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MarshmawoMarshmawo1 år sedan
This might be a bit all over the place so please forgive me orz

so i know a Lot of people have nostalgia when it comes to anime/manga, i see it a lot with pokemon since a lot of people grew up with it and so it was a big part of their childhood (i wish i did orz i feel a bit left out). However, i guess im asking after something a bit different lol

Im wondering, does anyone have very specific nostalgia relating to an animanga where if you watch it or see something of it, it reminds you of a specific day/year/time?

For example, last year i went on holiday with my grandma for the first time in a while. I stayed in my uncle's house while he was away since my grandma lives a few doors down and she didnt have room- while there i got obsessed with Wotakoi. I got into it on the first day of the holiday and finished it on the day i left for home. Now, whenever i see wotakoi it sends me back to a specific night where i started watching wotakoi in a big empty room far from home and felt myself loving every second of it, and when id play the op song in the morning the next day while getting ready.
No matter what i see of Wotakoi , it makes me think of that night and the next morning, its a very comforting, happy feeling even though it was only last year.

like i said above, i know a lot of people have childhood nostalgia with anime, but im wondering if anyone has an anime/manga where it sends you back to a very specific moment? Like an anime that reminds you of when you got your first figure for example?

feel free to ramble, id love to hear everyones nostalgic stories!!
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Chloe-tsundere The louise otaku
Yes however by now I'm unsure if I like those cause they involve my ex husband so yeah.. Bittersweet memories

My white bustier Louise reminds me of a quarrel we had when in the spur of the moment he wanted to make up by buying the white bustier Louise I wanted for a while but couldn't afford.

My very first Louise, school uniform always takes me back to childhood as my first (ex) bf was my childhood friend so yeah bitter sweet memories.. But good ones.

Whenever I see lugia from Pokémon also childhood as I was a big fan of it and pretended to be lugia and sang johto songs

Yugioh Marek. I was a big fan of that later on and me and my friends picked a character and then we ran around a pole it's hard to explain that one XD then pretended to transform into an evil yugioh character xD for me that was Marek
1 år sedan
Yes, I always associate Hunter x Hunter with one holiday trip we took to a remote area a few weeks before exams, i really needed to do study and work but this show was so amazing to me i binge watched all 147? episodes and the movies in that week, it was pretty great.
1 år sedan
Shonen Jump. I grew up in no-where Montana, US with limited computer access and the closest book store that carried Shonen Jump was an hour away. Every time I was able to travel to Missoula MOntana it was an absolute adventure and I would get a glimpse into manga. If I was able to get one (parents allowing) it would be the only source of manga for a couple of months. I'm glad it's still around in some form.
1 år sedan
Darker Than Black Gaiden. Everytime I remember the anime, I remember by the time I finished it, it was morning. I remember the ambience in my room with lights going thru the curtains, and how I feel really sad. Still one of my favorite anime damn pls anyfigure company make something from that series that I can afford ;v;)

Another was Evangelion's OST "The Final Decision We All Must Take". When I fall in love with a song, I'd play it over and over again. It'll be the first thing in my playlist. I was falling in love with this song when I was in an internship when I was still a student. I'd play this everytime I got in a public bus going to my internship place. Hearing this song always makes me feel as if I were the me from years ago, takes me back to the time I sat in the bus, feeling the heat, seeing the road...
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yakushining your Highness
Dragonball Z does that for me! While technically my first anime was Pokemon and I still have strong feelings towards that franchise too, DBZ was the first anime that I watched when I actually knew what it was. I uncovered a VCR at my grandparents' house and Android 18 (ENTRY #2843) caught my attention because she looked really cool on the cover. I remember repeatedly asking my dad what her name was and he kept replying ''18'' which I was so c o n f u s e d by and we ended up arguing for a bit about it because I was convinced he was just being annoying and telling me her age instead of her name XD

Fast forward a few months, and I was already on my way to completing the entire DBZ set on DVD. So yeah, this series really means a lot to me and I owe it all to my Dad for being an anime fan when he was younger :D Honestly speaking, I don't believe I would have gotten into anime as much as I am now and probably wouldn't have found my passion for the art/music in the select series that have my heart now.
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Reading certain manga is very nostalgic for me, I used to walk down to my local Library all the time when I was around 8-12 years old and borrow a heap of manga books, then take them home and read them all. From there I started getting into anime as well, borrowing DVD's from the library and watching anime that people would upload to Youtube back in the day lol... 2008 was a great year for me lol.

