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randomfigureloverandomfigurelove4 månader sedanAsk MFC
I have some questions about how to go about some figure repairs I need to make, but for the life of me I can't figure out how to upload pictures in an article. I've tried clicking on the Img button and it doesn't do anything. How can I upload the pictures so I can show what I have questions about?
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[img] link [/img]
4 månader sedan
Upload them here, or to an image host of your choice. Note that Imgur banned MFC, so you can't use Imgur.

I tend to use ImgBB for things I don't want to upload to the site, but want to show in a blog/reply.

If it's on the site, you can then click the button and select the image you want, if offsite, then you need to use the [img] tag. Most image hosts will give you the "BBCode" link - just copy that.
4 månader sedan
To add pictures to an article, you actually need to upload them to the site first! (on the main menu hover over Pictures and then select Upload) Once you've uploaded your pictures, clicking on the image button will bring up a little gallery that you can select from. After that it should be pretty easy. (I know it's not super intuitive lol). Good luck!!
4 månader sedan
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