Strike Witches 2 - Perrine H Clostermann - Nendoroid #579 reviewStrike Witches 2 - Perrine H Clostermann - Nendoroid #579 reviewReview

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Review originally uploaded on the 16th of May 2019. Image hosting lost in December 2019. Fixed most of the image hosting on the 21st of June 2020. If image hosting is (partially) lost again, let me know and I will look into fixing it again.

! There is a wall of text in the beginning! If you want to see the figure + pictures and not the background information, you can scroll down a bit. ;) !

Welcome to my review! Today I will be talking about a figure of Perrine H Clostermann ENTRY #2029 from Strike Witches 2 ENTRY #20629 ! This figure ITEM #323991 is from the Nendoroid line ENTRY #23355 and made by Phat Company ENTRY #7708 .

I will start off with telling some more about her background.


Strike Witches is a manga, light novel and anime series with character designs from the famous artist Shimada Fumikane/Humikane ENTRY #21456 . The storyline of the franchise takes place in an alternative WWII, where girls with magical powers, called witches, represent famous pilots and the enemy to be beaten are aliens called Neuroi. Witches are the only people that can wear Striker Units, airplane-legs needed to get close to the Neuroi. The series may be a bit hard to get into as it can seem very strange for some, but it's easy to fall in love with the character designs that are a nice mix of cute and fierce.

Pierrette-Henriette 'Perrine' Clostermann is a Witch from the Republic of Gallia, which is similar to our France. Perrine has a rich girl upbringing and now has to adapt to her new lifestyle, which is quite hard for her. This makes her personality be a bit unpredictive, with angry outbursts and her keeping her distance from the other girls a lot of times, except for Mio, who she highly looks up to. Her lovely behavior for Mio, but rude attitude towards the others is why she is sometimes seen as the tsundere of the group (although not 'officially' a tsundere). Perrine's magical ability is Tonnerre, where she shoots lightning. Her weapons are a machine-gun and a rapier.

The reason why and how I got her

This figure was an impulse buy when I saw a shop selling her cheap at a local convention. I still wanted this Nendoroid, but did not have her really high on my 'to buy' list. Being able to get her in person and not pay shipping and customs is what led me to quickly buying her!

Original art



This figure is based on the looks of Perrine in the Strike Witches 2 anime, and both in her color palette and accessories we see this.


For people that prefer the box shots, first look and first shots of the figure as a video, please take a look at the inserted video below. For the people interested in pictures: keep on scrolling!

Parts of this video will also appear as gifs during this review!

The Box

Image hosting lost for this gif.





Perrine comes in a slightly different box than we're used to from Nendoroids, as she is released by Phat! rather than Good Smile Company. The box has nice windows and shows a lot of pictures of the different poses you can put Perrine in. The colors of the box are nicely matching to her looks as well.


The top of the box is sealed with one piece of round tape.


A Kadokawa sticker of authenticity is at the front of the box. As far as we know there is no bootleg out there of this figure, but it's always good to keep an eye out!

First Look





Perrine comes with quite a bit of parts and three faceplates in total.



Perrine's assembly instructions come with the front in Japanese and the back in English. Most instructions are pretty straight forward, but it's good to pay attention to the way she has to be placed in the flying position.


Here are all the parts you are getting with this figure:
- Main body with smiling faceplate and glasses
- Rapier
- Machine gun
- Striker Units
- Two propeller pieces to put in the Striker Units
- A piece to recreate her Tonnerre attack
- Blushing/flustered faceplate
- Angry faceplate with extra hairpiece
- Her tail
- 5 additional arms with hands and one extra separate hand
- Strike Witches-themed Nendoroid base with special holding peg for flying position
- Extra neck joint (the most fragile part of a Nendoroid)

Just like my other Nendoroid reviews, I will put her in some varied poses to check out all the parts that are included with her!

