Kururugi Suzaku - Knight of Zero - 1/8 (Alpha x Omega)Kururugi Suzaku - Knight of Zero - 1/8 (Alpha x Omega)Review

ShuuruShuuru8 år sedan
Hello, today I will review Alpha x Omega's Kukurugi Suzaku 1/8 scaled figure from the Code Geass R2 series.


WARNING!! This review may contain spoilers from Code Geass R2 series and may have a lot of pictures. Thou art warned.
Kukurugi Suzaku is Lelouch's childhood friend and son of Japan's last prime minister, Genbu Kururugi. He is an Honorary Britannian and part of the Britannian army, later becoming the pilot of the experimental Knightmare Frame Lancelot as a member of the R&D Division. During R2, he assists Lelouch in taking the throne, becoming his "Knight of Zero."

This figure was made by Alpha x Omega, a collaboration between Alter and MegaHouse and it was released on April 4th, 2012. It was sculpted by Piron. This is my first Alpha x Omega figure so let's see if they can gain a fan, too.

Let's start with the box!

Packaging: 9/10

Height: 28,2 cm (11.1 in)
Width: 26,0 cm (10.2 in in)
Depth: 21,1 cm (8.3 in in)

Here we can see a not so small package but it can be shipped with SAL, depending on where you are buying it. The box was made of non-corrugated cardboard, with a window at the front that allow us to see Suzaku not at full body but with detail. The box was decorated nicely with dark blue, white and golden colours, matching Suzaku's clothes. The front has the name of the character, Alpha x Omega's logo and the series logo, with shots of the figure displayed with his cape. At the back we have a white background that makes Suzaku clothes' details stand out greatly as well as a shot of his face.

The sides of the box also have windows for us to appreciate Suzaku. We can see in detail his cape and there is also a full body image of him. The name of the character and company's logo is also visible from both sides. We also can see that they decided to write most of the things in Roman letters instead of Japanese, maybe taking into account the setting of the series. This was a subtle but appreciated detail.

The top of the box shows us Suzaku's face in detail with his cape on and the bottom show us typical warnings like choking hazards and so. There is also the official Sunrise "sticker" (actually printed within the box) at the bottom.

While opening the box, I noticed some Japanese text showing along with an illustration of Emperor Lelouch and Knight of Zero Suzaku. I cannot read Japanese at all, but from the context I can say that the text advertises and encourages the buying of G.E.M Emperor Lelouch to go along with his Knight of Zero.

Nothing worth mentioning about the inside of the box but that its golden colour contrasts properly with the rest of it.

Suzaku comes with a sheet of paper with instructions on how to mount the figure. The instructions are, of course, in Japanese but they are graphic enough for everybody to understand them.

A typical two-piece blister was used to protect the figure. Tape was used to avoid the blister opening by itself and, with so little joining points, this was appreciated. No plastic was used to protect Suzaku's body but it was used to protect the removable parts from paint transfer.

A view from the sides.

Here we can see Suzaku's full body and face inside of the blister. No tape was used to hold any for the detachable pieces and all depended on the strength of the blister. A bit risky but all's well that ends well.

Neither the sword nor the detachable arm suffered any breaking or other issues during the trip so I guess extra tape was not necessary after all.

The cape had a blister all for itself. Some bubble wrap plastic was used to avoid breaking any of the pointy parts it has.

Base: 8/10

Alpha x Omega gave us a nice, white base that holds Suzaku firmly without any risks. It may be dull but it supports the theme of the two previously released Code Geass figures with a hexagonal form and it does not take a lot of space, with is a good thing. It is 12 cm long from the point the hexagon with has Suzaku's name in golden letters to the union of the two remaining hexagons and 14 cm long from point to point between the hexagon were you can mount him and the remaining one.

It is easy to mount Suzaku onto his base but unmounting him may damage something and also cause paint transfer on his boots in the process so be really careful while doing so. He has not good balance so displaying him without the base is out of the question, especially if you want to display him with his cape.

