Do anime series affect you figure collecting hobby?Do anime series affect you figure collecting hobby?Ask MFC

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This article was inspire by this article: BLOG #43986 posted by user "galablue".
I have been thinking about this topic for a while. User who wrote the article generaly asked, did you see the anime series that you liked and then bought the figure, or your figure purchase doesn't get influenced with anime series?

Alot of people commented their opinion, but alot of them weren't very specific so I couldn't tell what their answer actually is. I made this article with poll on the bottom so I can see your summed up oppinions. And I decided to spread this subject a litlle bit with extra questions you can also comment your answer on.

You know that, if one anime is popular, it get's alot of merch. Mostly, our interest is on the figures. You can vote do anime series atually affect your figure choice?

My oppinion:
I am extreamly picky with figures I buy. They must have these elements for me to buy them:
have darker color palet, have a weapon, have a dynamic pose, have an awesome and creative base, be badass.
(Also, are you this picky too?)

If figure isn't in all that categories, I'm not buying it. The exception is my Ultimate Madoka which was the only case when I just couldn't supress my girly side (and she was a gift from my mom).

So, anime series doesn't affect my collection way AT ALL. My favourite series ever on this world is Banana Fish. It has 3 scales and 2 nendos. I love that series to death but I just can't buy the figure bc it's not my taste... I would love to have the 2 nendos but as I said, I am focusing my money on my real figure asthethic. So you see that love for my favourite series is torturing me to buy the figures, but I am suppresing it (quite hardly but I am doing it bc I am still a student and I have funds for only 2 - 3 scales per year. I am collection only scales bdw. I am a person of quality, not quantity).

When I buy a figure, I never bother watching the series. Actually, all figures that I have (and are ordered or on my wish list), I never watched their series. None of figures I have/want, I have watched the series XD. I will one day for oanes from action animes. Madoka is from a very colerfull, happy and girly anime (the anime clip I watched loked like it's a girly anime, I never read the real summary so don't attck me in the comments pls XD) so I supose she will stay "un watched" but I will cover the other ones.

What do you guys think?
And bdw, don't forget to read the original article linke on the top!
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Do anime series affect your figure buying choice?

38%Yes, if I like the series, I just MUST HAVE the figure of a character I love!
38%Sometimes yes, but sometimes no.
7%If find a figure I like, I just must watch the series!
17%I like a figure, I buy it. The series doesn't matter
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I'm really picky with figures as well, and i need to be since i have limited space in my room so i can only display the figures i REALLY like. With that said, I only buy figures of characters i like. If a fugure of an unknown character catches my eye, then I'll find the source material, check it out and if i come to like the character, then I'll go for it. For the most part though, i only buy from my fave animes
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SkaylerOtakuCat9 månader sedan#69041791That's just my first sight judgement from the clip I have seen XD
Few colorfull dressed girls with migic powers XD
Wait, you saying it isn't???

The whole point of Madoka is that it's supposed to surprise you by being something you didn't expect. But let's just say that it's about cute magical girls in the same way that Evangelion is about a bunch of friends having fun saving the world with their mech suits. You should give it a try.

As for series, I think I'm pretty average in that, for example, ENTRY #101 is one of my favorite series, so I have most of the figures. If I love the character, then I'll try to get a figure if it exists and I like it enough.There's some leeway though. ITEM #53496 is an okay figure but I adore Miles Edgeworth, so I like the figure a lot. Meanwhile, I liked Fate/Extra: Last Encore well enough but fell in love with ITEM #672734, so I'm really excited for that one. I have a few figures from series I don't follow (ITEM #78813 and ITEM #635116 for example), but their designs really light a fire in me, and at least they're still related to things that I like or used to like (Phantasy Star for the Dreamcast and Madoka Magica). ITEM #501857 is the only character/series I really don't know anything about.

As for aesthetics or whatever, yeah, I won't buy something that's overly sexual or has ugly support poles no matter how much I like the character. But, in terms of color palettes, I prefer to group matching figures together rather than limit myself outright. ITEM #675990 and ITEM #501857 don't match at all, but Akutagawa will look great on a shelf with figures like ITEM #591336, and Shiki will look amazing on a shelf like LIST #118144.
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I only have figures from 4 different series lol. They're all special to me in some way

But those aren't the only series that I would say I love. I just don't feel the need to buy figures/merch from every series that moves me. For example, I love Your Lie in April but I've really never considered getting figures from it. Same with Samurai Champloo, Vinland Saga... I would totally get Silver Spoon figures if they existed...

