn't gotten around to buying this release of hers yet, so I figured I may as well snag this signed one. Marie Ueda is one of my favorite singer/songwriters, I found her through Show By Rock!! (she's the tie-up artist for the band Shinimonogurui).

Next up is my box from FromJapan, a mix of things from Yahoo Auctions, Rakuten, and Surugaya. This was the box containing the most items.


We'll do the exciting one first. Here's another Koge-Donbo* scale I've managed to get my hands on, Kyosho's coldcast swimsuit Dejiko. This figure is directly based on one of Koge-Donbo*'s artworks of Dejiko. Being a cold cast figure though, she is of course more fragile than PVC figures are, and therefore arrived with a little bit of damage from being shipped overseas (and from not having that great of a blister, it fits really loosely around her). She arrived with three fingers on her right hand having been broken off, in addition to one little bit of hair on her bangs. And some of the pieces that go on her base had their glue become loose over time and were just sort of loose in there. All of this I was pretty much expecting, so I figured I'd be needing to glue some things. So I busted out super glue and fixed all of these issues to the best of my abilities. She was originally glued to the base herself, I believe... the pink floatie she holds looks like it was also meant to be glued on, but I left that loose in case I ever want to photograph her off of her base. Speaking of, all three metal pegs also had their glue came loose. I only put one back in, the one that goes into the foot, since I glued one of the little ball things a bit too forward for the other two to really work.

(very violent photo under here, Dejiko with an arm missing, poor girl)
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I absolutely could not get those broken fingers back on from the angle I had to work with when her arm was still attached, her hair and bell was getting in the way, so I ran her under some hot water to get the glue keeping her arm in the socket loose, and pulled it off. I've grown a bit used to holding my collectibles under hot water in order to dismember them so I can fix them up... have plenty of experience doing this to G1 MLPs. Anyway, after that I was able to glue on the broken fingers. I found the middle/ring fingers to be a lot easier to glue on than the pinkie finger. True hell is gluing a small single pinkie finger back onto a figure, I have discovered that today. Anyway, she's doing much better now and is no longer in pain from missing a limb or fingers! She made a quick recovery and is feeling great now.

Some in box photos:

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Contents in bags:
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Next up is the very first garage kit figure I've added to my collection, B-Club's non-scale Dejiko, Puchiko, and Gema (ITEM #7434). I placed a bid on them since the starting price was cheap, and somehow ended up winning, there were many bids from others leading up to the auction ending but for some reason no one bid higher than me. I didn't even bid that high. I don't yet have any tools to do GKs, or the confidence to paint them well at the moment, so I probably won't be tackling this anytime soon. But it's nice to have them on hand for when I do eventually build and paint them.


The final figure from this box is the prize figure of Shizuku Minase, from Sanrio's little Hello Kitty to Issho project. This was where various artists created their own original character who is a Hello Kitty fan. Shizuku here is created by POP, not really familiar with their other works, but I really want to get all, or at least most, of Sanrio's anime style figures eventually so when I saw her really cheap on Yahoo Auctions I went for her. She's a prize figure manufactured by Eikoh. She is very much a prize figure, and isn't really one of the higher quality ones, and I find the way she leans to be a bit odd. I think she leans way too far forward due to the slope attached to her foot. But despite that, I'm happy to add her to my Sanrio collection. Girl was dirt cheap anyway.

In box photo:
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Here's the only book in this box. A cute, Puchiko-focused Di Gi Charat book titled "Nyu!", by Hina. (rest in peace). All of the kanji in this book is accompanied by furigana, so it seems to be aimed at children. The book and all of the art within is absolutely adorable, but I actually mostly bought this for the bonus CD it contains. One step closer to hopefully owning every Di Gi Charat CD ever released... someday it'll happen if I just keep working toward it, right?


Here they are! The other two volumes of Show By Rock!! Best. Found them really dang cheap on Rakuten. Happy to own all three now! ITEM #452518 and ITEM #452519.


More SB69 CDs, we have ENDLESS!!!!, the single released for the franchise's 5th anniversary (ITEM #921001), and P Show By Rock!!, a single containing a song each by Plasmagica, Shingan Crimsonz, and Criticrista.


Final SB69 CDs here (though not the final SB69 related ones), we have Plasmagica's single "Do Re Mi Fa Party", and Tsurezurenaru Ayatsuri Mugenan's single "Tabiji Yoiyoi Yume Hanabi" (ITEM #306433).


Three more Marie Ueda releases! Kokoro/S/Sa, Taikutsu na Coppélia, and Houmuru Liquid Room.


Final items for the post here, "Hearrhythm" by Karasu wa Masshiro, and "Kimi ga Mata Blouse no Button o Todomeru Made" by BIGMAMA (both bands are also SB69 tie-up artists).

And that's it for everything I added to my collection in December!
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SebastianLover8 månader sedan#73985366Isn't that Ririka beautiful? She looks so tranquil, even in her box. I came across her on reddit one day and managed to get her from someone here.

She really is! Congrats on managing to get her as well!
8 månader sedan
Isn't that Ririka beautiful? She looks so tranquil, even in her box. I came across her on reddit one day and managed to get her from someone here.
8 månader sedan
It's good to know you were able to restore that Dejiko figure to (almost) good as new.

Nice loot!
8 månader sedan
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