Sculpting: 9/10









Starting with his face, it is really beautiful. Piron took CLAMP's character design and sculpted it perfectly. Even his eyes were skillfully printed and look absolutely gorgeous. His nose and mouth are great and they fixed his mouth a little if we compare it to the prototype.

Suzaku's messy hair was sculpted carefully and it gives the sensation of layers. We can see the role Alter's attention to detail played here because of the way the typical line that divides the two pieces of hair is barely visible. The back of his head also looks incredible and I loved the shadows that were painted at the end of his very short hair.

His Knight of Zero uniform has great amount of detail and it matches the anime character design as well as Emperor Lelouch's clothing. If you look closely, you can even see this great detail of his chest standing out because of his tight suit. My pictures can barely show them but near the fastened buttons you can see the buttonholes. These are also holding the ornaments on his back.

Both his arms are symmetrical and his hands are of the same size. Suzaku has some well-toned muscles that make him stand out and it is a nice sight if you do not have too much space and you have to display him without his cape.

The detachable arm was nicely secured onto the figure and the gap is barely visible. As said before, both arms are symmetrical and there are no issues with the sculpting to mention here.

Suzaku's head is also detachable so to mount the cape on him and the gap is not noticeable at all. I did not realise you could pull out his head until I saw the instructions. Alpha x Omega is giving me a really good first impression.

Moving on with his hips, they are such a tease. You can see his pelvic bone standing out nicely. It is futile to resist the urge to touch them. The belt was made of soft plastic and the reason behind this can only be one that will be explained soon (in fact, it is the only reason I can think of). Be careful because you may break the part that is glued to the figure is you toy too much with it.

I am truly amazed the attention to detail Piron put on this figure. The possibility of him having something down there never crossed my mind, at most I thought he was going to have some trousers creases but I guess Piron realised such creases would be unnatural for a figure dressed in a tight suit. Some extra points are given here for turning Suzaku into a fine man.

Suzaku did not gain the title of Mr. Fanservice for nothing. Joked around for a long time and even shown in the anime, this guy surely owns dat butt. The belt was made of soft plastic so you can pull it up and down without any troubles. A nice service aimed at women is always welcomed. Piron did not get lazy at all sculpting the muscles of his butt, either.

No issues about his legs. We may start complaining about how they are too long and how off the proportions are but that is a character design problem rather than a sculpting problem. In any case, Piron took CLAMP's character design and made it attractive to the eye without a problem. I love glossy painting and on his boots it looks absolutely fantastic. It was a wise decision from Alpha x Omega to use it here.

The transition from his tights to the boots was hidden skillfully and it is not noticeable at all. His knees and back of his knees look like he broke a few bones from certain angles but, again, that is the standard CLAMP character design. Please, do not get me wrong. I really love CLAMP and their style of making characters with really long legs is attractive and a nice trademark. I am pointing it out for people who are not familiar with them only so to understand why the character looks so out of proportion.

No issues to report with his feet and there is not too much to say about them, either. Both are of the same size and the sewing line looks nice to give extra detail.

I really love men with boots but those but those heels were a killer. That and the somewhat pointy toes are just pure fanservice in my opinion. From head to toe, this figure has surprised me infinitely and Alpha x Omega may have gained a fan already.

His sword has nice details and it is made of soft plastic. It will not break if it falls but do not test its strength in any way because the jewelry can be broken. The installation will be explained along with the installation of his right arm.

His extra arm to hold his sword suffered the same treatment as the rest of the figure and it is easy to install. While removing the arm a little pressure will do while pulling. The round part of the sword can be removed for you to install the sword. I recommend twisting it little by little and try not to put too much pressure. Do it calmly and you will get it.

If, for some reason, winter is really cold where you live and you let the figure rest in the cold for too long, you may break something while removing the arm or the head, even while mounting the sword. I recommend a hairdryer at low temperature to warm it up a little. Keep a significant distance; you do not want to end with a melted figure.









