What scale is a nendoroid doll with head?What scale is a nendoroid doll with head?Ask MFC

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Trying to get a doll house for my doll. Need to know the proper scale for it.
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nendoroid has no specific scale so it depends on what you want them to look like in the set up

with 1/6 scale they may look like short kids BLOG #14219
with 1/12 scale the items are more proportioned to their bodies but of course the head is gigantic in comparison blog.livedoor.j...
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jumpluff Pegasus Knight
People mix up stuff with 1/12s, because Nendoroids don't follow proper scale. For example people also use Re-ment furniture and props, but it is 1/6, and not all things look good in 1/6 with the Nendoroid. Which makes sense when you think about how on a Nendoroid the head is exaggeratedly big and the body is exaggeratedly small. House I think should be 1/12 but you can't always tell from dimensions whether it'll look natural for the reasons I described.

BLOG #41919 BLOG #29785 (ctrl-f nendo to the bottom, this is about figma) BLOG #30070 BLOG #28716 I also found these old articles by searching, and you could look at the comments too. Also look at what Nendoroid photographers and stuff use, maybe, although many of the more well known ones build their own dioramas.

kixkillradio.co... also maybe take a look through this if you're open to DIY kits
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jumpluff Pegasus Knight
edit: sorry, double posted
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You could try 1/12 scale stuff. That's what people often use for Obitsu11 with Nendo head hybrids, Lati White and Puki Puki dolls that are similar in sizing to Nendoroid Dolls. You should be able to find shops and example photos looking for those other dolls.
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Nendoroids don't really have a correct scale, since the head on them usually amounts for half of the entire size. And they're all the same size, no matter who the character is. Could be a kid and the nendo would still be the size as one for an adult.
They're around 10cm high and for simplicity's sake let's say that the characters they represent have an average height of 1.7 m, so it's roughly a 1/17 scale. I hope that helps.
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