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NarknitNarknit1 år sedan

Absolutely adore this set and the quality of the figures!

I wasn't sure what to expect when I ran across this set online. I'm pretty new to anime figures, but I've learned that trading figures can be kinda hit or miss on quality and realness. But this ARIA the Natural set is freaking gorgeous!

I've been impressed with the quality and care that I've found in all the ARIA figures I've collected to this point. I'm not super picky in that area, but there have been a few figures where I can't get other then paint job or colors. Usually, I'll end up selling or trading those, but it's pretty rare that happens.

However, I am really overjoyed that these ARIA figures look good up close and from a distance. I may start trying to collect the summer outfit variants in the future. For now, I'm happy that I found the whole set for sale, including Ai!!!


Some of the other ARIA figures I have in my collection are pictured below.
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So tiny and cute!!
1 år sedan
Narknit Secretly Part of the Fae
illumi4Love1 år sedan#58367525It's such a good set, and the quality is nice for trading figures, very adorable poses also.

Agreed! An all around good set of figures.
1 år sedan
It's such a good set, and the quality is nice for trading figures, very adorable poses also.
1 år sedan