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Model kit heaven at NakanoModel kit heaven at Nakano

chobittsuchobittsu2 månader sedanDiary
Warning: this blog has high levels of model kit nerdiness!

Hi there,

In case you didn't know, I am a model kit enthusiast as I have been building them for as long as I can remember (which is a pretty long time). Regarding plastic model kits I very much like the older out of production ones and I knew that Nakano Broadway would have plenty of good stuff in that aspect, especially vintage kits at Mandarake.

I promised myself to have a good visual time and maybe even getting myself 1 or 2 things and so I hopped on the Chuo line. After arriving at Nakano station it was not 12:00 yet (Mandarake would only open at 12), so my first objective would be lunch.

I was going for some good ol’ sushi, so I went to a sushi restaurant that I visited several times before:

It was a kaiten sushi, so various plates would pass along on a conveyor belt. You could also order via touchscreen; in that case, a little Shinkansen would deliver your order:
In this case I ordered some Ootoro (fatty tuna), which is among the most expensive sushi, but it is oh so good…

After I ate my fill, I went for my primary target which was Mandarake Kaguya, located on the second floor of Nakano Broadway:

This is where the good vintage kits would be located. As you can see, the entrance was particularly low, so some caution was in order.

Well, I wasn’t disappointed. There was a whole range of all sorts of vintage Japanese kits from the sixties, seventies and eighties, like (of course) Japanese warships:

All sorts of cars, ranging from small and simple to huge and extremely complex:

Even non-Japanese ones; I remember that Matchbox kit from when I was little. Oh, the nostalgia:

Aircraft; here some imported ones (again some Matchbox nostalgia for me):

Quite a few small motorcycle kits (the ones on the left are probably just 1/32 or 1/48 scale):

Even deformed ones with typical Japanese box art:

An iconic Honda MB50 moped that I loved to have in real life (in the eighties), but a model kit of it was all I could afford at that time:

And there were even bicycle kits, which were almost as expensive as real ones:

A few showcases further were some classic robot kits:
You could consider those old school Gunpla in a way…

There were also some vintage Macross figure kits (that walking doll on the left was weirdly intriguing):

Some Captain Scarlet kits, which reminded me of the Thunderbirds for some reason. Those figures were quite similar:

And speaking of Thunderbirds:
Why does that boy look so happy with that giant drill between his legs?
Oh, those innocent days of yesteryear…

There were also some other vintage figure kits like this one from Iczer-One (an eighties horror-yuri manga/anime series), which contains 2 figures (probably the main characters) and Minky Momo, the heroine of an early eighties magical girl anime (one of the first in that genre):

And how about this groovy sixties kit of a set of 2 electric guitars?

It was a real candy shop experience; some kits were extremely tempting to buy, but they couldn’t be too big, as I wanted them to take home as carry-on luggage.

So eventually I decided on these two:

A Yamaha TX750 and a Honda Accord, both from the seventies.

As I checked the Honda kit at the hotel, I found out that the box contained 2 identical kits… Well, one such kit was quite small (around 7 cm I guess) and didn’t have many parts, so there was room enough for 2 even though I think that there was supposed to be only one like usual.

Anyway, I’m not complaining.

Maybe next time I will go for a bigger kit; I surely do like that little shop, that’s for sure…
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tachola loves you!!
wow, very cool! i've always respected the passion people put into model kits- i never have the patience for them, haha.

that macross walking doll one looks super funny lmao

hope you can find more treats next time! good luck!!
2 månader sedan
Rajke Ca fanatic
Never expected that merch from Captain Scarlet was made and sold in Japan. View spoilerHide spoilerYou are right about the similarity between the Thunderbirds and Captain Scarlet. Both were created by the same person named Gerry Anderson. He and his crew were the only ones to use supermarionation as a type of filming.
I had never heard about this store but it has a lot of nice items. (There are a lot of interesting motorcycle kits :D ) I also like to see how your kits turns out when you made them.
2 månader sedan
Iczer-One! That was one of the first anime I ever saw. I remember buying the laser disc for it. I'm very surprised that a kit for it still exists after this long.
2 månader sedan
yaiba (2 månader sedan) #47961415If you really like shopping for plamo, you should go visit Leonardo LG
I never knew that existed, so I will definitely check that out next time I'm in Japan!
2 månader sedan
If you really like shopping for plamo, you should go visit Leonardo LG
2 månader sedan
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