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    You should search for your favorite girl characters on here and see if they have a nendoroid; if they do, then ascertain whether or not you think the nendo is cute enough, and if you think it is, then buy it.

    It's really not rocket science. I mean, you collect however and whatever you want to collect, but I am going to just give you a word of advice since I almost fell into this trap when I just started out collecting: think twice before you buy something, and don't just randomly snap up characters you don't even know just for the sake of aesthetics because you won't have any attachments to them and would find that you'd get bored of them easily. Sprinting from the starting line in a 10KM marathon is not wise; you'll burn out. Pace yourself with your collecting and think about the characters you really like.

    But if you're like a number of people who really have all the intentions of collecting for aesthetics, then go for it! You do you, you don't have to heed my advice at all. On that note, here are my personal favorites:

    ITEM #78587
    ITEM #117506
    ** these two are older nendoroids but I think their cuteness can rival those of newer nendoroids. I love them so much. But that might also be because I have personal attachment to these characters too.

    ITEM #396882
    ITEM #581731
    ITEM #675904
    ITEM #655960

    I don't own many girl nendoroids because my favorites tend to be male characters and I only (mostly) buy characters I have an attachment to, but from my collection I can vouch that these ones are super cute and adorable. Especially Syaro. She is best girl.

    ITEM #629099 Special mention. Look at her tiny guns and tiny Hermes (the motorcycle's name). LOOKIT. <3
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    Cantisama (5 dagar sedan) #51085852Rather than look for a Nendoroid that is a girl, wouldn't it be better to look for a character you like that has a Nendoroid and is also a girl?
    That way you can avoid traps (or target them if that's your preference!) :)

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    This is too broad... there are so many options that you can choose.

    - You can get nendoroid of characters that you like
    - Search based on product line, in this case "Nendoroid" in MFC

    Seeing that you like Miku, I think she is a great starting point. She has so many nendoroid and they are all very cute. You can choose which one you like the most.

    Personal favorite: ITEM #271131, ITEM #211405, ITEM #423596, ITEM #567485 and ITEM #581731
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    You've a tiny Rem, can't go wrong with her nendoroid! She's the cutest
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    Since you seem to like Kotori, why not this one ? ITEM #218634
    - or anything related to a serie you like ?
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    Too many to list. I would go through the list and find one you like.
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    In case you don't know how to do it: on a Nendoroid's page, click the tag 'Nendoroid #xx', that will take you to the Nendoroid category page, then click on the little number button middle-right (currently 1444) which will show you every Nendoroid in the database. You can also view them in diaporama mode, which shows you the same list just with full size pictures instead of thumbnails. You can browse to your heart's content, and find a Nendoroid that YOU think is cute!
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    Ummm..how about buying only figures of the characters that you actually like?
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    Rather than look for a Nendoroid that is a girl, wouldn't it be better to look for a character you like that has a Nendoroid and is also a girl?
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