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Persona Room 2018 [*UPDATE]Persona Room 2018 [*UPDATE]

ZukirennZukirenn9 månader sedanDiary

Heya everyone! I did one of these last year for 2017 and figured I would update it with the new changes that I have implimented this year. I will be moving at the end of August to a 1 bedroom apartment so I also figured this would be a nice way to remember how my room used to look in the past, without further ado lets get started, enjoy this trip.

Right when you walk into the room, here is what you would see:

To the right is my bed, and to the left is my cases and my desk. I'll show more pics of these in a bit but for now I want to organize this a bit better than my last post, so lets look around at the walls of the room first!











►Door and Nendoroid Shelves◄
If you turn around right when you walk in the door, this is what the view would look like:

I have my manga collage in this crevice where no posters would fit

A few SMT goodies to the right of that...

And to the right of that I have my nendoriod shelves (gonna shorten nendoriod to nendo a lot in this btw). I replaced them from the hanging shelves I had last year for something bigger and much more stable



And then below my shelves I have my nightstand and my corkboard

Not much to show on my bed other than my wall of nemuneko pillows and my prized plushies by my pillow!



►Detolf Cases◄
I moved the third detolf case I had over to where the other two where to make a magnificent scene (also I can't open my door all the way anymore whoops). I'll show every shelf and write a little bit about all of them under the spoilers if you guys are interested in a little extra reading material!

View spoilerHide spoilerMy touken ranbu case that grew very quickly after I started playing the game last year. tbh I started playing the game in hopes I liked it enough because I loved how the figures looked from it lol. Its easily one of the most unbalanced cases which is why the Kogi is leaning over. Half of them aren't on their bases and I just pray everyday there isn't an earthquake large enough in this state to end it all.

View spoilerHide spoilerThe case of shame, yes I do own the naked aoba figure and yeah I get questions about it a lot....
I don't regret my purchase though! I'm not the biggest fan of the game anymore, it was more my early highschool self that loved it, but the aesthetic of these figures is so good. I'm glad they made nendos of every character and I could never pass up on the two most beautiful scale figures I have ever seen, even if they are dmmd I had to own them.

View spoilerHide spoilerA pretty new shelf addition, FMA! I will probably forever consider FMA:B to be my all time favorite anime, as well as one of the first ones I ever watched. I'm so glad good smile started to revive it a bit :') Even though its a little empty, I think it looks good from the angle you see it at when standing in my room.

View spoilerHide spoilerJust Ciel, I've always meaned to pick up more Black Butler stuff but I just don't care enough to spend the money on it. This figure is BEAUTIFUL though and I don't regret my purchase at all. I love his box too, and hes the only figure I've ever displayed next to his box for that reason.

View spoilerHide spoilerMy Danganronpa case is the most unbeliveable thing I have ever managed to put together. NOTHING can be touched in this case without everything being taken out. I generally pray nothing falls and if it does fall, its gonna stay there for awhile. I pray for NDRV3 to get figures but I also dread it because it means I would probably have to redo my entire shelf in order to get something to fit in here.

View spoilerHide spoilerMy Vocaloid case has been a long time coming. I have loved vocaloid since middle school, but I never really found a miku figure I loved enough to own myself, not until this series came out. It was mostly the first scale Kaito that got me to purchase this set, but I'm glad I did. Rin and Len are on their way this month, so ready to finally complete the set!

View spoilerHide spoilerMy Idolish7 case, generally pretty empty. It wouldn't look so full if the pillows weren't in there xD When the nendos come out I will seriously have to rethink my sorting methods, because this one like many others won't fit anymore figures. I'm kinda waiting until I move to see what I want to sell in this case (because I do want to sell some of it) so this probably won't look the same by this time next year.

View spoilerHide spoilerBlazblue, hated by many but I love it. Blazblue figures are generally...not my cup of tea, but when the Noel figure got re-released last year I figured I would start up a case for it. I've loved Blazblue for years but I have never really invested into much merch of it, hence why this case is at the bottom. Overall it looks good being on the bottom because of the angle you look at it, even if it is a bit bare.

