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Hey MFC! Haven’t made a loot post since last decade I’ll see myself to the door so here I am again with another one! I know I said I would try to be a bit more financially responsible last haul. Which I did to a point…. And then my birthday, Black Friday, and Christmas happened.^^; As such, I’ve acquired a decent amount of stuff this time around, so sit back, relax, and enjoy the show!

(I’m also trying something new with the black background as I had it lying around as part of a project I’m doing, so it might make a return in the future or it won’t. We’ll just have to see! ^^)


I decided to opt out of a complete haul shot this time around, as it would’ve been WAY too much of a hassle to put some things back in their boxes and getting every single thing into frame would’ve been a pain in the rear. As such, I’m gonna jump straight into everything!


First off is Mash Kyrielight’s Grand New Year 1/7th scale from Aniplex! (ITEM #645866) I’m really excited to finally own this Mash figure. ;-; This is both my first 1/7 scale and Mash figure, as well as my first time buying a sealed scale figure (All of my previous ones were bought used) and I couldn't ask for a better figure! Beyond that fact that Mash is one of, if not is my most favorite FGO character, this figure is simply gorgeous. The printing on her kimono is beautiful and the sculpting is very detailed around her shield and its decorations. Although Mash had been on my wishlist for a while, I didn’t originally plan on picking her up. Instead I had planned on picking up both ITEM #808445 and ITEM #808447 during TOM’s Super Sale to accure TOM points toward ITEM #604482. But then, as part of their daily deals, they had her at 20% off along with around 60% cash back iirc. With that cash back and price, TOM managed to convince me to order my best girl. And I’m so glad I did. I just wish the way she holds onto her shield was a bit more secure as in ints current state, it can be a bit troublesome to move around.


The other scale I picked up is Koto’s ARTFX J Todoroki! (ITEM #753876) Now, this figure was an impulse purchase above anything else. I had seen the painted prototype and thought it was pretty cool, but he wasn’t a figure I had any plans of picking up. Clearly that’s changed. What can I say? I managed to snag him from an eBay auction for around 60% of his retail price and I had some birthday money leftover. Overall, it’s a very solid figure. I’m a big fan of effects on figures and Todoroki’s flames and ice look great! My only little qualm with the figure is that at certain angles, his face looks a little weird, but that’s just me being a bit picky.


Moving on from scales, here’s the first of 3 new Nendoroids that I got! Re-Class from Kancolle! (ITEM #281356) While I don’t know much about Kancolle as a series, I’m a big fan of their designs and their Nendoroids are just too cute! I especially love the clear blue flames around her eyes and the tongue out faceplate she comes with is adorable!


The next Nendoroid is everyone’s favorite germ killer: White Blood Cell from Cells At Work! (ITEM #740120) Like Mash, WBC was picked up from TOM’s Super Sale for that sweet, sweet, cash back. I haven’t read as much manga lately, but Cells At Work was one that I really enjoyed! I remember finding the first few volumes at my library and immediately falling in love with the series! It’s funny, cute, and educational! I might end up picking up Platelet and Red Blood Cell now but we’ll have to see… ^^;


Last off for my Nendoroids is Ezreal from League of Legends! (ITEM #567291) I got him as a gift from a friend for Christmas. While I haven’t been able to play League as much as I used to for various reasons, I still love the characters and art. Even as an adc main though, I never really played Ezreal. Just couldn’t get the hang of his kit. His Nendoroid is still cute nonetheless!


I’ve got some more plastic kits this time around. Blue Frame (ITEM #47021) was another Christmas gift, but I’m not sure if I’m going to put it together as I already have an MG Blue Frame built. (ITEM #235437) But we’ll see in a few weeks lol. I have put together Mash though which took me about an hour and a half. She’s a bit wobbly even with the base, but she’s got a very good amount of articulation for such a small kit! Picture in the spoiler.
View spoilerHide spoilerhttp://i.imgur.com/cr8Ng14.jpg


I’m in love with these Granblue acrylic stands. I know basically know nothing about the series, but I’m a huge fan of the art style. I won these off an auction on eBay thinking they were like my other acrylic stands - only a few inches tall and boy was I wrong. I haven’t properly measured them, but based on some of my other figures, I’d put them around 8” or so. They’re a lot bigger than I expected, but that makes them even cooler in my opinion.