The cape is obviously the main attraction of this review. The colours, details and the flying with the wind effect give it a stunning sight. Its installation is easy. You just have to remove Suzaku's head carefully, put on the cape and install the head again.

A little peg was included to hold Suzaku's cape in its right place. Not using it is an option but I do not recommend it at all. Without it the figure does not have the same impact and paint transfer can also occur at some point if the cape and Suzaku touch in places that they should not.

If you are not sure how to put the peg and in which way it must hold Suzaku properly, remember to read the instructions and pay close attention to the shots of the review.

Let's start praising this cape! All its details match flawlessly Suzaku's Knight of Zero clothing. The way the cloth bends with the wind was nicely performed and the effect is breath-taking. The hood and the jewelry were paid attention perfectly with outstanding results. I really wonder how Suzaku will look with that hood on.

The broad shoulders the cape has are really well-fitting for Suzaku and make him look even more masculine.

Both his arms barely touch the cape so there is very little risk of paint transfer in that area. It may hide my favourite Suzaku's body parts but having him displayed with the cape is worth that sacrifice. Remember to pay attention to the jewelry or you may break it if you make an abrupt movement.

The creases at the back of his cape are elaborated and absolutely fantastic. The shadows painted give it a much more realistic final product, which I am happy with.

Both sides used glossy painting to make the cape stand out. When light hits the cape, it shines delightfully just as the shots show it. The waves it makes from outside and inside are gorgeous and give the figure extra appeal.

Even when the glossy paint looks fantastic, it has its disadvantages. Gloss painting attracts dust in seconds so you may want to display him in a shelf with windows or in a place where dust is not much of a problem. Anyway, remember to dust him regularly so he will look good for a very long time!

The pointy parts of the cape are not made of soft plastic so be careful. I do not really see the cape falling to the ground for logical reasons but I am really sure you will end with a broken cape if that ever happens.

A couple more shots showing the painted shadows on the cape.










Painting: 9/10

I have absolutely nothing to complain about the painting. Alpha x Omega perfectly performed a great painting that stands out nicely and has no big flaws. The colours did not change at all from the prototype and I am happy the final product.

Posing: 9/10

You actually have four displaying possibilities with his figures but I did not realise that when I finished shooting the figure. You can choose between Suzaku just being in a nice body-tight showing his well-toned muscles, Suzaku in a nice body-tight showing his well-toned muscles and his sword, Suzaku being in a nice body-tight and a magnificent cape with his sword OR Suzaku in a nice body-tight and a splendid cape without his sword. For me it was a matter of cape or no cape because the sword is not really an issue, it does not take extra space in any way. He really looks charmer with his cape on, though.

Enjoyment: 9/10

This figure is pure enjoyment and Alpha x Omega gained a fan immediately. If all figures from this collaboration are going to have this level of quality I will not hesitate about getting them ever again. I totally recommend this figure if you are a fan of the Code Geass series and I strongly recommend getting him if you like the character.

If you had doubts about getting this figure, I hope this had helped you.

Next review will be G.E.M. Kamui so look forward to it!

Here is Kaworu's review. BLOG #3361

Have a nice day!

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this is a very great review! i have never collected any anime figures because of details i am really strict at, i wanted them to be perfect as the character itself. but this figure blew my away! i keep on asking myself if i should buy this or not, after reading your comment i really want to buy this because suzaku is one of my fav. characters. anyway i have a few questions, is this the best suzaku figure out today? should i wait for a 1/6 scale suzaku (is there??) or this is the best there really is. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE REVIEW IT HELPED ME ALOT!
8 år sedan
khatt8 år sedan#1095590Thanks for posting this review! Been thinking of getting him(love his design). Now I definitely want him in my collection(along with Lelouch)!
Thank you for reading! If you get him, you will not be dissapointed, I assure you!

setsunyan8 år sedan#1097385I would buy it for the armpits alone, the rest is just a bonus. Nice review.
Now that you mention it, yes. He has really nice armpits.

