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Ah, the morning of wonfes! A morning that happens twice a year and brings hope to figurine collectors far and wide! A morning that should be full of anticipation as we wait to see what various manufactures plan to release over the next months/years.

But for me, yesterday morning was filled with a not so great feeling.

Besides the fact that I had to work overtime for the nth week in a row and the fact that I am slowly coming down with a cold; something terrible happened.

Because it was wonfes, I decided to take a look at my collection. It has grown quite a lot over the last few years and I am finally starting to struggle for space. While some of this space problem can be remedied with risers or even extra shelves for my detolfs, I know in my heart that I will soon be forced to let go of the figurines I am no longer as in love with as I once was. So with wonfes only hours away, I took a look at my collection to both appreciate them and to make a mental note of who I might sell off should something better be announced.

I fully expected all my husbandos, waifus, and children to be in perfect condition like always. Maybe a little dusty if anything. But what I found when I reached the last of my seven detolfs made my heart sink

There stood all my Shiro-chans, kawaii as ever




Horror filled me as soon as my brain caught up with what I was looking at!

My newest and most favourite Shiro-chan! How could this have happened?!

After the initial shock of finding such a beautiful (and expensive) figurine broken for seemingly no reason, I was able to investigate. I started with her base, seeing as it was still exactly where it was supposed to be... That and I didn't want to look at all the damage that Shiro surely must have sustained as she collided with the glass beneath her.


It was a clean break at least? The glue that held her shoe in place must have gave way to her weight. If only I had checked on her sooner I might have noticed the weakening glue before she took a dive. Of course, I hadn't and so now I had to steel myself as I took poor, collapsed Shiro out of the detolf.


Closer inspection of her ankle confirmed that it was the glue that gave way rather than any problem with the structural integrity of the plastic Shiro is made with. This of course meant that I could glue her back together assuming that I could stand to see her with strands of hair or playing cards snapped off everywhere OTL


to my amazement, when I flipped Shiro-chan over to inspect the worst of the damage.... There was none?!?!?! I was so baffled that I spun her every which way, looking for at least one missing strand of fragile hair or a missing playing card... There was nothing! She was pretty much completely intact!! A miracle!!!


I have no idea how she managed to survive the fall as well as she did. Even looking for paint transfers or scratches, I found hardly anything and what I did find isn't really cause for concern. When I have the time, I'll have to epoxy her back together and hopefully she will be as good as new!

As for how wonfes treated me, it was great overall! I'm hyped that ITEM #806264 (NSFW) has a prototype because that is one of my favourite Ban! illustrations and ITEM #781006 & ITEM #781002 look absolutely amazing! The Death Note nendos were a nice surprise and the Pop Up Parade line looks like it will be really promising! I have high hopes for the coming year of figurine collecting ^^

So, to pass a question or two off to the community;
Have you ever experienced a figure breaking? If so tell me the story so we can feel unified in our misfortune.
and how was your wonfes? Was it what you expected? Any figures you're really hyped about?
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LoveChopper1 år sedan#51067116omg now i am worried bout my own Shiro >.<

Same. Glad Shiro was fixed though! Haven't had a figure break on its own yet. All damage has been done by me by accident, and most of it has been repaired fortunately.
1 år sedan
Chibi-Jibs Cosmic Mermaid
Looks like she wasn't pushed into the peg far enough. Which I get, because of all that beautiful hair putting any pressure on her is a scary thought. Her upper half pops off pretty easily which made it easier to slip her into the peg better + should make it easier for you to fix the shoe without worrying about all the other stuff.

When I got this it actually came broken, then Good smile sent a replacement upper body and that part also had broken pieces, thankfully, the third time was the charm. I was able to glue the hair piece that was broken back onto the original one so I could at least display her, but it was heart breaking and then the second time just made it kinda funny.

Won fest brought so many things I'm excited about, mostly an update on this: ITEM #675835
and these as well
ITEM #587186
ITEM #740258
ITEM #740250
ITEM #740212
ITEM #740207
ITEM #740122
And other stuff. I can forever see my money flying away and I am a-okay with this
1 år sedan
Polkadopolis Depressed Weeb
Taya1 år sedan#51016383-snip-.
Well at least you're still able to enjoy her and nothing got damaged ^^

LoveChopper1 år sedan#51067116-snip-
I think if you just make sure that she's pushed onto the peg all the way (she should come down all the way to the bend) then you should be alright? I hope? I might not have pushed her on far enough and so unnecessary tension was put on her shoe making the glue eventually give way.

me1681 år sedan#51086909-snip-
I always try to open figures I receive within 24 hours just to inspect for damages or defects. Sometimes it's just so hard to tell even when there's a window to look through ><