View spoilerHide spoilerThis was my old JOJO case, currently being used to store some of my larger and nicer figures. I am kinda in a love hate relationship with this shelf, because as you can tell, I have themes with all of my cases. This is just a mishmash of stuff that I don't want to get super dusty, but I hope to turn it into a God Eater case soon!

View spoilerHide spoilerThe Haikyuu case is almost done~! Just waiting for Tanaka and Asahi to come in and I will never touch this thing again (hopefully) I had to remove the other sports animes from this case and make it esclusively haikyuu because of how many damn nendos they make from this show my lord. But, if my purchases helped make a Tanaka nendo, I will consider it all worth it!

View spoilerHide spoilerThe mishmash of sports animes that couldn't fit anymore. I sold a few of my KNB figures due to me just not really caring about those characters that much, I care less about completing sets more these days and just investing in characters I actually enjoy. So now I have more mishmash items but this case is really the only one that has more than one series in it intentionally.

View spoilerHide spoilerThe brand new resident evil case! I have loved Resident Evil for as long as I can remember, playing RE2 on my nintendo 64 back when I was a child. I PRAY they do eventually make more resident evil nendos so chris isn't all alone, but for now its just more focused on chris. I will one day buy the matching Leon figure and somehow try to fit them both in there, but for now its just this big boy in there.



I will hopefully be getting a new desk when I move, so enjoy this look while it lasts! My desk very awkwardly covers a part of my windowsil, but this setup is really the only way to have a lot of space in my room so I just roll with it.
Lets look at the shelves on this bad boy!

The bottom shelf has my smt and persona games on it, I think I have all of my games sitting there except for my Raidou Kuzonoha games, I don't remember I was trying to replay some this summer and I don't even know which ones I have anymore. Also on this shelf I have several drama cd's and game ost soundtracks, mostly from Persona!

The middle shelf is for my Japanese manga, including Persona 3, Persona 4, Detective Naoto, Persona 4 the Magician, Persona 4 Arena, Tsumi to Batsu, the first issue of the Persona 5 manga, the Raidou Kuzonoha manga, the Persona Q Comic Anthology and the Persona 3 light novels!

And then the very top shelf, somewhat used for other stuff, is mostly reserved for my english manga releases. Including Persona Q, Persona 3, and Persona 4. I also have my persona dvd's up here, which is the english release of Persona 4 the Animation, the 1st and 3rd persona movies, and the persona awards dvd.
Across the top of the hutch we have these small shelves that I never really found a use for. I just have these small P3 and P4 figures over it for aesthetic purpose. I don't have everyone, just my favs!

On the other side of the hutch we have my very small space dedicated to Persona 4. I have my fav 4, Yukiko, Kanji, Yosuke, and Souji. I always did want to invest in the entire set but they aren't amazing quality and the bases are so big I have never been super interested in purchasing anymore. Behind them I have the Persona 4 Arena and Arena Ultimax art book along with my prized collection of YosukexSouji doujins.
View spoilerHide spoilerhttps://static.myfigurecollection.net/image/Zukirenn1494350706.jpeg

Down on the bottom by the computer I have what I call my "teddie corner" but these days its a bit more of a "mascot character corner" with the additions of Morgana merch. Next to that I have space in between my computer and my printer I keep my actual junk, old boxes and things that aren't necessarily official but are persona inspired, like a cup I made in senior year pottery class and a lighter that reminds me of Tatsuya Suoh.


I also have the top of my desk, where a few stray mikus and a nagi sit

And I have my persona ita bags sitting on top as well! (the red one doubles as my persona 5 bag too)https://static.myfigurecollection.net/image/Zukirenn1531345961.jpeg

►Window Sill and Window◄

While I do sort of hate the inconvenience of my window sill, I decided to roll with it more in these coming years. I decorated it just a bit, but It's not super interesting.
I also have two shelves surrounding the windows. The one that is easy to accsess I keep my games and more of my video game figures:

and on the one thats far away and hard to see, I keep my Voltron lions and teddie slippers:


My closet isn't terribly interesting, but I do keep some stuff in it now besides my boxes!