Even with One Piece - which is my one true love - I don't collect every single character. I would go bankrupt doing that. I only get characters that I really like. And there are still some characters I don't have figures of that I really want (It's a crime that I don't have a Robin figure yet as she's my second favorite character and Megahouse really needs to make a Buggy PoP)

So basically I only get figures of characters that I really like from series that hold a special place in my heart <3
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Jellygem9 månader sedan#69033518I used to buy figures just cuz I liked how they looked but over the years I grew to like them less and sold/am selling them. Now I only collect figures of characters I absolutely love, I have limited space so it's just what works best for me personally ^^

I have enuigh space but, as you also said, I am buying only figures I apsolutely must have. Not just bc I like them a litlle. That way, I am making a perfect collection where neither figure will be left out I hiden behind bc I don't like it like others
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AlienEmoji9 månader sedan#69035000
'Madoka is from a very colourful, happy and girly anime'oh sweet child

That's just my first sight judgement from the clip I have seen XD
Few colorfull dressed girls with migic powers XD
Wait, you saying it isn't???
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whobdaplaya9 månader sedan#69040941Now, now, don't spoil it for her...
View spoilerHide spoilerSnape kills Dumbledore

XD That's just my first sight judgement from the clip I have seen XD
Wait, you saying it isn't?
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XRaptor79 månader sedan#69040966Where's the "I'll buy a figure if it's a series/character I like and a figure I like" option? These poll choices are pretty unbalanced.

At the first option I said "if I like the series, I just must have the figure of a character I love". The first one goes for both, if you like the figure and if you don't like the figure
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RobotNate9 månader sedan#69041008I would've never bought figures to begin with, if they hadn't been from a series I like. I DO have a standard, but it's loose when it comes to a series I like - However, do I feel the figure is a direct disgrace towards the series, I won't buy it.
I'm talking about figures such as this: ITEM #293356 - I love Death Note, but there is no way in hell I'm paying money for something as stupid and ugly as a Death Note x Playmobil cross over.

I really agree with you. I am also often driven by the series to buy the figure, but if it has flaws I don't like, I'm not buying it. Companies often make bad figures of popular characters just bc they know they will sell eather way. And often put up crazy prices for nothing
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leith9 månader sedan#69041235For me, the series doesn't really affect my decision to buy, on the other hand the design of the character by its illustrator and the implementation by its sculptor matters a lot.
I think it's not uncommon to like the design, for example:
- In visual novel community, there is a lot of people who are attracted to the style of KEY, Nitroplus, etc.
- In manga community, I think CLAMP's design and creation are distinctive and highly sought after
- Among gaming fans and neutrals alike, characters illustrated by Tetsuya Nomura, Tony Taka, etc are gold
For your second question I'm drawn toward JRPG looks, fantasy themed, or mecha girl, specifically elaborate bases and awesome weapons always win me over ^^
Off topic:
"have darker color palet, have a weapon, have a dynamic pose, have an awesome and creative base, be badass."
Ater reading that I can't help but thinking about ITEM#117498 XD

Oh, so you like something fantasy themed and mecha? That's totaly oppisite of me XD I like more "modern" or futuristic look. And I also love "mecha" themed if you think about creative armors or something similar.
And yeah, the figure you sugested ITEM #117498]ITEM#117498 I have her on my wishlist! But, it's a litlle "over floated" for me. I like something with more "elegant look" and with figure in the main plan. I think that figure has parts that distract from the figure's body really to much. That's why I am not really sure do I want to buy her
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I have my specific rules as well but quite loose compared to yours.
I must like the character's personality, not just their looks for starters.
(as an extension, I won't buy a sexy statue unless I'm crazy into it. simply because it'd murder my wallet, and I'd be in a huge debt by now)
It has to be from a series that I do like, if it's from a series I hate I will just not bother even if I like the character. this doesn't matter much probably for the company, but I sleep better at night that I'm not throwing money at it.
Only one fig per character, unless it's an upgrade. (broken this a few times)
Aside that, I prefer action figures over statues because they simply take up too much space. Plus I can pose them however I want, or almost like I want to.
recently, price became a factor unfortunately... that's all I guess
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