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Nendoroid #885: Saber of "Red" Unboxing+ReviewNendoroid #885: Saber of "Red" Unboxing+Review

DarkdaemonPK2DarkdaemonPK23 månader sedanReview
Hello everyone and welcome to my first installment of "Hobby Corner"; a series of posts where I do figure reviews. Today's review will be Nendoroid Saber of "Red" from the anime Fate/Apocrypha.
The box is smaller compared to the second redesign they implemented so this will save a lot of space for people who still keep the original package. Even with the size of the box shrunk a bit, it still retains the same design they use for the package we are all familiar with: transparent plastic on the front of the box for you to see the nendoroid,  the number and name of the nendoroid at the bottom left, a picture of Saber at the bottom right, more pictures of Saber at the back of the box in different poses while a red color scheme dominates the background.
This nendoroid comes with a variety of parts and accessories. It has a confident look face plate, an embarrassed face plate, and an angry face plate. She also comes with 2 swords; the first one is called Clarent and the second is a variation of it when she uses her noble phantasm called Clarent Blood Arthur. She also has a different set of arms with different angles, a different chest part with her arms crossed, a helmet called The Secret Pedigree, and a slightly left bent leg.
The parts that are not included on the blister packs are just placed inside this long plastic sheet in order to save space. I kinda miss the old design of the box where they meticulously put all the parts on different locations inside the blister packs.
Time to liberate this Saber from its plastic prison and see what she looks like!
And my gosh, she looks cute!
I always dissect my nendoroids during a review for us to see how each part would look like
The Secret of Pedigree houses the embarrassed face plate in which a separate neck joint plate is already attached so you don't need to keep on transferring the other neck joint plate from the main body.
You can also remove the visor from the helmet which is kind of cool since you can have a small glimpse of Saber's face.
"A cocky 'Saber of Red' pose"
Saber using her noble phantasm. Looks like she is ready to do some intense blood letting!
Saber:"I'm all sweaty because of all this intense swinging! May I take a bath now?"
An intimidating Saber looms for your head! I think I’ll have a heart attack just by seeing this in real life!

Review Wrap up:

Good Points!
• Beautifully crafted Nendoroid. Paint job on the figure is awesome making the armor look realistic.
• 2 great swords included! What else can you ask for?
• Helmet is really awesome! Additional neck joint plate means I don't need to keep on removing it from the main body just to place the fp. Very convenient!
• The pony tail on this nendoroid is very firm and will not fall off whatever rotation you do.

Bad Points!
• No sword effects included. I was hoping GSC would include one but I understand they need to make some compromises.
• It would be nice if GSC made a left hand than can wield the sword instead of just the right.
• Only one left bent leg? How about a right bent leg as well?
• Why can't I close the helmet properly whenever I use the normal and angry face plate?

Overall, this is an excellent nendoroid and a must have if you are a fan of the Fate series. I just cannot illustrate the right words to use about this nendoroid since I'm greatly satisfied about my purchase! Yup, really satisfied.

Comments? Suggestions? Violent reactions? That is where you use the comment section for all your expressive needs. Wanna get personal? Send it on my e-mail! darkdaemonpk2[at]gmail[dot]com.

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Wow, she doesnt come with a lot. It feels kinda lazy TBH
3 månader sedan
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