Which huge roster should get the “Overwatch/FGO Treatment”?Which huge roster should get the “Overwatch/FGO Treatment”?Ask MFC

NegaNega2 år sedan
Greetings! So Wonder Festival totally didn’t stop Soldier 76 from getting a Nendoroid this week. ITEM #741683

As we know, Overwatch, Fate/Grand Order, Touken Ranbu and Naruto are getting a HUGE amount of Nendoroids and Figma and could actually be complete! What OTHER huge roster do you want to get this treatment? We have LoL and DOTA2 but sadly we’re not getting much more than the 3-6 characters respectively.

Anyway! I have compiled a poll with a big list of current series with large rosters fighting and multiplayer games, ongoing anime, huge JRPG franchises etc.

Of course stating why in the comments is encouraged but not compulsory. :p

What don’t count (already doing it)

Kantai Collection
Star Wars
Touken Ranbu

If anyone has something not in the poll, feel free to tell me. :)
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Let’s get to it!

6%League Of Legends
1%Street Fighter
0%King of Fighters
3%Guilty Gear
25%My Hero Academia
5%One Piece
1%Dragon Ball
7%Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure
15%Fire Emblem
9%Final Fantasy
2%Marvel Universe
0%DC Universe
2%Soul Calibur
0%Mortal Kombat
4%Tales Of
2%Azur Lane
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I'll die if they make World of Warcraft Nendoroid. That would be amazing! Lots of characters to choose from and lots of different designs due to the huge world and lore.

More realistically, more League of Legends would be great. They've already done Ahri and Ezreal, but there are so many cool designs to choose from. I'd personally really love to have Nami and Lulu.
1 år sedan
WindsorSeven2 år sedan#38205038Yes, exactly what I was going to say. You have good taste.

Thank you very much, agreed, those series definitely need more figures!
2 år sedan
Kingdom Hearts. I would love to at least have a Kairi to round out the main trio, but in an ideal world I would also love to have the Days and BBS trios... Outside of Roxas and to a lesser extent Aqua, those groups are sorely underrepresented in merch.
2 år sedan
Fairy Tail.
2 år sedan
GSC treatment of My Hero Academia has been so weird. There was that figma of Deku but it was a Japan exclusive. Wth? The series is pretty darn popular so that feels like an odd choice. And no re-release or anything like that.
I know there's an announced Bakugo but there has been for ages now, and with the main character going for silly prices it seems a shame to be only able to (potentially) get a supporting character.

So I picked MHA, but so many other series I'd wanna see get this treatment. Fire Emblem would be another good one. I like all the designs in FE and it's about time we got some male characters. Marth, Chrom, Roy etc. Also they could re-release the figma horse but with armour or as a pegasus or something just to make it a bit cooler!
FF has had so much merch over the years and none of it to my satisfaction. I loved the old FFVIII Guardian Force figures in the 90s. I'd like something along those lines to return but as figma, Revoltech etc and sculpted by Takayuki Takeya. Or basically any company that isn't Square Enix lol.
2 år sedan
Resiri A Special Snowflake

So many characters with so many amazing and unique designs. Need I say more?
2 år sedan
For videogames franchises, Blazblue would be a great addition in the nendoroid line.
And for anime, I'll go with Slayers, with the recent annoucement of Naga nendo, will be awesome to continue with the rest of the cast
2 år sedan
LoveChopper2 år sedan#38190930You have a supporter in me
can we have a giotto(primo) please ;_;
2 år sedan
Bleach. But I'd pay anything for a Cloud Strife nendo.
2 år sedan
I'd love to see some Digimon Nendoroids! But I think more of the Mario cast is a bit more realistic. Tiny Rosalina would be so precious! :D
2 år sedan
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