Review:  Original Character- Izayoi Erika - 1/5 - Kasshoku Ver.Review: Original Character- Izayoi Erika - 1/5 - Kasshoku Ver.Review

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Between figures getting delayed and buying from smaller distributors, June ended up being a crazy month for figure releases (my poor wallet Q.Q). Definitely not helped by having two straight weekends of travelling right before 4th of July. But now that all the craziness has died down, I can finally sit down and crack open all the plastic I've had building up for the past few weeks.

WARNING: This figure is NSFW and is also a futanari piece. You have been warned!


So Erika here is another original character from Ban!, the same artist who gave us Dva that I reviewed a while back. This time around Ban ditches the more unique setting of a sunbathing beauty to indulge one of his fetishes: Bunny suits. Seriously, that man has a lot of love for bunny girls if you ever look through his art, which is lucky for him since plenty of other people will eat that up, myself included. This time around, though, Ban is partnered up with Q-six as the manufacturer.



When it comes to their packaging, Q-six really has it down. A large, single blister, a big viewing window, backing to hide the extra parts behind, and a stylized design that complements the figure inside & shows off the source art. The glitzy typing & framing along with the popping lights against black evoke imagery of Las Vegas and high-stakes casinos, with sultry hostesses coming up to you to get you to play just one more hand. It makes for a good backdrop to set up the figure's personality as well as offering you a way to display her if you don't want to have her out in the open.

Erika 360

Might be time to invest in a turntable, dummy.

Taking Erika for a spin here, there's a lot of good to see. Ban's artwork tends towards more slender frames, which makes sense considering how often they can be a girl in one picture and then be a trap in another. That's not the case here with Erika, as she is sporting some amazing curves; Colossal breasts barely covered by the tiny undercups of her outfit, and a plump butt that you could get lost in, on top of Ban's long, luscious legs and head-crushing thighs. Erika also has a much darker skin tone than Dva as well as a more traditionally blonde color of hair, resembling the more typical gyaru/kogal design that you see in anime & figures than the more natural tanned look of Dva. And topping it all off is a skimpy yet uniquely-designed bunnysuit that covers just enough to leave you wanting more. It's like she just walked out of the pages of a doujin and up to your table to "service" you, and I doubt I'd be able to say no to anything she were to ask me.

If I have to make any critique of the sculpt, it would be that her pose is a little bit... bland. Not necessarily that it's bad, just that a bit more could have been done with it (more on that in a bit). Erika is also tall. Standing at over a foot on her base, you'll need some really tall shelves in order to fit her, though her rabbit ears are thankfully flexible to keep them from snapping on lower ceilings.




There's a lot going on in the detailing of Erika, and I love all of it. Most bunnysuits stick to red, black, and white with an occasional gold, so seeing the bright blue highlights is a refreshing change of pace, and it complements Erika's darker skin tone very well. While there are a few small spots where it gets splotchy, the paint overall is amazing.Very bright colors and a variety of finishes make everything pop, from the glossy black of the skintight latex to the the slight glittering in her heels giving them a metallic look, and the matte, fabric-like texture on her legs (bonus points for the color choice making it look like she's actually wearing dark stockings). Top it off with all the molded-in details in her outfit making every seam, stitch, and layer hug her marvelous curves, and you really have a master class here on how to do detailing.


As I've said in other reviews, the face can be what makes or breaks a figure. Erika's is definitely strong, but I wouldn't call it flawless. Once more, Ban's distinctive eyes just pop, the heavy lining and wispy liner giving them that pronounced sultry look. However, something about her smile just feels off. Part of it might be due to the paint for her teeth being off-center on my figure, but her smile just doesn't quite match the feeling of the rest of the figure.

Lewd Bits
Warning: NSFW & penises beyond here (Obviously)


And now coming up on the main event, we can take a look at the optional parts for Erika. We get four in total here, one chest part and three other vaginas. If I'm being honest, I half-expected for the top of her bunnysuit to be magnetic after working with Dva just because it would be a huge chunk of plastic to have to swap out.

Well, you did say something about her not being as slim...

I feel like here is where I should mention one of my big gripes with this figure, which is the tightness of her joints right out of the box. The instructions say that you have to apply some heat to her in order to loosen the joints, otherwise separating them for the first time is going to be a real hassle. If I have to apply heat to plastic just to interact with it in the intended way, I feel like the design team kind of goofed up.