View spoilerHide spoilerhttp://i.imgur.com/PL3wAGJ.jpg

I’m really excited about these Bandori items! I’ve been a fan of the game for a long time, but I've yet to own any merch from the series until now! I was lucky enough to win them from Sega Catcher Online through my free plays I got through TOM premium. The larger piece is a document holder featuring some of my favorite art for Afterglow! If it wasn’t obvious enough, I’m a big fan of Afterglow lol It’s a pretty decent size and can hold a good amount of papers. The smaller images of Ran and Tsugumi are cushion straps that can connect to each other and they’re flipping adorable. The art is just so lively and colorful ;-;


I also got these Pops too! Dabi and Stain were both New York Comic Con exclusives shared with Hot Topic and Gamestop respectively (Shared meaning that they were available outside of the convention at certain retailers) Deku was an Entertainment Earth exclusive and actually glows in the dark! I don’t have a picture myself as my camera isn’t good enough, so I stole this photo from Reddit

View spoilerHide spoilerhttp://i.redd.it/io41gdvb9pd31.jpg


These came from a blind bag series and while I didn’t get the ones I wanted specifically, Bakugo and Deku work just fine!


These plushies I won from Round One. The absolute unit of a plush is a very squishy cat and the other is what I assume is a seal wearing a duck hoodie. Either way, it’s adorable and I love it. To digress a bit, I won the seal on my first try, but the cat on the other hand wasn’t as easy. I had tried at least a few times when a staff member noticed I was struggling with the plush. He came over and adjusted it so that the plush teetered over the prize chute so I would be able to win it in one more try.


I picked up some more books this time around too! From left to right: Pixiv Girls Collection 2010 (ITEM #43573), Dengeki G’s Magazine from December 2019, Asia Ladowska’s Sketch with Asia, and Kimetsu no Yaiba vol. 1. The Pixiv book I got for pretty cheap off of eBay. It had some damage, but for the price I’m not complaining. G’s Magazine highlights my best girl from Aqours: You. It also came with some nice inclusions in the form of a poster, clear file, and a shitajiki featuring the cover artwork of You. Asia’s book is amazing. Besides the fact that she signed it for me, it’s a really nice book for anyone interested in art. The book highlights Asia’s art journey as well as tips on sketching, coloring hair, and digital and traditional art to name a few things. I’ll share some of my favorite photos in the spoiler along with the G’s Magazine inclusions.

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Pixiv Girls Collection 2010

G’s Magazine

Sketch with Asia

Last but not least is the MASS amount of Kpop stuff I’ve acquired over the last 4 weeks. Since starting my Kpop collection back in June, it’s definitely grown exponentially. ^^; In preparation for a few upcoming concerts I’m attending, I picked up the lightsticks of the respective groups im seeing.


Group lightsticks from left to right: Seventeen, Stray Kids, and WayV (威神V). I’m honestly in love with every single one of these lightsticks. Besides the gorgeous iridescent design of Seventeen’s lightstick, it also has a very nice geometrically textured handle as well as a beautiful diamond in the top dome. Within that diamond are little pieces of diamond shaped confetti! The reason behind all the diamonds is because the fandom name for Seventeen is Carat. As such the lightstick reflects the fandom. Stray Kid’s lightstick features a spinning “compass with no direction” in the middle along with the message “You make Stray Kids Stay” on the bottom of the compass. Stay being the name of the Stray Kids fandom. WayV’s lightstick features the WayV logo and that’s about it lol. The reason I got it though is because while I’m not going to be seeing WayV in concert, I am gonna see SuperM in concert and two of WayV’s members: Lucas and Ten are also members of SuperM.

Now onto all the albums I’ve got and it’s a doozy. There’s just so many of them that I had to take separate photos for them lol.


Albums from left to right: Jinu - Jinu’s Heyday, Stray Kids - Clé: Miroh and Clé: Levanter, Got7 - Eyes on You, JJ Project - Verse 2, Eric Nam - Honestly, Twice - Feel Special, Nu’est - The Table

I’d say my favorite albums from this set would be Jinu’s Heyday, Levanter, and Honestly. My favorite songs being Call Anytime, Levanter and Double Knot, and Don’t Call Me from each album respectively.


