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Hey MFC! I have a question for you. If you could revive one (or more, go wild) figure line from anytime in the past, which would you choose?

There are a lot of great lines which have disappeared. Some are series specific, others encompass multiple series but are themed. So, which cancelled, ended, or dropped figure line do you wish you could see more of?

For me, it's Sekai Seifuku Sakusen ENTRY #65275
I love these little ladies with their stunning school uniforms, and I'd love to collect more of them! I don't know many of the characters who were made for this line, but I think a lot of them are quite beautiful. Unfortunately, it would appear the last Sekai Sefuku Sakusen was released in 2016, so it's likely there'll never be another one. Still, I wish I could see some more of my faves in their uniforms!

Another good one is POP Wonderland. Pop released a series of illustrated books based on fairy tales (think Cinderella, Snow White, Alice in Wonderland, The Little Mermaid...) Little Red Riding Hood (Akazukin) and Alice both got scale figures. In addition, those two and Thumbelina I believe got a few trading figures. However, we never saw scales of most of them, and they're really adorable and photogenic figures! I wish the line could have continued with some more fairy tale girls!

Well, those are my two choices, in order. What would you choice(s) be? You can bring back any figure line(s) so go nuts!
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The Ragnarok Online trading figures, I wish they would make the newer classes (transcendent and rebirth) but there's little demand. Also have wished for more RO nendoroids.

Also loved the Twin Packs especially the PSG style ones.
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Touhou Shushuroku - the last set came out in 2011. T-T
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Rajke Ca Fanatic
Shuheisha solid selection. We need more Rosario vampire characters in figure form. And the HDGE line discontinued November 2018 what means that chances are slim for new Calne Ca and relative character figures.
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The Shuraki Trinity line ended too early.
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Monster Munsune ;( I want all of the characters from the main harem; Miia, Papi, Centorea, Suu, Mero, Arachne, and LaLa (might have spelt them wrong), as anything really I just need more MM merch
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Moeromoero Chinese Dress Hunter
Jenthehen1 år sedan#59201264I wish another company would take on / save some of Griffon's figures that were never released :/

Flare does.
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I don't know what happened to Parfoms, but I liked their proportions and number of accessories. I guess they fell between being too chibi for people who like figmas, but without the easily swappable parts of Nendoroids.
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The Persona D-Arts figures.
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Please, please let the Trading Arts Mini line still be going... ENTRY #89587 ENTRY #118292 ENTRY #138204 Updates have been slow between sets, but still a year with no news on another one is making me antsy. I love these things and would love to get them for every FF, Nier:Automata, KH, or TWEWY character they'd make them in.

Also, for the love of God GSC make more Fire Emblem Nendoroids. Barely touched any of the main lords or any game outside Shadow Dragon & Fates, yet other than the Corrin rerelease, nothing new since Sakura's release a year ago ignoring Echoes release entirely.

Rather sad the Senbonzakura Vocaloid Nendoroids died with Kaito in 2015 with only him and Miku made. Would've loved a Meiko one, never mind that she's the unloved one and her chances were dead to begin with.

Variable Action Heroes ENTRY #69171 lives on in re-releases, but nothing new's been announced in a while. Rather sad considering they'd just barely gotten out of One Piece and didn't even make it to Franky & Brook to finish off the Straw Hats. Pre-timeskip didn't even go past Luffy & Zoro. At least I got Luffy, Nami, & Sanji, though would really like it if they did another run on the stands.
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I wish they'd make more palm mate and break time figures. :') I'm happy having my otp tho ♡ ITEM #259324
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