I said it before, but I feel it needs to be re-iterated: Erika's breasts are HUGE, and having them exposed only emphasizes it even more. Each is as big as her head and nearly as wide as her hips, topped with a very prominent nipple. And yet the way they're sculpted, having some sag and parting away, gives them a sense of weight and realism that keeps them from looking too cartoonish despite her obvious hentai proportions. If you're a boob person on top of being a futa person like me, this figure is a definite winner for you.


In order to remove the wedges for her lower parts, you'll have to first remove her entire left hip and leg. This can be a pain because, again, the joints on Erika are rally tight out of the box. Her arm and the angle of the peg can also be an issue, so be careful when doing this part not to accidentally snap anything. Once you'vee removed everything for the first time, though, the wedges are actually loose enough that you should be able to just swap them out in the future without having to rip off her whole leg like a Thanksgiving turkey.


The first optional part is just a bare vagina. It's fine, I guess. The paint & molding is decent, and the "removed" fabric even goes far enough back to expose her butthole, but for the most part this piece just exists to give you the option of a normal girl (Though why you would buy a figure marketed on having a penis just to display her as a normal girl is beyond me).


Our second optional part is another normal vagina, but this time some lewd customer has made Erika walk around with a vibrator inside her. This piece has me conflicted. I like the idea of having a lewder part to be able to pop in, but because of the way Erika is standing, it's almost impossible to see unless you have her completely turned around. Alternate art for Erika (hereView spoilerHide spoilerhttps://live.staticflickr.com/65535/48208304347_b5a6d7fd8c.jpg) shows that at one point Ban intended for her to have a tray with a controller leading around to it. I feel like at some point Q-six decided to just axe the alternate arm this would have needed in order to save costs, but then just left this piece in as a holdover since it already shared a mold & would be cheap as an "option". Without anything to really indicate it's there, the vibrator kind of just disappears into Erika and may as well not be there.

...Also, why did they decide to cut the pubic hair? 99.99% of of figures are bald as a baby downstairs. Would it have killed them to throw in some variety, maybe give us a reason to use these parts?


And now we finally come to the main event, the reason that nearly everyone who got this statue would have wanted it, the futa attachment. While much more modest than Dva's monster cock, Erika is by no means a slouch. She well-detailed, sporting a good bit of girth, a gentle curve, and a bright, flared head that's just begging to be played with. It's the ultimate "special service" for that lucky highroller who gets to take her away to the VIP rooms. Just about the only black mark I can give to this part is the lack of testicles. Ball-less futas just look weird to me since it ends up looking like a clit-dick, and unfortunately Erika falls into that trap. I feel like if your gonna give a girl a penis, give her all the proper equipment.

Other Notes

One last thing that I feel bears mentioning is the design of her stand, or rather, the design of the pegs in her stand. They DO NOT line up with Erika's legs, at least not easily. You can get her into all the pegs if you put her left foot in first and then use a fair bit of force to get her right foot lined up, but this feels really dangerous and in all likelihood risks snapping her legs. I'm not sure if you're supposed to apply heat to make her legs fit, but I feel like the amount you'd have to heat her up to actually get her legs to fit would damage the paint. Overall, it's just not worth it to me. What I ended up doing was just foregoing the peg attachment in her left foot and just having it stand free. Her foot will cover up the hole while standing on it, and her right foot has two pegs that are good enough to take her weight (almost as if they knew the pegs didn't line up. Hmmm...).



So while Erika does have some flaws, overall she is still a really good figure. Her overt perversion makes a good contrast to Dva's more graceful sexuality, but the two still go together amazingly. Ban has been really busy this year, and with several more figures still on the way, there's plenty more for dickgirl-loving deviants like me to look forward to. If you want an Erika of your own, you're unfortunately going to be looking at some notable markups now (and she already started around $150 USD before shipping), even from reputable sellers, though she comes in two other flavors, so if you have the money to throw around, you can have your pick of busty bunnies to bring home.

Final Score: 8.75/10

-Shamelessly lewd & sexy
-Top notch detailing with paint
-unique take on bunny girl design

-Won't fit on smaller shelves
-Hard to handle without risky use of heat
-Lack of parts compared to source art

Link to the Flickr album here.
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Cant wait for mine to arrive. Sadly local store take more than 2 months to be instock
1 år sedan
She's beautiful, nice review!
I do prefer this variation of Erika though (ITEM #799478).
Maybe I'll buy her in the future..~
1 år sedan
denpaloli otaku keyboard warrior
wow, she really does look amazing! nice review!
1 år sedan
Great review!
Mine should arrive this week. I'm so excited to see her closely!
1 år sedan
She looks gorgeous! Thanks for the review, I was wondering how she was going to turn out.
1 år sedan
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