Left to right, back to front: Ateez - Treasure Ep. Fin: All to Action, Monsta X - Follow: Find You, Got7 - Call My Name, Kim Dong Han - D-Hours AM 7: 03, Eric Nam - Before We Begin, AB6IX - 6ixense, Ateez - Treasure Ep. 1: All To Zero, Treasure Ep. 2: Zero To One, Treasure Ep. 3: One To All, Seventeen - You Made My Dawn, SuperM - The 1st Mini Album (Mark, Lucas, and Group version), NCT127 - Chain (JP album)

Honestly, it’s hard to pick favorite songs from all these ;-; I haven’t found a single Ateez song that I dislike; I thoroughly enjoy their entire discography. Eric Nam’s Before We Begin is really great too. It’s his first all English album and it’s fantastic, I highly recommend it. Heck, all of these are good albums. If anyone wants Kpop recommendations, I’m more than happy to give some ^^


As a bonus, here’s what my current shelf of shame looks like.


So that’s it for this haul! Hopefully you guys enjoyed reading this as much as I did writing this! These haul posts take a bit of time for me to put together, but I think it’s really fun! I’ll have a few pre-orders coming in these next few months, so I’ll probably post my next haul once those come in!
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I need to make sure to purchase an Aqours lightstick before I see them this year!

I just finished watching the first Season of Demon Slayer recently, really late to the hype, but I enjoyed it! I hope to eventually work my way through the manga too! Cool to see you're interested in it too!

Oh yeah, have fun seeing Aqours!!! Has it been confirmed they’re going to AX this year?

Also, Demon Slayer is one of the few anime's I’ve watched both lately and in it’s entirety. Personally, I had avoided watching it for a while because of all the hype that was built up around it until a coworker told me she was really liking it. So I gave it a shot. And I’d say it lived up to the hype. I feel like it might’ve been overhyped a bit, but I really enjoyed it nonetheless. Inosuke’s ridiculous personality definitely helped with that lol

BHEITHIR8 månader sedan#73496943
I'm late and still hunting Mash here. Lucky you.

Thank you! I wish you the best of luck on your hunt! It’s such a gorgeous figure.
8 månader sedan
I always love Kimono figures and that Mash figure always pops up in my radar. I'm glad you picked her up.

The yearly Pixiv Girl series is always a great artbook and I always recommend it anyone who collects artbooks or need references for drawing.

Awesome haul, thanks for sharing.
8 månader sedan
Great loot you got there! Keep up the good work!
I'm late and still hunting Mash here. Lucky you.
8 månader sedan
Great loot! I love the Granblue acrylic stands (know nothing about the series too) and your Mash scale :)
8 månader sedan
You did an amazing job putting all of this together! Your presentation for everything was wonderful, and I really enjoyed reading through it and seeing all that you got! Mash's scale figure looks absolutely beautiful, I can't get over the floral design on her kimono and the little fine details throughout. Super jealous about the Todoroki ARTFX J figure, and the price you got it at! I haven't browsed eBay in forever, but you can still find some great prices on there if you're lucky!

Those acrylic stands are HUGE, I've only ever seen a few acrylics that rival the size of those but I think they're still smaller? They are BNHA released for a limited time at Jump Shop in Japan, but their price was insane and they didn't ever make Uraraka so I don't have any!

I love the BanG Dream stuff and the lightsticks! I need to make sure to purchase an Aqours lightstick before I see them this year! Such cute illustrations of You in G's Magazine, they always deliver adorable art of the girls, and those clear files of You are great too! It looks like there's some really gorgeous art inside of the "Sketch With Asia" artbook. I just finished watching the first Season of Demon Slayer recently, really late to the hype, but I enjoyed it! I hope to eventually work my way through the manga too! Cool to see you're interested in it too!

Excited to see your next haul, thanks for sharing!!
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OppaFaustusStyle8 månader sedan#73482277Awesome haul! ^u^
If you don’t mind me asking... money wise, how much did it take for you to win the Mamegoma Seal and the kitty plush? o:
I’m going to Round 1 for the first time in a few days, and I’m hoping $50 will be sufficient to win at least a few plushies lol

I believe it was around $2 a play iirc and I won the seal in one try and the cat in 4. 50 should be good enough to win you a few plushies at least (or a lot of you’re really good), but it varies by location. What I’ve heard from a friend is that some Round One’s are harder to win at than others. If you’re also a bit inexperienced with Japanese claw machines, I’d highly recommend checking out YouTube videos of people playing them to learn a few tips and tricks. Kawaii Arcade Masters on Youtube taught me most of what I know lol
8 månader sedan
Awesome haul! ^u^

If you don’t mind me asking... money wise, how much did it take for you to win the Mamegoma Seal and the kitty plush? o:

I’m going to Round 1 for the first time in a few days, and I’m hoping $50 will be sufficient to win at least a few plushies lol
8 månader sedan
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