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►September/October 2018 Loot!◄►September/October 2018 Loot!◄

ZukirennZukirenn4 månader sedanLoot
Hello, everyone! Ready for a very delayed Sept/Oct loot? This month was mostly pre-orders of nendos, not many scales, and fanart!
Lets get started!

First up, the amiami preorder box!

►Scale Figures◄
Only two!?

ITEM #464625

He's is the only 1/8th scale that I got, however he had a very high price tag on him so there's a reason for it. He's also beautiful and for sure one of the most amazing figures I've ever purchased. My hope is that they do more Touken Ranbu figures like this, but I also don't really have room for them so I'm a bit torn. OTL

the other one is a 1/10th, ITEM #570618
I know there's been a bit of an issue with how her face looks, and I agree its pretty terrible, but in a lot of ways I'm just glad to own her. I love Nier and I couldn't imagine not adding her to my collection, even if she is flawed!

These little guys always make up the bulk of my orders, so lets jump in~

First off the Touken Ranbu Boys, ITEM #322189 , ITEM #604395 , and ITEM #604406
I've waited whats felt like a lifetime for a Taikogane nendoroid, he used to be one of my favorite sword boys but he was recently beaten out by Hakata (if they ever made a nendo of him, a part of my soul would ascend) but, he still holds a very special place in my heart! Of course if you have little brother you can't forget about big brother Shoukodaikiri! Aoe is just kinda...there. I got him on impulse but he's for sure not in my top 30 list of sword boys. Still, hes a wonderful addition!

Next, a re-release of ITEM #181081
I never really thought I would ever get her until her re-release was announced!I am very glad I got her though, it's nice to see the big nendo boxes mixed in with all the small ones lol. She also has an adorable bell in her hair that jingles when you shake her that I am just head over heels for. They just announced a re-release for her summer eddition too and I say if you're thinking about it, do it! You will not regret!~

After that a character I know nothing about, ITEM #639496
I'll admit I only bought him because he was cute, male nendoroids are my weakness...I know about A3! but I've never actually gotten into it. I'm into Idolish7 and I often see them around the same idol boys scene but never actually gotten into it, nor do I really plan to. I just want to admire this cute nendo♪

Speaking of Idolish7! ITEM #675938
MY BOY!!! I have been in love with Sogo since the moment I laid eyes on him! I never actually thought that I would get to see him in nendoroid form, and words can't express how happy I am that I got to!

And lastly, ITEM #639492
Now my Chuuya won't be so lonely! Still waiting for Dazai to come home from war though...

Usually I don't buy these, but I have in my past two orders...

I only got one though! ITEM #549508
When I saw that they would be making a figure of Pixie, tbh I jumped on it without much though. I love the SMT demons and would buy any of them in a heartbeat. I own a lot of charms that Atlus released of them and I'm just totally in love with their designs. And there is something very captivating about Pixie for sure!

The rest of the AmiAmi order!

ITEM #720330 and ITEM #573930
You know, these guys are cute and all...but it really bothers me that 9S is taller than 2B. I don't know if thats a manufacture error or what, but it feels very off. It makes me very uncomfortable OTL

And last, ITEM #675649
This has been one of the rare items that I've ordered and just thought, "oh, I don't like this." I've only ever had one other Cu-Poche in my life but I did really like it. This one though, feels kinda...cheap? It's just overall not to my standard and I really feel like I should have just waited for the Nendo to come out. I do still keep him though because of my dumb love for Persona.

►Otamart Order◄
In September I did make a small Otamart order for some Persona 5 goods, check em out!

A mug from the Persona 5 symphony and a keychain of Yusuke just doing his thing. The keychain is for my Yuusuke Kitagawa itabag I hope to complete soon, the mug is for my morning tea.

►MFC Goodies◄
I also was able to buy a figure I've wanted to own for years this month!

ITEM #27611
I was able to get her from someone here on MFC! Much thanks to them! It's been a long time since I've actually bought one of these older nendoroids and I actually am a big fan of the old bases! She'll look great next to my Kyon nendoroid and I can finally complete my middle school OTP!

All that's left from this month...

My friend went to Japan, and picked me up some choice Persona boy merch♥

As well as some choice Persona boy art I ordered online

And that's it! Onward to October~

Once again, the AmiAmi Preorder box! This one got to me way late, around the middle of September. And I wasn't able to open it for awhile due to being gone during Thanksgiving break, its been a long time coming if I do say so myself!

There's no scales in this order! I was kinda surprised myself!

First, ITEM #675919
My very first Sakura nendoroid! Hopefully the first of many! I recently started to watch Clear Card and couldn't be happier reliving my childhood~

Then, the long waited ITEM #627354
Finally, he has come home! I have been waiting for the Asahi nendo to come out for ages, it feels like Haikyuu isn't super relevant anymore which is a shame because I still like it. Can't believe my best boy Tanaka will be the very last one to come out, but I guess it's true that they save the best for last!

Finally, ITEM #675941
Ya know, I don't have much to say about him honestly... I just got him to match with Sogo since Mezzo is iconic to the series, but I'm actually not a big fan of Tamaki. OTL

Very last of the AmiAmi order!

Heh, I paid money for this ITEM #651835
Actually one of the worst prize figures I've ever laid eyes on. I've seen people trying to sell him upward of $35 when he's not even worth the $5 I paid for him honestly. He's bad, really bad. The only positive thing I can say about him is that, again, I like Persona and I'm glad I have him for that reason. But otherwise, I'd really recommend against him..

Some good Persona 5 goods though!
Persona 5 best of collections CD #5! I don't have any of the other ones but I'm glad I got this one! Its a collection of remixes from across the last 3 games, super fun! Theres also some adorable PQ-esc artwork in there as well~

Life is good with waddle dee chopsticks

►Convention Goodies◄
In October I went to a convention in Portland, Kumoricon! Here are the goodies I got while I was there, mostly fanart~

These artbooks I technically got on my way to the convention at a Kinokuynia, but it was the same day! Lovely art in them as well, I love Soejima-sans work!


And the most beautiful thing ever to grace your eyes...

I'll leave you with this, goodnight everyone!
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That Itaru nendo! Like you I know basically nothing about A3, but man was it tempting to get him, especially for that hairstyle you have him posed in... Idolish7 is my go-to music franchise too. Gotta be careful not to get into too many of those.
4 månader sedan
I almost squeaked when I saw the Nagato Yuki Nendo, I love Disappearance Yuki, and I almost bought her recently too! Barely stopped myself. :P

Anyway nice haul all around!
4 månader sedan
I love Sakura she is so cute, and the last picture you suprised me xD
4 månader sedan
I scrolled through a bit too quickly to fully process the warning before the last image.

You have my thanks for putting one though.
4 månader sedan
The 9S plush is bigger than the 2B one? That is pretty weird... Both of them are currently on their way to me right now, hope it's not too offputting in person. Great hauls!
4 månader sedan
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