A few lower quality figures or one nice higher quality figure?A few lower quality figures or one nice higher quality figure?Ask MFC

YaBoyArmenYaBoyArmen8 månader sedan
Hi, so my birthday is coming up soon in about a month and I'm not sure if I should get like 3-4 one piece banpresto figures or get the zero two 1/7 scale from Kotobikuya? Not too sure where to go with this one to be honest lol.

Thanks :)
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Thanks for all the helpful comments! This is a really late response, been busy with stuff. Appreciate the birthday wishes and the advice! :)
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Happy early birthday. You may be able to find eBay auction for some Prize figures for cheap. Good thing about prize figures is that they don’t have be put in the display cabinet. I would get some good prize figures, but definitely not more than scale.
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I'd say it depends on two things: the character and mostly what you prioritize between quality and quantity. As some said before me, each side has its pros and cons. Just know that some prize figures "transcend their nature" by being close to scales quality-wise.
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My only advice just buy what you really want . Don’t complete the list of figures . Buy only what you really love . Don’t fill your room with figures .
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Think about which character you feel the most strongly for - and where you'll put it/them. Because of limited space, I prefer to have one nice figure over three or four just-okay ones, especially if it's of the same character.
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Elise_Grimwald Genius Puppeteer
Go for the scale. The prize figures are unlikely to go up in price, and you can easily buy them later on. The scale might go up in price, and you may not be able to buy it later on because it goes up so much (I've seen it happen where a scale goes from $100 to $250). You may not be getting as many figures, but you'd be getting one nice one. :)
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skylinedo BANNED
I'm very likely to buy prize figures if I can inspect them. Being on the internet or in-person. users.v4.php?mo... My SAO ones are my favs bc their sculpts are even better than some of my disappointing scales. They came wrapped in plastic bags inside thin cardboard boxes for less than 20 bucks each
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If could pick 20 prize figures and 1 scale, I would ALWAYS go for a scale.

My life is basicly quality over quantity, always ;)
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Cheaper but more
Pros: more space filled, more variety
Cons: less quality (paint job finish, seamlines, etc)
Some prize figures actually look pretty good and don’t have as many quality issues as one would expect. I have some cheaper figures but they don’t look bad at all.
Expensive but high quality
Pros: they tend to look better because the artists take more time to perfect each piece, tend to have more variation in poses, less space occupied (if you’re running out of showcase space... though I feel the boxes take up the space the figures don’t lol)
Cons: less number of figures can be bought for same price, you might be more stressed about damaging them
I love my expensive figures the most because they look so artistic. The detailing is crazy.
But in the end I love all my figures because I chose them carefully. So you should consider your pros and cons and make a decision that will maximize your happiness for the amount of money you’re spending :)
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Cheaper figures all the way for me.

Prize figures can look really nice, especially these past few years. I also like bigger figures, something like 1/8 is just too small for me and prize figures are pretty big for the price. Plus, if I accidentally break it or something I don't feel as bad as I would with a 100€+ figure.
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