SakuraUchiha1 år sedan#51087850-snip-
I had a similar experience with some bootleg Hetalia one coin figures I bought at a con when I was like... 13 lol China's peg snapped off when I was assembling him and I was so upset that I just packed the whole set away, intending to find a way to fix them. Later I joined this site and when I was adding my collection I found out they were bootlegs... and to this day China remains broken lol
1 år sedan
Polkadopolis Depressed Weeb
Cantisama1 år sedan#50999837-snip-
I never considers that something like that could damage a figure over time o.o! I don't think that any of my current collection would suffer from an issue like that but I'll have to keep an eye out in the future. Thanks for the heads up ^^

EsvaldForceswoop1 år sedan#51000430-snip-
Children... the only thing worse for a "toy" collection than a cat lol I hardly ever play with the nendos or figma I own because they're so fiddly to set up just right. I actually broke the hair joint of ITEM #303155 when trying to set her up. GSC refused to replace it so I had to do a bit of mcgyvering to fix it. Luckily the way I did it means that she's still fully articulated ^^

Solarstormflare1 år sedan#51000850-snip-
I have a couple repeat topplers myself. They're all cheap 500 to 1500 yen figures though. Currently they're set aside until I can figure out a better means of support for them so that they don't one day damage something more expensive ><

jumpluff1 år sedan#51003794-snip-
I always get super paranoid every time my landlord does work in my unit lol luckily he hasn't had to do any work in the dining room otherwise I would have to pack away the entire collection or risk something like what you experienced ;n;

gwendal738-21 år sedan#51006248-snip-
Oh nooo ;A; that looks terrible. RIP BRS... I hope you can at least attempt to fix her someday!

Hikikomori71 år sedan#51011422-snip-
That sounds like a terrible thing to have happen >< glad it was common enough of an issue that you were able to get a replacement though
1 år sedan
Oh boy. After seeing what Shiro figure you were talking about,as I was reading the post I was really hoping that the figure would still be intact and I'm so happy that it was the case. For me..well..yes I've been actually with my very first figure haha.xD Aka this one ITEM #264970 . She was a fake but even so I had no idea about fakes at that time XD moving on,when I got her,I tried puting her on the base and something was wrong.She just wouldnt go on that base so I forced her a little bit and ended up breaking her leg xD Had to glue it afterwards but jeesh that was a bad experience.

Wonfess wise..well can't say there are many figures i'm after as alot of figures were released from series that I don't really know. However,the figures that I'm most hyped so far for regarding Wonfess are:ITEM #806311 aka my favorite character from Bunnygirl senpai :D ,ITEM #806007 my favorite Harry Potter character and last but not least:ITEM #753877 my girl,Ochaco who'se prototype I've been waiting for ,for so damn long x.x and she's finally here.
1 år sedan
I've had a few figures break before as painful as it is to say. ITEM #547393 was entirely my own fault, I was having a hard time putting her umbrella in and my finger slipped and knocked her bracelet off of her hand. The most painful one for me however was ITEM #396841. I got her for a great deal of Mandarake and bought her for Christmas for myself. Usually when I get figures I immediately open them but I didn't want to unbox before Christmas so I did a look around. Her arm that detaches was off of her body, but I didn't think anything of this because it is an arm part that is supposed to be removable. When I opened her up, however, the peg for the arm actually broke off during shipping, and it was drastically too late for me to contact Mandarake for any sort of support on it. Learned my lesson thee hard way, but luckily she was super duper easy to glue back together.

As for WonFes, I felt like it was really good but nothing unexpected in entire honesty, but then I found out ttthat ITEM #637417 got her prototype and I about lost my mind I was so excited. I know she is going to destroy my wallet when the times comes for pre-orders butt at this point I don't mind the pain for Miku
1 år sedan
omg now i am worried bout my own Shiro >.<
1 år sedan
I had a similar situation with one of my personal grails ITEM #45790 One day I just heard a noise coming from my DETOLF and there she was... The peg holding her foot just broke O_O I couldn't do much about it, I had to pull it out of her foot and glued her directly to the base. Luckily it's not visible at all and for the past 2 years everything's been fine with her.
1 år sedan
I seriously panicked when Halloween Miku nendoroid’s pigtail broke off in my hand upon contact.
I hadn’t even tried to move it or anything, just held her in my hand.

I just stared at it for a while, thinking “Huh?”.

Then dissolvrd into, “What? No! How? Ggffddjjjggg?!?!?!?!!”.

So relieved it was a common issue and GSC sent a replacement pigtail asap.

I popped it in and am never moving either of them. EVER. 0_0
1 år sedan
BLOG #39768 Ahahahahaha. /sobs

I'm glad nothing major happened to your Shiro though, unlike what happened to my BRS. She is still sitting in a paper bag, individual pieces bubble-wrapped, unrepaired to this day. Sigh. TuT
1 år sedan
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