Pose #1: Smiling with arm lifted up






The most basic pose this figure can be put in, which is still very cute. It does become very obvious here that because of Perrine's long hair there are issues with posing her back and the movement of the arms limited (a very common thing with long-haired action figures).


One of the most cute things for me on this figure are her glasses. A lot of figures have issues with glasses looking too frosted or clunky in general, but Perrine's glasses look really good! I also like how the sculpt of her hair is a bit messy.


Her uniform has all the details the design has, with small breast pockets sculpted and all the golden parts painted pretty good considering her size.

Should Nendoroid panty-shots be in a spoiler? View spoilerHide spoiler



Accurate to the character design, Perrine's panties are visible through the pantyhose. I'm happy to see this detail was included!


Perrine has cute tiny feet as a Nendoroid, with some details sculpted in the shoes as well.



Similar to most/all(?) other Strike Witches Nendoroids, Perrine comes with an unique base with the 501st logo.


The peg holding the back of the figure has with my copy some air bubbles. This was pretty common with older Nendoroids and Figma's, but always bugs me a bit whenever I have one with this issue.

Pose #2: Blusing and pulling her hair

Tsundere time!




A very cute look for Perrine! The only 'downside' is that her hair covers a lot of her face, making the blushing faceplate stand out less.


Front hair removed, you'll see that this look is even cuter!

Pose #3: Powerful pose with rapier

Nendoroid panties in spoiler: View spoilerHide spoiler


Before I get to showing this pose, I want to mention that just like my earlier reviewed Nendoroid Lucchini BLOG #13391 , Perrine has a lot of issues with keeping her tail in place. You need to carefully attach it and try to move it the least amount possible.

Image hosting lost for this gif.


The biggest downside to this pose is that because of the hair at the back, it's not possible to have her standing completely upright. From the front this is luckily not very visible.


The rapier has some nice detailing going on.


For the issues with the tail, I ended up wedging the tail more inbetween her jacket for enhanced sturdiness.


Something also important to mention is that her alternative hairpiece does not fit on her head as well as the main hairpiece.


The rapier also leaves some paint on the inside of the hand. This is not visible on the figure when displayed, but it's worrisome as it shows that the rapier could easily get damaged and loose paint over time.

Pose #4: Flying forward




Just like Lucchini, Perrine comes with the option to be displayed flying forward, with a separate piece to attach to her jacket. The idea of this posing is nice, but when it comes to displaying, it only makes sense if you display the Nendoroid very much above eye level.


What is displayed here is the maximum movement forward the special base can make. Put it even more upright and Perrine falls off.


This is the safest way to display Perrine in this pose.


I'm curious if there are any collectors that actually put her and the other Strike Witches Nendoroids in this pose?

Pose #5: Using Tonnerre and wielding her machine gun



Now we're talking! A very cute and fierce look for this Nendoroid!




The Tonnerre effect is very nice looking and fits surprisingly well in Perrine's hand. This is my favorite way to display this figure!

Comparison with an 'older' Strike Witches Nendoroid

Perrine is a bit of a 'recent' release with being Nendoroid #579, that's why I thought it was interesting to compare her to another Strike Witch released way earlier before: Lucchini #108 ITEM #5432 !


The differences between these two Nendoroids is huge! From the quality of the sculpt to the sturdiness of the base. To be honest, I don't think they even look that good when placed next to eachother as it makes the 'lower' quality of Lucchini stand out a lot more! Nendoroids have come a long way!

The Points

- Lots of display options
- Details of her uniform and looks nicely recreated in Nendoroid proportions
- In general a very cute looking and high quality Nendoroid

- Hair blocks display options (common thing with action figures made of characters with long hair).

- Multiple issues that are too small to make their own '-' for: Tail won't stay in place, the alternative hair piece does not fit as well as the main hair piece, paint transfer issues with the rapier.
- My specific copy of this figure has air bubbles in the pegstand

The Scores

Sculpting 8/10
Nice sculpting in especially the uniform. The Nendoroid feels really high quality.

