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Isn't this too much?Isn't this too much?

jnarajnara2 månader sedanAsk MFC
We are in 2019 right now and i've felt that figures prices are overly expensive these days. Take the figure below for example,this actually cost 152 usd. Do you think the price is reasonable for a simple figure like this?No offense against the maker of this company but may i know your opinion?
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Jenthehen Otaku at Law
Act (2 månader sedan) #48119905Stop preordering. Seriously, if the community actually stopped preordering at these prices they would go down. These are massive multinational companies; they're going to manufacture a minimum amount regardless, there's zero risk Goodsmile only make 8 of the next Miku. You'll get it anyway.
Companies shouldn't take advantage of consumers like this but they do, and given that, it's on us to make them change. It's the same thing that's going on in the gaming industry. Stop. Preordering.

We international fans are only a drop in the bucket, though - it would take the Japanese market pushing back on these high price-points.

I guess I've just accepted that this is the new normal and so long as the yen doesn't shoot up over the dollar, I don't mind. It really is an unnecessary luxury hobby in a way and the value of the goods is subjective.

I do notice that the smaller companies who release smaller runs of more niche figures tend to have higher prices even if the quality isn't as high as Alter, GoodSmile, etc. Companies like Koto have the resources to churn out figures at a lower price whereas some of the companies with far fewer figures being released just don't.
2 månader sedan
Figures are overpriced
Vote with your wallet and don't order stuff you know is overpriced.
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Recent Comments
It really depends on the figure. The ones like ITEM #549417 , while expensive, are imo priced decently considering all the work and detail that went into it. Also the height. The one you linked? $140 (the price when i checked) is a bit much, a more reasonable price would be about 20 - 40 dollars cheaper. A lot of work went into it, but not enough to justify that price. (The age also factors in but it's a moot point for this figure). For this one i'd wait a bit to see what happens with the price. It might go down in a few months.
2 månader sedan
Tbh this is the kind of world we live in. Everything raises in price. About 5 years ago if you wanted the latest raved about phone it would probably cost you £200 most, now it's like £1k. Videos games used to cost £10-20 now they're £30-50. Everything goes up in price but wages don't. It sucks. You see people complain about the prices on this site alllllllllll the time. Some times it's justified but some times it's really not (like about a week ago someone was complaining about a 1/8 figure that was 9k.....).

At the end of the day figures are not a necessity, if you can't afford a figure then don't buy it. Look at other options like prize figures or just other scales that are more in your price range. I know it sucks when you were looking forward to a figure and it ends up costing way more then expected (especially when it's not worth it) but there's nothing we personally can do to change it. We are not the main audience.

Even though the prices have gone up a lot over the past few years at least we are getting more of a variety of figures. I'm willing to pay the high price for a figure of a character I never thought would get a figure (not so much for a character that has a million figures already made >>)
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People pay for it, hence the price increase. The demand is high, supply is controlled, so the price can be adjusted to allow yourself to make more profit per item.

Even with that figure being even 5% more expensive, people will still buy it
2 månader sedan
I've been thinking about this a lot lately, probably since I've been focusing mostly on older, second-hand figures for a year or two. I've very much become accustomed to a nice scale going up for PO for about $100; ITEM #297589 was that when she came out, and even ITEM #604409 was about that when I PO'd her a year ago. That being said, I'm okay with figures costing more. I PO'd ITEM #617147 for just under $150 and that's fine; she's very intricate, and there's no reason that more labor intensive figures (especially with complicated paint jobs) shouldn't cost more.

But I'm trying to speak with my wallet as much as I can. I'd love to get ITEM #604666, but $150 is my cap, she's nowhere near as impressive as Teto. On the other hand, that doesn't mean that I'm going to stop collecting. Prize figures are getting better and better, and in lieu of GSC, Alter, and Koto, I've become a rather big fan of Banpresto, Taito, and Sega.

Not only that--although keeping up with new releases is fun, I think digging through the internet to find old figures is just as fun. There are plenty of older figures where I'm always looking out for good prices or user sales, and sometimes I stumble across things I didn't know existed. I just found out there's a Neptunia Dreamcast girl??? I added ITEM #283397 to my wishlist with five stars and I'm really pleased about it.

So yeah, I think there are plenty of ways to keep very active in this hobby without feeding into the price hikes.
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It is in the range of what I would be willing to pay for a 1/7 with a base that isn’t a plain dish plus an added accessory.

For me 1/7 figures float at 15k while 1/8 float around 12k yen as a starting price.

I don’t particularly like this specific figure enough to po though.
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Honestly I just buy what I know I really want, the prices are just totally random to me, I've seen amazing figures for really cheap and I've seen meatless figures go for a lot, it all depends on demand.
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Yep, that's too much. Enough said.
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Don't buy? But then again love live fans are suckers.

This is like alter pricing, why settle for less. GSC doesn't make this, GSC has largely been very reasonable in terms of pricing.

ITEM #604435

was only 12k after discounts.
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Act (2 månader sedan) #48119905 Preordering.
while 15k yen for preorder seems reasonable, i hardly can push 20k and 5k delivery on top when it's live.
so i suppose ill keep preordering.

sometimes companies just go for a full rip off, like that in op, or even this ITEM #729565 . but there are still a lot of decent figures that worth preordering and where you see what you are paying for.
2 månader sedan
i've been noticing a trend with figure companies creating more 1/7 scale figures and putting terribly high pricetags on those figures, as if to justify the 16k+ prices with a slightly larger scale. the inflated prices of figures is what is honestly turning me off from this hobby, and i for the most part don't pre-order anymore, and stick to just finding good deals on rakuten/ami/ebay. it's really discouraging when the major companies like Alter and GSC are following the trend as well. oh well -shrug-
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