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Realistic Twists To Figures & Unique Lighting Figures

Disclaimer: aight if you have no interest in reading about my niche figure concept then I’d advise you skip over this. Chances are I won’t articulate my idea properly, but this is the best I can. The sister articles of this are also pure self-indulgence.

Part One: Slice-of-Life Figures and Natural Lighting

Part One.5: Unique Lighting Figures - Shadows
Part Two: Would This Sell?

This was originally simply an article on my personal dream, but now I’m expanding it and it includes points on lighting conditions that could transform figures and bring them closer to real life, plus their depiction in the source material. Covered (in the next two articles) is aesthetic drawn from lighting, color theory drawn from lighting, and more!

Part One:
Virtually all figures in the world have an appeal one way or another. Sculpt, paint job, posing goes far exponentially when it conveys an emotion. I think this could in odd ways; a realistic twist to setting, the disposition of the character, and the lighting.

Figures are one of the high points in our lives, usually. Because they are incarnations of our beloved characters, and are captivating. Not often toned down.

Anyways, figures transcend beautiful for me. They are far more than just material.

Their beauty is other-worldly in their concept.

Usually also in appearance.

For most, the shock after shock figures provide can’t be beaten. The longing is quenched. Every new Alter figure of a Love Live character, then the Hatsune Miku Memorial Dress Ver., then GSC's No Game No Life Jibril Great War Ver. knock socks off. Which is why this idea looks underwhelming. It is actually a bit charming, subtle, and unusual.

What about figures that are doing nothing? No, not truly. An unofficial line, or trend formed by figures with a silent presence is one of my dreams.

View spoilerHide spoilerLiterally the Seinfeld of figures.


Figures that are the characters living realistic lives. Deliberately drawn away from all source material to isolate, creating the sense they are doing something without purpose. (It feels exclusive and special.) But ironically sweetened with features that are indicators of our world. Unexciting poses would be the basis for these, with the importance elsewhere. Those features in existence so far would be:

⁃ Very serene, blank or "relaxed-smile" facial expressions
⁃ An emphasis on environment (base and accessories)
⁃ Casual outfits detailed in sculpt
- Gentle, uninhibited with movement, laid-back poses

A perfect example fitting all of points would be this one: GSC’s Ichigo 1/7 Scale (from Darling in the Franxx)

(Joking, I’m not serious obviously.)

The garage kit and 1/10 scale counterpart of Rin Shima from Yuru Camp on her bike fits: attention to environment, an emotionless expression, and a comfy outfit you’d see a real-life person wearing. Often, anime or any media do not represent winter clothing well; layers are needed, and winter clothing can be casual, functional & stylish. (Usually it’s just an overcoat and scarf.)


This Atago figure from Azur Lane is an unimagineably classy beach figure (I don’t think large, rather exposed breasts equates to sexy here, in my opinion) and her not squishing her boobs together or anything gives her the aura of the average beach-go’er, intending to have a good time and not anything else. Her face is so tranquil, there is a fairly nonchalant pose, and the figure is extravagant in how simple and yet stunning it is. Not to mention her bangs' unique tint of red, alluding to something.

My final example is this figure of Gabriel Tenma White, of Gabriel Dropout, which was never released. Her face conveys nothing, there is no excitement, and a huge emphasis on environment is paid. I could ask for nothing more from this figure that satisfies the conditions. There is a warmth to it, warm lighting. Which brings me to a point that is necessary to this line, and could transform it and many, many other figures.


The concept I have is so basic it is impossible to be recognized as such, if not for a final component. To convey emotion in a remarkable way, what about a form of lighting rarely seen: soft, realistic lighting.

None of the examples, minus Atago (and kind of Gab's figure, which doesn't convey light too well, since the saturated color palette plainly doesn't serve that purpose) fulfilled my taste for such lighting. That is what is needed to transform these figures into a new category. The classification I have for slice-of-life figures is pointless, because it never encounters the lighting I desire. For these figures, soft, realistic lighting, with shading to contour the bone structure of the face and express the tint to skin color, and visible highlights of the hair would be ideal. It would be new and is very possible to paint, in my opinion.

Essentially a reconstruction of the "Casual Clothes" figures, with a new style.

Inspired by the illustrator, “The Magician Of Light From Taiwan,” VOFAN’s work.

View spoilerHide spoilerhttps://cache.desktopnexus.com/thumbseg/680/680580-bigthumbnail.jpg

My dream line of figures would be characterized by softly-painted eyes, lighting coming from a clear direction with hue, lackadaisical poses, neutral to vaguely happy expressions, and average every-day settings, these figures would immerse you in that you almost feel as if you could encounter them in your town.

A figure I'd like to see is undeniably strange, and it'd be Shiro of No Game No Life shopping, with a wall connected to the base, curving, with tons of delicious snacks on it, and her looking placid in a slightly different art style from the anime, created by the conditions. It slows down a moment with no meaning, but since she's a hikikomori, it's a large step for her.

Or a figure of Hatsune Miku with a sweet smile, walking along a trail of flowers and listening to music on headphones.

Part One.5:
A second idea I have, tying into the aforementioned "natural lighting," would be figures painted darker and muted in color, as if in shade. This would gives lots of atmosphere to figures, like if it were applied to itemITEM #675890, racing around in the night hauling ass. (My interpretation.)