Earliest anime I watched were shows like Kirarin Revolution, Naruto, Lucky Star, Evangelion, Ranma 1/2... and I read a lot of manga like Naruto, Ruroni Kenshin, Tenchi Muyo, Ranma, Inuyasha... A lot of it was way too mature for me seeing as I was a small child but hey I enjoyed it then and I enjoy them even moreso now because I can understand all the jokes and implications XD

My memory is pretty hazy with specifics, but it's nice to think back to those early days, and to be able to buy manga and figures to remind me of them!
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I've been an anime nerd for two decades now, so I have a few of these. Funny enough, the biggest one probably is Pokemon. Specifically, the Pokemon Adventure manga.

When I was a kid, there was a short-lived shop in my area called Shoxx Comix. It carried a wide variety of (good quality, often high end) merchandise from Superheroes, Horror, and a big section dedicated to Japanese anime and games. They imported stuff from Japan, and it was really the only place you could actually get this stuff back then in Ohio. eBay had only started to pick up popularity, and not many people shopped online. While Pokemon figures and toys were everywhere, the actual comics were pretty hard to find in my area. Local Borders and Barnes and Noble wouldn't pick up manga for another year or three at that point.

Everything I bought or wanted from that shop still has that specific memory tied to it, but I remember being really excited particularly to find Pokemon comics. I haven't continued reading them post-childhood, so I think they'll always be tied to my sadly brief memories of that very ahead-of-its-time little shop.
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Milady-Alluca Obnoxiously Wordy
Kit-Kats and the School Rumble anime do this for me.
My freshmen year of college, a friend let me use their funimation log in and I watched the entirety of School Rumble at my little dorm room desk and I would eat mini kitkat bars from the school convenience store I got in bulk. It was a very sad yet happy time for me, because I was so stressed and sad from school yet the chocolate and wholesomely adorable and cheerful show gave me a sense of peace.

Thinking of or watching anything with School Rumble, eating a kitkat, or humming the school rumble OP/EDs tend to bring me even if just momentarily to those moments of serenity on weekend nights that I just hung out in my desk chair enjoying my little corner of respite.
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I don't know if this is the type of reply you're looking for, since it's not nostalgia based on a place, but a very strong emotional nostalgia, if that makes sense?

To try to explain in short; there are three franchises that changed the direction of how I grew as a person in the span of the past 4 years, two of which are anime; Macross 7 and JoJo's Bizarre Adventure.
I already wrote about Macross 7 in great length, as for JoJo, Stardust Crusaders specifically, I think the nostalgia is even stronger with that, even though I watched it much more recently.

It was just the series I needed to see at the time, as I was in a slump with my art and I was dissatisfied with everything I drew. When I got into JoJo and looked at Araki's artwork, at his ideas, his approach, his view of colours, his total and absolute lack of shame, it was like an entirely new world of art opened up to me. I'm still riding that wave, and looking back at how it started feels almost magical.
Because this series helped me so much on such a personal level, I can't help but to view the stardust crusaders as friends, and feeling like I was there on that journey with them. Hell, this show made EGYPT a nostalgic place for me, even though I've never been there!
1 år sedan
Ok so this is a bit of a cop out as it is Pokemon (back when it launched in the west).
But very recently at work I saw something, possibly fanart, or maybe something tenuously related that gave me a weird flashback to Red & Blue, back when I was playing them as ROMs and discovering it all for the first time.
I was listening to Utada Hikaru's First Love album on the PC in my dining room, I was 10 years old, and browsing the Pokemon TOMY figures on actionace.com (anyone here from the 90s remember that? Man what a site that was. I discovered DBZ through that too).
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