Painting 8/10
Similar to the sculpt, the painting was also well done, with especially the golden details being very good.

Posing 7/10
I wish I could rate it higher, but there are some posing issues, mainly with the tail and her hair obstructs even more posing being possible.

Base 7/10
I'm happy that the base has some more detail than your average Nendoroid base, but the flying-position continues to be a bit awkwardly designed and there is still the common issue of air bubbles.

Packaging 8/10
This kind of packaging is probably my favorite for Nendoroid figures, I like it more than older and more recent releases.

Enjoyment 8/10
Even with some issues here and there, I still think this is in general a very high quality Nendoroid and I'm happy to add this Perrine to my Strike Witches collection!


This is a high quality Nendoroid which I recommended to all Strike Witches fans! If you're not into Strike Witches, you might like some parts of this figure such as the rapier and very well sculpted glasses to use with your other Nendoroids.


Perrine was released for ¥4,800 and seems to go for a bit lower prices for opened ones and a bit higher prices for sealed ones. She had quite a hefty release price, but the quality is for sure there. If you're okay with paying ¥3,5-¥6,5K for a Nendoroid will really depend on how much you like this character and/or the accessories she comes with!

And to finish it!

I am currently still unboxing most of my collection after having most of them in storage for a while, but here is how she is displayed right now:


More recently I have been thinking about giving every Strike Witches girl their own shelf in my collection, so if I end up doing that, the quality difference between the different Nendoroids will not be that visible anymore as they won't be displayed together.

For those who read all this way, thank you! My next review will be about Hikoujouki (Airfield Princess) her prize figure ITEM #289069 made by FuRyu!

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All pictures in high resolution and some extra pictures not used in the review will be uploaded here later today: profile/Maakie/...

Thank you for reading this review!

And if you like my reviews and would like to receive e-mail updates when I have a new one, you can subscribe to my blog on MFC! --> profile/Maakie/...


See you at my next review!
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MattKaySeven1 år sedan#59737736Wow ! This Review is just very good, the Photos, all the very detailed perspective and thoughts on the Figurine itself.
Looking forward for your next Nendoroid Review, very good Job you ´ve done here.

Sorry for my late reply, thank you for liking the review! :) I am currently working on a new Nendoroid review, from Erica Hartmann, you'll probably like it! ;)
1 år sedan
victorviper1 år sedan#59428225I looked at mine, and I don't see any obvious signs of paint transfer.

That is good to know!

Sometimes when figures are sealed for a long time, things like that can happen, but my Perrine was sealed for less than 3 years, so it hasn't been that long, hrmm...
1 år sedan
Maakie1 år sedan#59372877Thanks for enjoying the review! :) The quality of this Nendoroid is really high, I'm glad they did Perrine justice. I really like her with the Tonnerre, but the rapier is a close second for me. ;) I'm curious if your rapier also has paint transfer issues? *edit* If you're not sure, it's better not to force the rapier out of her hand though, you might cause an paint transfer! >.<

I looked at mine, and I don't see any obvious signs of paint transfer.
1 år sedan
victorviper1 år sedan#59372421It's always interesting to see Nendo reviews :).
Perrine is one of my favorite Nendo figures because she has so many different display options, and she's probably my favorite Strike Witch anyway. I've got her displayed with the rapier because the rapier is an important part of her backstory and it also looks quite cool :).

Thanks for enjoying the review! :) The quality of this Nendoroid is really high, I'm glad they did Perrine justice. I really like her with the Tonnerre, but the rapier is a close second for me. ;) I'm curious if your rapier also has paint transfer issues? *edit* If you're not sure, it's better not to force the rapier out of her hand though, you might cause an paint transfer! >.<
1 år sedan
It's always interesting to see Nendo reviews :).

Perrine is one of my favorite Nendo figures because she has so many different display options, and she's probably my favorite Strike Witch anyway. I've got her displayed with the rapier because the rapier is an important part of her backstory and it also looks quite cool :).
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