I would take time to show off all of them, but I have quite a few (not including ones that have multiple inserts). I'll probably do a whole blog post or video about it at some point, but for this just enjoy the previews.
Oh but I still have a shitload of boxes in here tho

►Enter The TV World◄

Ok, we are finally onto the final event here, where all the Persona figures are located:


My TV setup! It's changed a bit since last time, I got open shelves that I have to dust constantly! But, to be honest, the one detolf was never going to hold all of these figures for long. I have grown to enshroud the entire area to the best of my ability, and lets take a look shall we!

From top to bottom, here is the left shelf!


From top to bottom, here is the right shelf!


And here the across the top view where I keep my books and my best girls!


If you survived through that, congrats its over! That's all I have to show you! Comments and questions always welcome, thank you so much for reading this! I plan to do another one once I move in August but this is a nice way of commemorating the bedroom I have lived in my entire life.
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lauderdale iwa-chan
damn kevin, i knew this was your set up after seeing all the tanaka stuff. im so jealous this is such goals
8 månader sedan
There's a lot that's worth a comment here, but the Haikyuu shelf is my fave. I love Kenma and Kuroo's faces! That amount of itaba is crazy impressive too.
9 månader sedan
Kimm134Saya (9 månader sedan) #37244104This is indeed a tour!
I'm always glad to see some of the more serious Persona collectors' collections. As someone who aims to have the largest Shin Megami Tensei collection in the world, you have my respect.
Once I am finally able to buy a large enough land and build a new house, then my collection will remain boxed. I'm just not comfortable with my collection mixing with my living space. I plan to have a big room dedicated to my exhibit, hopefully themed like the Cathedral of Shadows or Velvet Room.

I seriously can't wait for the day when you complete this and I beg you to post pictures of it when you do! I always consider buying more smt merch but it's always been a little more out of my price range than persona stuff and a lot harder to come by, so I admire your true dedication to the cause!
9 månader sedan
whatdoyouwish (9 månader sedan) #37231323Your room is so cool! I'm loving all the Persona merch.
Also is that a Filthy Frank ita bag??

It is for sure a filthy frank ita bag, I have ones for game grumps and oneyplays too. My Filthy frank one is kinda falling apart though :(
9 månader sedan
IridescentFall (9 månader sedan) #37259677I love your room and your dedication! So many great series, and I love how you put it all together. Rooms like these have so much personality! I really appreciate your Voltron itabags too! (^v^)

THANK YOU SO MUCH The Voltron itabags are probably my most extravagant ita bags because I just find so much good stuff for my boys
9 månader sedan
Rajke (9 månader sedan) #37262328Great collection. The way you placed all your figures and merch around is very interesting. Every plate in your shelf has a nice composition of figures and merch that matches perfectly. The shelf next to the window has an interesting shape. It looks very nice with the combination of video games and figures you placed in it. I had to laugh about the cushions placed in the detolf but it is actually smart and it looks really good. The Danganronpa case is a piece of art itself.

Thank you! The Danganronpa case has very nice colors in it that work so well with eachother and i just love it, when I had my jojo case next to it i really liked how the dull colors looked next to the bright ones.
9 månader sedan
Super awesome Persona collection you have there! You have so many merch but you've displayed them so well it doesn't feel crowded. Well done :)
9 månader sedan
Rajke Ca fanatic
Great collection. The way you placed all your figures and merch around is very interesting. Every plate in your shelf has a nice composition of figures and merch that matches perfectly. The shelf next to the window has an interesting shape. It looks very nice with the combination of video games and figures you placed in it. I had to laugh about the cushions placed in the detolf but it is actually smart and it looks really good. The Danganronpa case is a piece of art itself.
9 månader sedan
IridescentFall いいよ~
I love your room and your dedication! So many great series, and I love how you put it all together. Rooms like these have so much personality! I really appreciate your Voltron itabags too! (^v^)
9 månader sedan
Sure I am not the only one who had BABY BABY BABY BABY playing on their head when viewing these pictures? Btw, great room!
9 månader sedan
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