To item ITEM #501860, beneath the trees.

Like so - see how Chitoge in the animation of the show is cast in a shadow, with only her eyes a bit bright? This direction happens a lot in notable Shaft works.

Those lighting conditions would benefit slice-of-life figures and many others if it is in the future. It would also reduce price, (since the paint job would be simple), but ironically because it’d be so worth buying, for being original and conveying mood efficiently.

Part Two:
Would these ideas sell; “SOL figures” with natural lighting, and darkened figures? Likely not. A line with staples, but a mundane concept selling is not plausible. But if the other distinctive lighting techniques, described in the next articles, were used, would they sell? That is to be discussed.

Comment your strange and unconventional figure ideas below! Constructive criticism is much appreciated. Thank you for reading. Have a good one.

(In Article Two, focus is to be on light sources and shadows. I'll also discuss a personal wish for a very ethereal figure, the idea of which inspired by the photography of Brandon Woelfel. Dipped into another world, our world of photography, a figure with incredible emphasis on environment and drowned in hues from colorful light sources, incorporating an LED Light. I want only one such figure.
View spoilerHide spoiler
Brandon Woelfel's work.

Article Three is all about color theory seen in figures already, and also how the presumed lighting conditions of Article Two could play on that.)


View spoilerHide spoilerTLDR; Seinfeld + VOFAN art = described figures BA BAM!!!!

EDIT on July 28, 2019: ITEM #872723 is perfect in regards to the classification I set.
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aah i love figures like this! this figure, ITEM #396908, of galko is my grail that portrays this slice of life atmosphere sooo well. i love figures that have a sense of life so much, compared to figures that are just like a girl standing there smiling lol. no hate on those tho, a lot of the lucky star figures are like that yet i love them still ^p^)b
1 år sedan
I too love slice of life and casual wear versions of characters
1 år sedan
some lovely "slice of life" figures for y'alls enjoyment!

ones I actually own:
ITEM #581586
ITEM #514087
ITEM #289215

ones that I would love to own (lol):
ITEM #236225
ITEM #347513
ITEM #287973
ITEM #154965
ITEM #166936
ITEM #287973
ITEM #311778
ITEM #198656
1 år sedan
This rings true especially when the show in question contains lots of dark, disturbing imagery and depressing topics. It's nice to see them in a softer light, enjoying day-to-day life, as if nothing bad ever happened.

Take ITEM #34705 (it's also a garage kit, but I'll just use the prepainted for this), for example. She looks so happy here. To me, she doesn't look like a girl who's heart is barren due to the knowledge that she is expendable and that her sole purpose is to bring about the end of mankind, to me she looks like a regular girl who went to the Bon Festival with her friends and got in a sudden downpour, but she seems to be laughing with them about how silly they look with their hair and yukatas all wet.

Figurines with soft colors and poses that are reminiscent of hobbies we do to pass the time are some of the softest, as well as having the most creative freedom.
1 år sedan
Josine1 år sedan#64113955The Ichigo figure has the same kind of ambiance as ITEM #549370, and I have to say I really like that aesthetic as well even though I probably don't own any figures myself that belong in that category (probably because the series I'm a fan of don't really often lend themselves to these kind of themes)

thank you for posting that figure! I was just about to. one of my favorites. and they're pretty similar, the love live! with fans! line, too, I think. as well as the idolm@ster figures!!
1 år sedan
The Ichigo figure has the same kind of ambiance as ITEM #549370, and I have to say I really like that aesthetic as well even though I probably don't own any figures myself that belong in that category (probably because the series I'm a fan of don't really often lend themselves to these kind of themes)
1 år sedan
I have come to realise that what you have put into words here is what I look for the most in figures. Couldn't quite wrap my head around it, so thanks for that
1 år sedan
Rajke Ca Fanatic
Great article. This is indeed one subject that is easily overlooked. I like by a lot of figures the nonchalant look when the character is doing nothing interesting. Those are often figures seen in very creative pictures which shows their daily life.
I look forward to your next blog in this series. And your opinion about the use of different set of lights or including lights in the figure.
1 år sedan
Wonderful article. You articulated something I didn't know I was missing with figures and maybe one of the reasons I don't own more scales. This makes sense though as I've always been a fan of candid photographs vs. posed, so it really isn't a surprising revelation, hah. I look forward to you continuing this series. :)
1 år sedan
I also agree that I tend to like rather gentle looking figures. Though I still enjoy some with a lot of color and saturation. However I do agree that lighting can make a world of difference.

For instance, I was not intially interested in the vintage dress Miku, ITEM #604392. I felt the colors in the promo images were too bright, her hair was nearly fluorescent. Which if you are familar with the song and video, Romeo and Cinderella, it isnt nearly as bright. However I saw the more normal lighting photos, picture/2011530...,picture/2022848.... Her actual look is much more muted and iridescent, which fits the theme of running into the night with a lover.

Similarly I am very excited to get ITEM #186848, and ITEM #287683. Not just bc I am a fan of the characters but because I have seen other users photos, they just photograph so beautifully while giving a feeling of the characters, picture/1692553..., picture/1976185... ( two of my favorite photos others have taken). I enjoy looking at my collection to feel cheerful or calm, so those that evoke gentler or more relaxed feelings are certainly welcome.
1 år sedan
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