How exactly does buying figure impact new anime season?How exactly does buying figure impact new anime season?Ask MFC

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I personally want to support the team that produced anime I love and the company that help production in hope for new season or new anime with better quality. As someone who loves the anime, it is painstaking to watch anime that seems to produced in poor quality due to financial issue. (Talking to you Overlord III CGI + Claymore Ending)

I started support with buying figures because I personally feel like displaying the figure is more enjoyable to me than buying books or disks that I rarely re-read/re-watch.

But as I buy figure which is not cheap, (I like scales) I want to know how much money goes to the company and the team. Basically, all I know is figure and other official goods producing companies buy licence from animation company and when we buy figure, certain percentage goes to animation company. So I ended up with some questions that I did not get clear answer through web (It all says is may/may not help and may/may not influence production. Like what kind of answer is that?)

1. How much do the licence impact the production company?

2. How far does licence fee matter and how does it actually work? For instance, does it help more if I buy from manufacturer like GSC official shop than from local shops? For instance, if a local shop buys bunch of figures to be sold from distributor, does it matter if it is being sold or not from production company's perspective? And do they consider actual number of sale including local shops or only consider number of production of figure from manufacturer in terms of popularity of certain anime goods?

3. Does buying official goods actually help them to the point they realize which anime is popular? Like other than disk sales and streaming number, do they count goods sale as part of reason to consider another season? Or use that money as budget for new season production?

4. How much influence does the figure industry impact the animation production? Like if there are a lot of figure/goods being sold for certain anime, does company actually do have discussion about new season? Or is it more like money that company receive with licence but stop talking about it once the anime season ends despite it's popularity in it's goods sale.

I know that some answers kinda can be guess but I want to know how it actually work in the industry. Like I know licence fee help somehow but do people who is part of new production really care and discuss when they plan?
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animerocks5891 år sedan#51127690it has not gotten a second season for a completely different reason sadly.
Just in case you did not know it was cuz the creator or at least someone of relation to No Game No Life was sued for Plagiarism for the art.

The author for sure. The author's doing both writing and drawing. But he was then sued for "tracing" other people' art and claimed them as his own and did not credit them.

Not to mention even the anime was sued for plagiarism. I think in the first few episodes, there was a magic circle right? People also noticed that it was taken directly from someone's work and did not credit them.

However, it did got a movie though. Count that as something.
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SerialGunner1 år sedan#51005081I would say anime figures doesn't to little influence anime production. Look at No Game No Life, that anime has so much figures yet haven't gotten even a season 2

it has not gotten a second season for a completely different reason sadly.
Just in case you did not know it was cuz the creator or at least someone of relation to No Game No Life was sued for Plagiarism for the art.
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It depends how popular the animation could be , marvel figures I am sure the make good money from their figures , posters ..,etc I am a big fan of Z Mazinger .thats all I can say
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Merchandising is sometimes what is keeping the series afloat.
For series like Kancolle, the devs barely make any money from the mobile game due to licensing agreements. So they must recoup all that through merchandise.
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I can not answer your questions but I know that figures are a huge part of their income, right after bluray sales.
Now think about this: there are less and less anime figures, and more mobage figures.
Kancolle itself (the game) generates almost no money, all their income comes from merchandise for example. or at least that was the case before the arcade launched.
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I think part of it depends on the anime. Shows like One Piece or other shows geared towards children do rely on merchandise sales to make profit (and their animation is generally pretty lacking and don't really rely on dvd/bd sales).

Most anime generally make their profit or break even by having customers buy their dvds/blurays. I could be wrong, but I'm pretty sure most of these figure companies pay for the licenses for different shows and make the figures to line their own pockets. There might be a portion they need to give back to the original licensor but I don't know about that.

As for local shops vs an official store.... my assumption is likely the local store just purchases a bunch at the GSC store/other official store in order to stock their shelves. But it's likely at a local store, they may have an added cost so they can make money too.

Since most anime is adapted from some other source material, it's likely the popularity of those is what allows companies to gauge what is popular, and what to put into production. As an example, this season's Promised Neverland already had prototypes like ITEM #794631 because they knew that the manga was already very popular in Shonen Jump. Same with Kimetsu no Yaiba, which has an anime next season but already has scales announced. Things like popular mobile games like Fate Grand Order are just examples of games that rake in serious amounts of cash that have a large audience that would buy this stuff, and which is why there has been so much Fate in figure collecting lately. Obviously fad anime like Cells at Work/Osomatsu san whose popularity will mostly last for only a couple of months need to be put into production quickly, or else people generally tend to forget about it.

I would say in some cases goods sales can be a somewhat good indicator of what is popular. The problem with that though, is most small goods are generally catered to women. Most people who make itabags and actually carry them around are generally women. Of course generic things like acrylic stands or other goods like a pass case or file folder can make some money but.... then you'd have to buy a ton of those to really make a dent. In general think it's more likely that anime helps merch sales like figures, and other small merch rather than vice versa... since it would be pretty risky and expensive for a company to sculpt a figure in hopes of it spawning an anime.... Obviously a popular character like Saber Alter had a figure long before the Heaven's Feel movies, but I think that is more of an exception rather than the norm since Fate/stay night was already popular as a visual novel and anime series (and more recently FGO).

In the end, figure collecting is still a niche hobby. Sure, maybe it's gotten more popular recently, but most people don't collect figures. If anything, it would have to be insanely popular and acceptable in Japan to collect figures of your favourite characters, but given my general knowledge, I've seen nothing to suggest that.

If you, or someone honestly wants to support a certain anime production, I would highly suggest actually buying the dvds/blurays. If you like the source material, go buy that and support the people who create the things you love. If your favourite series/characters are lucky enough to be popular enough to get figures, then buy it and show companies that there's a market for it.
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I would say anime figures doesn't to little influence anime production. Look at No Game No Life, that anime has so much figures yet haven't gotten even a season 2
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We don't know.

Different series are owned by different companies (well, really different production committees, which are groups of companies), and they will probably sell licenses for their series at different rates. Some committees might offer a flat-rate license for figures, where a figure company buys the license at a fixed rate and can sell as many figures as they like under that license without paying any more. Another committee might offer a license where the fixed cost is lower, but a part of the money from each figure sold is given back to the committee.

That's why all the answers are vague; they'll differ from show to show, from committee to committee, and none of the people involved are ever going to let fans know any of these details.

All that can be said for sure is that buying things helps more than not buying them. If lots of merchandise, including figures, related to a show is sold, they'll notice. They keep making Fate shows, that's for sure.
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Nih ~Spiritless~
This is kind of an overall look at things.
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From what I understood (which might be very wrong), the primary focus/income is always based on the number of viewers for a show (which translates to income from advertising, which then translates to how much the network/service would be willing to invest to make future content).

Figures and other merchandise would then be dependent on the number of viewers as well. If the series is not very popular, its unlikely to have many figures/merchandise made for it. Plus, the goal with figures and merchandise is usually to cement the following, attract some viewers who might be exposed to the series through the merchandise and figures (kind of like advertising), and also maybe make a little extra. But ultimately, the amount of such products moved will have little impact on the production of the content. That will always depend on the viewership numbers since that determines the ultimate driving force behind production: the money invested by the network/service.
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