Sazako8 år sedan#1097888Lovely Review as always Shuuru,

What a cape Suzaku has!

Thank you very much. Indeed, Suzaku's cape is the main attraction of this review
8 år sedan
Lovely Review as always Shuuru,

What a cape Suzaku has!
8 år sedan
I would buy it for the armpits alone, the rest is just a bonus. Nice review.
8 år sedan
Thanks for posting this review! Been thinking of getting him(love his design). Now I definitely want him in my collection(along with Lelouch)!
8 år sedan
belarus8 år sedan#1094485I am very impressed! Suzaku, so cool. Granted, that outfit is ridiculous, but thus is the magic of clamp.
Thank you very much for reading. Indeed, CLAMP's magic can dress anyone in anything.

Ellis8 år sedan#1095123Great review! :D
Thank you for reading!

MezMuffin8 år sedan#1095206I've had mine for a week but I haven't even opened him yet. <3 Even more excited now! Not to mention I really appreciate reviews for male figures!!! So glad their own type of fanservice is getting recognized by a fine writer. heh~
You will not be dissapointed when you open him! Indeed, reviews of male figures are as rare as male figures themselves, but that did not stop me at all!
8 år sedan
I've had mine for a week but I haven't even opened him yet. <3 Even more excited now! Not to mention I really appreciate reviews for male figures!!! So glad their own type of fanservice is getting recognized by a fine writer. heh~
8 år sedan
Great review! :D
8 år sedan
I am very impressed! Suzaku, so cool. Granted, that outfit is ridiculous, but thus is the magic of clamp.
8 år sedan
Raiski8 år sedan#1093802What a great review! :D It's a wonderful figure, a must-have for anyone who's a fan of Suzaku.
Thank you very much for reading my review! Indeed, any Suzaku fan should consider getting this figure.

itsame008 år sedan#1093849This is a very detailed review. My Iphone was having a hard time loading all the pics lol XD
Yes, I could not hold myself because I wanted to show how many details this figure had. Sorry if that bothered you.

xxkurenaixshixx8 år sedan#1093872Love the review as well as the series.
Very detailed and for a future or so Suzaku owner or so I think I will be lol he is too beautiful not to own as well as Lelouch *_*

Thank you =D

You are welcome and thank you for reading!

escape_rope8 år sedan#1094005oh wow, what a review! I really enjoyed it :D You did a great job!

I've been displaying mine for a month or two and not inside a shelf and I'm surpised he's not that dusty as he could be. Maybe I picked a good place for him, who knows. But yeah, I'm gonna put him inside glass as soon as I get my detolfs.

Thank you very much for reading my review! You are lucky then! My home is a dust magnet so I have to clean really frecuently. I hope you can take pictures of him soon.

escape_rope8 år sedan#1094005and lol for that service butt shot! I loved it! xD
I knew someone was going to point that out eventually!

jena8 år sedan#1094034I wish the Lelouch as Zero figure all the pretty shine and details that Suzaku has :(
I do not own Zero Lelouch nor Emperor Lelouch but I have seen some shots and it is true, they are not that pretty. Still, they are nice figure but I guess they cannot be compared to Suzaku in terms of quality.

Tsudera8 år sedan#1094147Fantastic review!He really is a gorgeous figure *-* I love all the little details too,haha.
I can't wait til the day that I have him and Emperor Lelouch in my collection..

Thank yo very much for reading! I am also considering buying Emperor Lelouch but I guess it will have to wait for a little longer.

wingman138 år sedan#1094377Nice!!

Actually it's a ticket voucher kinda thing you can send it to possibly win a replicate genga of the Lelouch/Suzaku illustration shown. Of course they only ship the prize within Japan though and most likely the application period has already passed.

Oh, I see. Thank you very much for clarifying that. I guess the application time has alrealdy passed too. Oh, well. At least I have a nice figure in exchange.
8 år sedan
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